”This is the only bloodline of Uncle Xiaos family. Let her grow up healthy and let her… a life of peace. ”

Lin Yans self-talk was passed into the ears of everyone outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

It made many peoples faces become solemn.

This sentence.

They had heard it before.

This is what Lin Yan told Lin Yan when he was about to die.

Let him take Xiao Yanran and live a good life.

no one thought

This child who was only six or seven years old actually took this sentence seriously.

I would rather be bruised and bruised, and it is impossible to let go.

She also raised Xiao Yanran, who was a baby, to be fat and white.

”Heavenly Emperor when I was a child was actually a person who valued love and righteousness, such a person who promised a lot of money. ” Someone sighed in a low voice.

But as before.

His words were immediately refuted.

”Whats the use of emphasizing love and righteousness when you are young, but when you grow up, you are not the same as doing evil. ”

”Thats right, now it seems affectionate and sincere. She is so kind to Yanran, and she almost killed Yanran later. ”

”What is sanctimonious, this is, pretending to be affectionate, and showing no mercy when you attack. ”

Xiao Yanran stood in front of Linglong Baojing.

Looking at Lin Yan and himself in the mirror, his eyes were already soft.

Can be around.

Let her regain her icy appearance.


Whats the use of saying something nice as a child.

Later Heavenly Emperor was not ruthless and decisive, and had no humanity.

Xiao Yanran has the Supreme bone on her body, which is extremely noble. After Heavenly Emperor found out, she forcibly dug out the Supreme bone in Xiao Yanrans body.

This move made Xiao Yanran almost lose Cultivation Base.

Coupled with the many persecutions of Xiao Yanran by Heavenly Emperor.

Finally, Xiao Yanran and Heavenly Emperor turned against each other.

Thinking of the torture Ive been through.

Xiao Yanrans heart was completely frozen, and she would never be soft again.

Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Look at the reactions of everyone outside the mirror, as well as their muttering voices.

Lin Yan couldn help raising his eyebrows.

Now he has basically mastered the usage of the life template editor.

Its like writing a diary.

He can rewrite the past experience and write it all over again.

And what he writes will become true.


If you scribble a pass, it will be judged as invalid by the system.

For example, Lin Yan wrote that he became a Great Saint in one day and an Immortal Ascension in ten days.

Such obvious nonsense.

The system will not recognize it at all.

The more it matches Heavenly Emperors original behavior, the more it will be recognized by the system.

not to mention.

Lin Yan doesn plan to use the system to change his own Cultivation Base at all.

Own predecessor Heavenly Emperor, Cultivation Base are already invincible.

It was not completely killed in the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Now he wants to get out of trouble.

Only rely on outsiders.

Lin Yan was eyeing.

It is the top ten heroines around the hero Lin Feng.

Only these ten heroines have the ability to rescue him.

”Isn it just making up novels? Ive read so many abusive novels, I don believe you can cry when you read them. ” Lin Yan muttered.

Linglong Treasure Mirror can actually write the content he wrote.

All converted to video playback.

This kind of divine assist, but Lin Yan was also quite surprised.

Seeing that Linglong Baojing played the content, it was already the last chapter he wrote.

Lin Yan didn dare to be careless.

Continue to write quickly.

Under the care of Lin Yan.

Xiao Yanran grows up day by day.

And Lin Yans way of taking care of the baby has also become more and more skilled from the original rusty.


Xiao Yanran began to babble.

”Father…Father… ”

Seeing Xiao Yanran hug her and call her father.

Lin Yan corrects her impatiently every time: ”Its called big brother, brother… brother. ”

”Father…Father… ”

”Brother…Brother… ”

The two children, big and small, seem to be very stubborn.

This scene.

Looking at the people outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, they felt that they didn know whether to laugh or cry, but they felt awkward in their hearts.

Many people even looked at Xiao Yanran quietly.

Just from the current performance.

Lin Yans relationship with Xiao Yanran was already good and couldn be better.

Saying it is Xiao Yanrans biological father is not an exaggeration at all.

Even the male protagonist Lin Feng frowned slightly, approached Xiao Yanran and said, ”Yanran, don worry about this, you paid back his kindness to you later, and we killed him for the entire Lingxuan Continent, for the sake of Limin people. ”

Xiao Yanran didn speak, just looked at the exquisite mirror in front of her.

-To Be Continued.

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