”Is there any way? ”

As soon as Lin Yan heard this, a ray of hope flashed out of his eyes.

But Dr. Qin refused to continue talking, instead he stretched out his hand and pulled him up and said, ”You rest first, and I will help you bandage the wound. ”

at this time.

Everyone noticed.

Lin Yan was already covered with scars.

The clothes that were tattered on the body have now become strips.

The exposed places are almost all bleeding wounds.

This is for him to save Xiao Yanran.

When jumping directly from the cliff, it was cut out by the branches next to it.

This bloody look.

Just looking at it makes people feel distressed.


Everyone outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror looked at Lin Yan with a softer look.

”Anyway, this is just the young Heavenly Emperor, not the later Heavenly Emperor, just treat them as two people. ” Many people comforted themselves in this way.

In the face of Doctor Qins kindness.

Lin Yan said stubbornly, ”Im fine, treat my Little Sister first. ”

Doctor Qin shook his head and smiled bitterly: ”Lin Yan, I said you, Little Sister, will be fine, so you will definitely be fine. ”


Doctor Qin reached out and took out a thumb-sized stone from his arms.

The stone is like jade but not jade, giving people a very gentle feeling.

”Spirit Stones, this Doctor Qin is a cultivator. ”

Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, someone screamed.

After watching it for so long, everyone almost ignored that the world they were in was a world full of cultivators.

Those Power cultivators.

Moving mountains and seas is not a problem.

Not to mention the treatment of a small snake venom.

”It turns out that there is a cultivator, that Yanran Little Sister must be saved. ”

”By the way, how old is Heavenly Emperor now, in his teens. ”

”Don tell me I forgot. Now Heavenly Emperor is in his teens, but he hasn even been in contact with a cultivator. How can he cultivate to the realm of immortality in the future. ”

A group of people looked at each other.

They are all cultivators, and naturally they know how difficult it is to practice.

Almost all Power cultivators, from the moment they were born, began to be tempered by drugs and polished their tendons.

As long as you grow up a little, you will begin to practice luck.

Such tireless efforts.

There will be success in the future.

Generally speaking.

As long as you are more than ten years old and continue to practice, it will be difficult to achieve success.

Because of this age, the bones of the body are formed and the muscles and veins are fixed.

Even if it is forced to start cultivation.

Ultimately, Cultivation Base will be limited due to poor physique.

But the Heavenly Emperor in the Linglong Treasure Mirror is not only over ten years old.

And because of perennial nutritional deficiencies.

His physique is much worse than his peers.

With such a physique, I am afraid that there is no way to cultivate at all.

Can be biased.

The Heavenly Emperor in the future has become the strongest existence in the entire Lingxuan Continent, the Cultivation Base.

”You don have to be so surprised. There are always some exceptions to everything in the world. ”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

The male protagonist, Lin Feng, said with a smile: ”I started practicing after I was ten years old. After that, after many adventures, I was reborn, and I have come to this day step by step… This Heavenly Emperor is the same after thinking about it. The opportunities he encountered, even Possibly stronger than me. ”

Lin Feng said so.

The suspicion and surprise on everyones faces slowly dissipated.


Lin Feng was right.

In everything in the world, there are always a few exceptions.

Like Lin Feng himself.

I have eaten Nine Heavens Mysterious Grass, Heart of Flame Marrow, Extreme Yang Meridian… and many other treasures.

Each of these treasures is priceless.

Even just eating one piece is enough to make a cultivator reborn.

After eating so much, Lin Feng was able to reverse the drawbacks of his practice after the age of ten, and completely surpass other heavenly arrogances.

Seeing that everyone was no longer surprised.

Lin Feng continued with a smile: ”Starting to practice after the age of ten, the biggest problem is the introduction of qi into the body. At this time, peoples Meridians have solidified. At the beginning, I also ate a thousand-year-old ginseng to widen the Meridians, and then Qi Refining succeeded, otherwise, I am afraid that I would not be able to break through Qi Refining. ”

”Then Heavenly Emperor has to eat a similar treasure to practice cultivation. Its a waste for him to eat such a treasure. ” Someone next to him echoed Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and stopped talking.

Practice after the age of ten.

created a lot of impossibility.

This is what Lin Feng is most proud of.

At this moment, he looked into the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

The young Heavenly Emperor Lin Yan also started to practice spiritual practice.

The corner of Lin Fengs mouth suddenly couldn help showing a little smile.

At the beginning, when he first started to practice, he suffered a lot and was embarrassed.

Now Heavenly Emperors embarrassing side, I am afraid that it will be completely exposed in front of everyone.

If not worried about Xiao Yanran beside her.

At this moment, Lin Feng even wanted to record the pictures in the Linglong Treasure Mirror so that everyone in Lingxuan Continent could take a look.

As such.

It must have greatly damaged Heavenly Emperors aloof and unrivaled image.

It also makes the world no longer fear Heavenly Emperor as before.

Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Doctor Qin took out a piece of Spirit Stones.

Roll this piece of Spirit Stones on Xiao Yanrans wound a few times.

The blue-black color on Xiao Yanrans arm suddenly receded a lot.

Xiao Yanran, whose face was full of pain, suddenly softened a lot.

Watching Little Sister get better.

Lin Yan was instantly overjoyed, full of gratitude, and thanked Dr. Qin one after another.

Looking in the treasure mirror, Lin Yan, who was all injured, thanked others so humbly.

Xiao Yanrans cold heart finally trembled at this moment.

in her memory.

Its more of her Heavenly Emperor big brothers aloof and ruthless look.

Who would have thought.

This aloof Heavenly Emperor had such a humble time.

”Is this still Heavenly Emperor? Even if Heavenly Emperor was locked in the exquisite mirror before, he never bowed his head. ”

”Ive never seen Heavenly Emperor weak either. ”

”Not to mention the Heavenly Emperor later, even the Heavenly Emperor, who is still young at this moment, has never been soft to anyone. ”


They have seen Ye Chens experience over the years.

Even if he didn eat or drink, he was hungry and even scarred.

Lin Yan never asked anyone else.

This pride seems to be imprinted in his bones.

But now for Xiao Yanran.

He let go of this pride.

-To Be Continued.

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