g mist coming off of it.

I then abute the souls with an ego something that every living entity needs to have in order to be themselves and think for themselves.

and then I pierce the body straight near where the core was and open up a gateway for the soul.

I grabbed a soul and put it straight into the line of bubble where the soul should be and quickly closing it up as I watch the Gods body begins to move.

its finger twitch before its eyes filled with life.

its eyes began to them though as if looking like it was struggling to live and I looked at what was causing the problem.

it didn have blood.

and so quickly I Rush blood into its veins.

and a god look more alive.

God float up and look around at the universe before saying.

”where am I and who even am I ”

”whoa look at this place its beautiful ”

hmm it was a success I have perfectly created the god.

look like all I needed to do was to give my first creation of soul and a consciousness and an ego and alive.

lets see what name should I give this God.

”hmmm ”

from now on this God Billy.

((name: Billy

race: God

age: 0

title: the first God

level: 99999

strength: 99999

Speed: 89976

durability: 100000


wisdom: 88876

domain: Earth elements time creation

Description: I celestial creature that was created by the universe shortly after the universe was formed from The Big bang)))


years would go by and Billy the guy that was created by the universe would eventually find on how to create planet.

Billy would create the art and would name the Earth from his image.

and from the earth Billy created the first species on Earth the dinosaurs.

and Billy with his vast knowledge would create the foundation of the earth something to keep your intact in case he wasn here.

he would create the world tree a Divine tree with divine powers.


(A/N so Im sorry everybody I know this chapter felt very Rush and thats because it is…

so yeah any of you reading this I hope you like it please pass all the typos that it would potentially had you give the story a thumbs up if you don give it a thumbs down.

anyway see you.

Ill see you in the next universe story)

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