”Mom, how are you? ” When An Ning recovered, she hurriedly looked at her mother and checked up and down. Now that she may have lost her father, she must not even lose her mother!

”Im fine, hey! You take a rest first. Tonight things are too sudden, you can think about anything, and things have developed like this! ” Ans mother said with a tired face.

An Ning helped her mother sit on the sofa, thinking, yes, there is no time to think about anything, not even to be sad…

Looking up at the room, this is a very luxuriously decorated jump floor. There are three rooms on the first floor, one toilet and one bathroom. An Ning can imagine that he killed the owner of the house, and then sat in the hall in a daze…

”Mom, what happened today… whats going on? ” An Ning frowned, as if she was asking her mother, and she seemed to be murmuring to herself.

”These people are obviously mutated into monsters, and they no longer have human reason. Their actions are like manic animals, launching violent attacks on other creatures. Their power is amazing. Fortunately, they have no thinking or consciousness. Otherwise, … ” Ans mother is also a learned person, but she has a cheerful personality on weekdays and never minds making jokes with her daughter, or even a sister.

An Ning slowly looked at her mother, and asked in a hoarse voice, ”Mom, Dad…Is it gone? ”

Hearing this, Ans mothers eyes suddenly turned red, she bit her lip and didn answer. She turned her head away, not wanting her daughter to see her like this.

The tears in An Nings eyes were like a flood that burst a dyke, and the family was good, but suddenly the family was destroyed, and they had to escape the pursuit of monsters. From now on, he may never see his fathers smile again… …Thinking of this, An Ning is on the verge of collapse.

The mother and daughter hugged each other again and cried together.

”Bang bang bang! ” The huge door slamming sounded again, which shocked An Ning and his mother. They looked at each other and thought that the monster might have left, but it seems that this is not the case at all!

The two stood up trembling, An Ning held her mothers shoulders, ”Ill take a look. ” After saying that, she clenched her fists and walked to the door, gritted her teeth and looked at Cats Eye.

Looking out through the cats eyes, you can see three people at the door, no! Its three monsters!

Their bodies were festering, their eyes were full of whites, and their eyes were as small as tiny dots, and their faces and bodies were hung with festering rotten flesh, and the black and sticky blood dripped and squeaked.

And around their mouths, there is obviously a different color from their own blood!

Bright red color!

An Ning was horrified to find that they were biting with a human hand in their hands, and the human hand was biting in their mouths, and in the empty corridor, the sound turned out to be very clear!

An Nings stomach rolled again. Because of losing weight, An Ning didn have the habit of eating at night, but after vomiting for a long time, her stomach had already vomited, and at this time, she just retched by the door!

eat human! Moreover, the mans hands were connected to the flesh, blood vessels and tendons. If he hadn seen it with his own eyes, An Ning would never have imagined such a suffocating scene.

God, they can eat people! Really zombies!

On TV, aren zombies just these festering walking corpses? Mutant humans?

An Ning took a deep breath, looked at Maoyaner again, and carefully identified that among the three, the last one was his father!

He was so festered that he couldn see his appearance, but the chain around his neck was very eye-catching.

An Ning burst into tears again. She staggered back to the hall and sat there without saying a word. Mother An didn ask her aloud when she saw this.

The two of them sat silently in the hall, listening to the sound of the door smashing from time to time, and watching with their own eyes the anti-theft door made of steel was smashed into a convex shape!

”Mom! We can go on like this, we have to rush out and go to the police station! ” An Ning couldn think of any place to protect their mother and daughter at this time. There was only a police station across the street. There must be someone there!

She doesn know if there are still living people in this building, or if there are zombies outside, but she knows that she can sit still, or there will be only a dead end!

Either starve to death or be eaten!

Thinking like this, An Ning put away her tears, nibbled her silver teeth, and boldly walked around the room, rummaging from room to room, she found four bags of bread, a bag of sausages, two bags of milk in the refrigerator, and a few bottles Mineral water, a flashlight, two kitchen knives, and a fruit knife, and in the room suspected of Fang Yuan, they found a large bag of snacks, which contained chocolates and various potato chips.

As for the fresh fish, meat and vegetables in the refrigerator, they are all useless and cannot be eaten or taken away.

An Ning handed her mother a bag of bread and a bag of milk, ”Mom, eat something first to replenish your physical strength, and you will have to consume a lot of physical strength after a while. ”

Ans mother took the food, tore it apart silently, and ate it.

An Ning put all the food that could be taken away in the backpack, carried the backpack on his back, and then sat down to eat, the two were silent.

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