I don know how it happened it was just a normal day everything was going so well.

I was just playing on my phone and my mom she was on the couch watching TV along with Dad.

As I was texting my friend I said to my mom and dad.

”Hay mom Im going to go out my friend Michaela wanted me to come over so I could play a game with him ”

My mom raised an eyebrow in interest ”and what would that game be

”Call of duty ” I replied.

”Okay as long as you don cause any trouble its all right with me ” mom replied.


Now my friend Michaela lived really far so normally when Im going to his house I have to take a train.

The train ride isn really that far it only lasts for only about.

40 hours

As I was on the train suddenly the lights began to flicker everybody looked up at the lights in the ceiling of the train.

the train is going too fast and the conductor can stabilize the train

Everybody please sit down on your seats there have been a malfunction on the train and we are trying to control everything.

everybody stay on your seat and do not move and please stay calm.

Everybody tried to calm themselves but as More time pass the train began to move unstable and at one time the train even hit the concrete wall of the underground. at this point everybody has lost they
e cool and now everybody is just screaming in fear.

the train began to move even more erratically in at this point I didn even care if I reach my friends house or not I just wanted to get the f*** out of this train before everybody including myself lives is taken.

but as I was about to open the window of the train to jump out the train ran out of the train track and hit the wall head first.

the whole train follows as every room of the train hit the wall killing all the passengers last thing I saw was I fell out the train and got ran over.


(A/N so yeah this have to be extremely edited because the original one was extremely bad so anybody reading this it wasn as good as it is right now and part one was just trash…

hope you like when you edited version peace)

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