Looking in the Linglong Treasure Mirror, Lin Yan began to climb the cliff.

Xiao Yanrans face was faintly pale.

She just remembers.

She is hurt here.

But what happened next, she had no idea at all.

At the beginning.

When Lin Yan first started climbing the cliff, Xiao Yanran was obediently waiting under the cliff.

But after a while, she became impatient.

After all, he is still a young child.

And he had never been in the mountains before.

Seeing that Lin Yan hadn come down yet, she was happily picking flowers on the side of the road.


Xiao Yanran had already walked into the grass beside her.

In the rotten grass under the grass, a colorful poisonous snake slowly swam over.

At a time when Xiao Yanran was still a few feet away.

The poisonous snake jumped up suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, hitting Xiao Yanran.

Xiao Yanran was taken aback by this sudden change, she screamed in surprise, and she fell directly to the ground.

It was this exclamation.

Lin Yan, who had just touched Lingzhi Mushrooms in the distance, turned around suddenly.

”Little Sister. ”

Seeing that a poisonous snake had bitten Xiao Yanrans hand, Lin Yans face changed greatly, and he turned around and jumped off the cliff.

Jump off a cliff two feet high.

Even for adults, it is a very dangerous thing.

Not to mention a child like Lin Yan.

But he didn hesitate.

The figure was like a bird, and suddenly jumped down from the cliff.

fall to the ground.

He rolled a few times, then jumped up and ran towards Xiao Yanran.

The colorful poisonous snake, after biting Xiao Yanran, turned around and wanted to run.

However, Lin Yan, who was rushed there, stepped on his feet.

Grab the stone by the side.

Lin Yan smashed the vipers head into pieces in a few clicks.

Get rid of the poisonous snake.

Only then did Lin Yan quickly pick up Xiao Yanran and call her eagerly, ”Little Sister… ”

However, at the moment Xiao Yanran, the place where the poisonous snake bit her left hand had already turned black and swollen. Xiao Yanran herself had her eyes closed and she completely lost consciousness.

Forget about others.

Lin Yan picked up Xiao Yanran and limped towards the distance.

In one breath, he ran to the pharmacy that used to sell medicinal materials.

Lin Yan breathed a sigh of relief and shouted loudly, ”Doctor Qin, help. ”

A middle-aged man came out of the pharmacy.

Seeing Lin Yans appearance, he quickly stepped forward to help: ”Lin Yan, how did you do this. ”

Lin Yan was out of breath, and before she could say anything more, she pushed Little Sister directly to the other party and said, ”Quick, quick, look at me Little Sister. ”

The middle-aged man grabbed Xiao Yanrans palm and glanced at it, then his face became solemn.

”Its a colorful snake, and you actually encountered this poison. ”


The middle-aged man made a quick move, using a Ribbon to tie Xiao Yanrans arm to prevent the poison from spreading.

Lin Yan looked at the middle-aged man with worry in his eyes: ”Doctor Qin, my Little Sister… can I be saved? ”


The middle-aged man nodded without hesitation.

This made Lin Yans heart that had been hanging all the time, and suddenly felt at ease.

But Doctor Qins next sentence made his face sank, and his whole heart fell to the bottom.

”The multicolored snake is too poisonous. Fortunately, you came in time. As long as you cut off your Little Sisters hand and drink some herbs, it will be fine. ”


In front of the Linglong Treasure Mirror, there was a moment of whispering.

Even the male protagonist Lin Feng couldn help but look at Xiao Yanrans arm.

This stunning and cold beauty now has complete arms and has not broken her arms.

Xiao Yanran frowned.

in her memory.

But there is no experience of being cut off.

Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Hear what Dr. Qin said.

Lin Yan, whose face changed instantly, shook his head almost immediately: ”No, my Little Sister is only five years old. If she loses her hands, how can she live in the future… Doctor Qin, can you cut my hands off? ”

Lin Yan is still a child after all.

Now in a hurry, he actually made an unreliable proposal to cut off his own hands.

Doctor Qin looked at Lin Yan with some regret, shook his head and said, ”Lin Yan, life and hands can only be the same. You have to make a decision quickly, and delay it a little longer. Even if you cut off your hands, you won be able to save your life. ”


Absolutely not.

In front of Doctor Qin.

The lost Lin Yan slumped on the muddy ground and said almost unconsciously: ”I want my hands, I want my life, I want it, I want it… ”

A child just ten years old.

To be forced to make such a decision is indeed a bit difficult.

Its not just that Dr. Qins eyes are red when he sees it.

Even in front of the Linglong Treasure Mirror, some soft-hearted people see sore eyes.

Seeing Lin Yans dejected appearance.

Doctor Qin gritted his teeth and said, ”Actually, there is another way to save your Little Sister without cutting off her hand. ”

-To Be Continued.

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