3 weeks later

3 weeks went by since my transformation as a God and the people have greatly miss my lack of presence

after my death it was announced by the church that the god of wisdom had died due to the amount of energy he had been absorbing from the world

many who was true worshipers of the god/me felt a sudden emptiness after The death of their God



man after these weeks my power sure have been growing since I am now half multiverse I have capabilities that I never had access to before.

I think its time for me to create other gods since well I did mention that after my death a new God would take my placed

maybe this time instead of a God I should create a goddess and just let Billy and the goddess have a kid and well make the kid a new generation of God.

which would be The rise of the Titans.

okay let me just gather up my energy to create this new God.

using my ((creation)) I started to mold the shape of the goddess the goddess resemble that of a beautiful female with pale white skin long white snowy hair resembling that of clouds and Blue diamond like eyes.

ah this feels so weird and twisted this is like if Uranus was a female.

using ((chaos)) I grab the lifeless body and began to turn it into energy as the invisible energy turned into an orb I guided the energy straight toward the direction of the Earth.

the invisible energy now finally within The Earth began its process with fusing with the sky.

the orb cracking out of its shell began to form and shape within the sky the energy along with the ore began to form infuse completely with the planet sky until the process was over

since this God is a female version of Uranus Im going to give her a different name a name completely alien from Uranus to not make it seem too similar.

her name shall be Lilith.

[NAME. Lilith

AGE. 0

[SKILLED. lightning manipulation win manipulation cloud manipulation sky manipulation]

[DOMAIN. domain of sky the wind evil and justice]

[DESCRIPTION. a celestial entity created by the universe and birth from the world]

okay now that this is done I should form the body once again using ((order)) I once again made the body appear from the middle of the sky and using my energy I gave life to the body and she open her eyes.

as she woke up the whole world was informed of her presence as a wave of wind mana went through the entire world.

Lilith looked around at her surroundings after taking a few steps within the clouds shes finally seen to have got used to it and began to walk float and fly around.

as she was flying. Billy appeared.

as Billy appeared his eyes was widen as his mouth was wide open as he stared stunned at the beautiful lady.

he was so entranced by the ladys beauty he didn even notice that the lady stopped flying.

as Billy got out of his shock he and the lady began to talk and quickly realize that they were not so different from each other.

that you got along relatively well as they seen to be happy with each other.

and after 3 months of Billy showing her around the planet and her appearance that are mortals she seemed to gather worshipers seem to be held as the queen of the gods.

things were going relatively well until a new goddess have arrived within the planet the goddess had long black hair and star like eyes the woman had pale skin and wear a black dress.

the goddess introduced herself as lunar the goddess of the night and the Stars.

this God was created by our (MC) after the creation of Lilith.

over the 3 months lunar also gain worshipers as well.

and was known as The Big Three among the immortals.

the three gods would play the roles within the planet as Nicks would play her role making night come covering the world with her black domain and filling the stars with the views of stars.

Lilith played her part and she would create ring and thunder most of these nights or morning and would also create harsh winds when she is particularly in a bad mood.

Billy would play his part being the planet helping animals creating trees and circling the mana with in the earth properly as to not cause chaos.

each God play their part when they needed to and did not disturb this balance due to their agreement and finally said each other the three gods along with the Earth was in complete peace.

but later than anyone know besides the (MC)

sometimes during these nights Lilith and Billy would be United and due to this Lilith fell pregnant and began to have kids with The Earth God.

the goddess would give birth to horrifying creatures these creatures were the Hecatoncheires and the Cyclops.

Billy and Lilith eventually gave birth to a new generation of gods powerful beings which would become known Titans.

Lilith seeing her powerful children began to fear being overthrown by them so she took action.

Lilith through all her children we
e in the worlds core and upon doing this they were sent within Tartarus a place deep within the Earth.

a place dark and filled with nothing but pain and misery a prison cell to those that anger the gods.

and so the Titans trapped with Tartarus attempted to escape beating on the walls with their immense strength and trying to dig out.

this action would make Billy feel immense pain the revolt of such creatures that were so powerful punching and hitting the the Earth near the center of the world core would cause him immeasurable pain so he decided to betray his wife.

Billy using his ((minor creation)) ability forge a Scythe

it was made of primordial gold and primordial diamond.

this Scythe was so powerful it was capable of killing a god permanently.

going deep within the world he eventually ended up in a hellish-like place the air was like acid in the ground every time you stepped on it was like stepping into knives and broken glass.

how the Titans manage to live in these terrible condition is a mystery.

after flying around Tartarus he eventually met his sons and daughters he had over 7 sons and 5 daughter.

each of his sons name were.

Sablar Tyson Seder Brian Talos tempest Surtur.

and for his daughter.

Lily (short for Lilith) echidna kaguya Lila Selena.

going up to his chain children he went up to them and using the scythe that he has created slash the chain and send his childrens free.

after calming his sons and daughters down explain the situation and about his wife paranoia he explained what she have done saying that she had grabbed him and buried them deep within the Earth at the hope of that they couldn escape and would be trapped forever and us she and i would never be overthrown.

coming up to his sons he asked for them to hold scythe and take down the mad Goddess but all of his sons refused until his eldest son sablar said that he could perform that challenge.


as a sablar who is tightly holding his scythe looked above he saw towards the middle of the sky there was a huge amount of clouds gathered there and he figured that this was wear his mother was.

flying above the clouds he saw his mother sleeping on a cloud.

and using his scythe he castrated his mother.

Liliths cry of pain could be heard throughout the universe the skies were painted bright gold the blood of Lilith

Liliths body parts were thrown into the ocean and due to its fertilizing ability several deity emerged from the water.

as the HERO of the revolt he was held as king sablar.

sablar didn free the Hecatoncheires nor the Cyclops as he considered them very dangerous.

after the banquet the new sovereign was visited by his mother specter and was told of a terrible prophecy.

he was told like his mother who has been the throne by an infamous descended sablar with also lose the supreme throne overthrown by one of his children in a terrible fate.

the and.

(A/N HELLO GUYS SO THIS IS ME SHAWN so yeah you might have noticed that I made a huge difference to Greek mythology and I just realized that but it was mainly because I made Billy a boy so yeah things were drastically changed its basically if greek mythology was gender swap anyway give me a power stone or comment do anything thank you)

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