a quite of time has passed and by now I have been on my planet doing what I was meant to do after seeing the system I understand that I was created for a reason so I began to heal and give life to planets.

Billy was on planet Earth as he was looking around.

Billy was looking around so that he could find inspiration so that he could create something new

always cheerful and happy Billy smile never fade off his face he was always happy guess it was the trait of being the god of happiness.

as Billy look at the dirt he thought.

instead of creating something out of either my soul or some of the energy covering the universe how about I create life from this planet itself.

how about I created from the dirt and shape and molding it

as he thought of this he smiled as he went to work shaping the forms of the dinosaurs each dinosaurs different from the others with their own unique abilities and properties.

as he was doing this he didn notice the unknown entity constantly watching him.

as Billy looked at his work he smiled and happiness at what he had done

as Billy was smiling a what you can only describe as a shapeless entity with standing behind him Billy feeling the strong energy coming from behind him he turned around to see what it was that was causing such energy to spear out within the world and the universe.


(( third person perspective))

as I was watching Billy I noticed this weird anomaly suddenly appear within my world

what is that thing I don remember creating such a being

did Billy create that thing

no it doesn seem so Billy looks just as surprised as I am.

as the entity which was only around 15 blocks away from Billy

The entity who was looking at Billy finally decided to sneak out.

in a distorted unworldly voice The entity said

#@__#&[email protected]#[email protected]$#_#_#@_((__####

Billy did not seem to understand what the entity said

but the MC did

The entity just said.

@ hello Billy my name is George nice to meet you @

what did you say? Billy asked confused

The entity repeated itself

but Billy did not seem to understand

frustrated The entity said

”Ive noticed you have made quite the progress want to fight to see whos the strongest whoever wins will become the new God of this universe ”

as the voice clear Billy could finally understand The entity.

Billy understood with the entity meant by a fight.

but Billy kindly rejected.

but the entity had other ideas.

as the entity send a giant beam of destruction towards Billy.

the blast almost hit Billy before he was teleported out of the way by yet again an unknown entity.

* A/N this entity is the MC*

as the entity whos now name was George said.


I was shocked.

who is this entity in how did he get into the universe without being created or anything I decide to interfere and talk with The anomaly.

”who are you and how did you get into here without being created by me or Billy ” I said.

The entity if it had eyes he would look shocked.

The entity composing itself said.

”hahahaha you truly don remember me do you you don remember me your first son ”

as I tried to think where can I have seen this entity from reality hit me like a b****.

the resemblance the shape the size everything the armor and theres somewhat golden color around him.

this was sublar my first creation.

sublar was the first God that I have created in my attempt of creating life.

due to not having a soul or consciousness he acted erratically and violently and went around destroying planet so using ((destruction)) I destroyed him into nothingness.

or so I thought.

turns out when supplier was destroyed his body wasn fully destroyed there was still a tiny little bit of Adam remaining of him.

and from that Adam he regenerated completely but due to the amount of destructive grounding him he lost his purity and his Divine abilities in the destructive energy continues to try destroy him.

no wonder why the destructive energy was surrounding him it wasn helping him nor was it with him it was trying to destroy him.

but somehow hes resisting it at least resisting it enough to stay in the physical world.

but how did he get a soul or a consciousness or intelligent or anything

getting out of my shock I said.

”you were a failed creation you were mindless heartless and cruel destroying planets and causing havoc and chaos I can let you stay within the within me ”

The entity whos now name was George did not seem happy in fact if he had a face he would seem furious.

as he send another waiting for destructive energy towards building this time I opened up a portal and absorbed all of the destructive energy that he sent.

Georgia ponceiving me doing this not even more furious saying


as a giant barrier void energy.

covered the whole planet have you tried to fight back against my energy but it was too weak as not only was that void energy my energy but I can fight back over me.

but instead of fighting it I decide to let it do its work and let the team fight it out.

as Billy got into a fighting pose as he feels like he could no longer be protected by the entity that was protecting him now

George created a giant ax made of void energy and lunch towards Billy

Billy quickly reacted and using his connection to the Earth merge with your itself Billy felt a huge power surgical throughout his ody.

George looking at the ground where Billy was standing on put his hand down as he tried and destroyed the planet along with Billy but Billys energy fight back.

Billy thought of a tactic to send George away.

turning the soil into ice he created spikes and send one straight at Georges heart.

this successful you landed in this and George flying back.

George having enough created floating black arrows.

and send them on the ground.

upon the arrows hitting the ground this causes belly immense pain.

it was as if the world screamed at this moment.

and with bloodshot eyes Billy got out of the ground and looked straight up.

the ground which was once covered in snow and ice melted and became lava in the sky which was once cloudy and dark due to the void energy world around and became a tempest.

George will not let that attack finish as he flew at incredible speed towards Billy attempting to finish him off.

Billy putting his hand towards the direction of George strike down as a giant lightning bolt with purple energy hit George straight in the back exploding him and nearly disintegrating his whole body.

George if he had eyes he would look extremely angry as he curse every single curse word in the alphabet.

as he disappeared seemingly from existence.

in the black energy that covered the Earth went away.

who were these guys Billy talk and confusion.

A/N sorry about the combat scene Im not really good with writing fighting scene so yeah Im a new author in web novel so please give me all the love and support that you can and also can you please give me a power stone or at least one of the stones that would be much appreciated

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