”What the hell happened? Where did the Heavenly Emperor go? ”

Seeing the Heavenly Emperors figure disappear within the Linglong Treasure Mirror, the crowd around them, including Lin Feng, the male protagonist and Xiao Yanran, the female protagonists expressions changed, revealing a panicked look.

The Heavenly Emperors cultivation had long since reached the Immortality Realm.

They had stealthily attacked the Heavenly Emperor this time. If not for the Heavenly Emperor being caught off guard, it wouldve been close to impossible to capture him.

If at all the Heavenly Emperor had means to escape from the Linglong Treasure Mirror, hed be able to easily suppress them in no time.

This simple thought of the Heavenly Emperors terrifying reputation made everyone shiver in fear.

”Rest assured, when the Linglong Treasure Mirror begins to refine a person, it will reveal their memories. Now that the Heavenly Emperor is being refined, his past will be revealed in the Linglong Treasure Mirror. ”

Just when the crowd began to panic, an indifferent voice sounded from the sky.

Hearing this indifferent voice, the previously panicked look on the male protagonist Lin Feng and the others disappeared.

”Thank you for your guidance, Lord Empress. ”

Thousands of people turned their heads facing above the mirror .

Apart from relying on the Heavenly Emperors unpreparedness and taking advantage of the opportunity to sneak attack, they were able to fight their way up to the Ninth Heavenly Palace and defeat the Heavenly Emperor. It was possible because of the help provided by the Lord Empress. She was their biggest supporter.

The Lord Empress had come from a foreign land whose existence was on par with the Heavenly Emperor.

If not for her support, the residents of the Lingxuan continent would dare not resist the Heavenly Emperor.

Seeing the Heavenly Emperor helpless, Lin Feng, the Protagonist and others, were finally at ease.

Retracing his gaze back to the Linglong Treasure Mirror before him, Lin Feng said with a smile, ”I didn expect the Linglong Treasure Mirror to have such a function. As we are idle anyway, lets see what all the evil deeds the Heavenly Emperor has done in the past. ”

”Hmph, the Heavenly Emperor has really done a lot of evil deeds in the past. I don even bother taking a look. ” Xiao Yanran snorted coldly under her breath.

The Heavenly Emperor, her brother, was the one she hated the most.

A strong presence with a profound cultivation base next to her glanced at Xiao Yanran, shook his head and said, ”Sister Yanran, actually, your elder brother… No, the Heavenly Emperor used to be a kind-hearted person, but he changed later. ”

The man with the strong presence was called Teng Gong.

He and the other people around him were once the Heavenly Emperors sworn brothers and were also the most trusted subordinates of the Heavenly Emperor.

All the soldiers and horses under the Heavenly Emperor were controlled by them.

But sadly, they had betrayed the Heavenly Emperor, which was why the Nine Heavens Palace was easily invaded.

”Teng Gong, its too late now. Are you still holding on to your Brother Heavenly Emperor? Did you forget how he treated you? He almost stripped your souls and bones, so that you could never be reborn. ”

Another woman with an extremely beautiful appearance, but with a fierce aura between her eyebrows spoke.

This womans name was Xiao Mei.

Not only was she once the most beloved wife of the Heavenly Emperor, she was also the daughter of the previous Heavenly Emperor.

The Heavenly Emperor who was now trapped within the Linglong Treasure Mirror had killed her father in public, and succeeded in ascending the throne.

From the moment she married the Heavenly Emperor, avenging her father was what all was on her mind.

It was only today that she could finally take her revenge.

However, the resentment that had been accumulated over the years made her body full of fury.

Naturally, she was also one of the top ten female protagonists of the novel.

Teng Gong couldn help but shake his head and stop talking.

Seeing the crowd becoming more and more stiff, Lin Feng, the Protagonist could only stand out to round up the situation and said, ”Everyone, rest assured, in three days, the Heavenly Emperor will be completely dead, and by then all his past will be gone in smoke. ”

Only then did the surrounding crowds faces ease a little, and together they looked up at the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Inside the Linglong treasure mirror.

At this moment, a large family could be seen in it.

It seemed that the family was having a happy occasion. Everywhere was decorated with lights and red lanterns.

”Uncle Xiao, congratulations on your wife giving birth to a baby daughter, youd better hold another fat baby next year. ”

Inside the mirror, a boy of about six or seven years old appeared and he spoke to a stout middle-aged man.

When the middle-aged man heard the boys words, he smiled.

He reached out and grabbed a handful of copper coins from his pocket and gave it to the boy and said, ”You
e a good talker, here, take them and buy sweets to eat. ”

The boy took the coins and ran happily into the distance.

The middle-aged man watching the boy walk away, stroked his beard and muttered, ”Yaner is a really good child, if only I could arrange a marriage contract for my daughter with him. ”

The whole crowd in front of the Linglong treasure mirror watched this scene.

It seemed like this family had just given birth to a daughter, so they were celebrating.

”That little boy, that wouldn be the Heavenly Emperor as a child, right? ” Someone suddenly spoke out.

The crowd became interested at once.

Staring at the little boy within the video, they looked carefully.

Sure enough, this little boy and the Heavenly Emperor had a few similarities.

”Its him, the Heavenly Emperors real name is Lin Yan, its just that everyone calls him the Heavenly Emperor, so not many people know his real name. ” Teng Gong whispered.

As the Heavenly Emperors sworn brother, he was aware of the Heavenly Emperors name.

Hearing Teng Gongs confirmation, the crowd began to chatter.

”So the Heavenly Emperor was like this when he was a child. He looked quite well behaved ”

”He may have been a well behaved child back then, but he became evil later. ”

”Yes, who would have thought that such a cute little child would later become a sadistic emperor slaughtering countless innocents. If we could go back to that time and just kill this child, there wouldn have been so much trouble later. ”

The crowd sighed.

If not for the confirmation of Teng Gong, they simply couldn believe that this lively little child inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror would actually be the vicious and violent Heavenly Emperor in the future.

The video kept playing inside the LingLong Treasure Mirror.

The family was still having a happy event, and the young Heavenly Emperor, Lin Yan, was playing around in the other familys house.

Soon, Heavenly Emperor Lin Yans father also appeared. He was a handsome middle-aged uncle.

The Lin family and the family hosting the wedding seemed to be close friends, and both sides sat together and talked happily.

However, not waiting for the wedding to be finished, a sudden change occurred.

A group of figures wearing seven-star daoist robes appeared above the familys house, standing high above the clouds.

”Bastard Xiao Feng, how dare you betray my Seven Star Sect! Ill exterminate your entire family today. ”

With a thunderous shout, those figures on the cloud shot out several flying swords from their hands.

The long swords flew and killed all the people below who attended the happy feast.

A happy banquet quickly turned into a bloody hell.

However, the people on the clouds didn see that underneath one of the tables, the young Heavenly Emperor Lin Yan was holding a baby in his arms and huddled with a terrified face and trembling body.

”Haha, it turns out that the Heavenly Emperor also has times when he is afraid. Looking at his appearance, he is not much stronger than a hen. ”

Looking at the young Heavenly Emperor Lin Yans trembling appearance inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, few around couldn help but laugh.

But their laughter was quickly halted by the gazes of the others around.

Although everyone felt the contrast between the young emperors frightened appearance and the later domineering emperor was too great.

But after all, a massacre was taking place within the video.

As the righteous ones, of course how could they laugh at this moment?

”It wouldve been nice if the Heavenly Emperor was killed at this moment. ” Someone sighed lightly, kinda saying what was in everyones heart.

Only the female protagonist Xiao Yanran.

At this moment, she frowned and looked at the video within the Linglong Treasure Mirror thoughtfully.

Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, the video was still going on.

After casually slaughtering all the people below, those cultivators on the cloud immediately turned away, not even bothering to come down and check.

But this was considered to be normal.

They were monks.

And those who were killed were just ordinary people.

Compared to ordinary people, Monks should be so high and righteous, so no one would find it strange.

This also gave the young Heavenly Emperor the chance to survive.

After there was no more movement around, only then did the young Heavenly Emperor Lin Yan, holding the baby in his arms, burst out from under the table.

The bloody scene around him made his face ashen.

”Father, Uncle Xiao. ”

While holding the baby in his arms, Lin Yan quickly found his father, and the same Uncle Xiao who gave him the copper coins before.

Both of them were all on the ground covered in blood at this moment.

Uncle Xiao had completely lost his breath by then.

Father Lin was also not far from his last breath but somehow he managed to reach out to grab his son and said under his last breath, ”Yaner, Yanran in your arms is your Uncle Xiaos last bloodline, you must take her with you… live on. ”

After saying his final words, Father Lin remained motionless.

In the scene, the entire mansion looked as if only this ground was full of corpses with a few years old child.

In front of the Linglong Treasure mirror.

At this moment, there was silence.

”…That baby is actually Yan Ran. ”

Everyones eyes suddenly all looked at Xiao Yanran who was on the side.

There were already many people who were suspicious about it.

Because, though Xiao Yanran and the Heavenly Emperor were brother and sister, they didn even share the same last name.

Now the crowd finally understood.

It turned out that Xiao Yanran was not the Heavenly Emperors biological sister.

Although many already guessed, looking at the young heavenly emperor saving Xiao Yanran, her face still didn change.

As this was the memory when she was still a baby, it was blurred and she couldn remember much at all.

”No wonder the Heavenly Emperor was ruthless and heartless towards Sister Yanran later, even seizing away Sister Yanrans Supreme Bone for himself. It seems that he didn consider Yanran as his own sister from the beginning. ”

Xiao Mei walked over and took Xiao Yanrans hand, soothing her.

Taking this as his chance, Lin Feng comforted her with a smile, ”Its a good thing that Yanran was lucky enough and wasn harmed. Even if she wasn saved by the Heavenly Emperor as a baby, I still guarantee that she would definitely be fine. ”

Listening to the comfort of the surrounding people, Xiao Yanrans face finally eased a little.

-To be continued!

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