Chapter 8: You Dont Have to Stand on Ceremony With Me

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News of Lin Yi going to Class Three to look for Jian Ai spread like wildfire. Almost everyone in the school knew about it. Rumors started flying everywhere, but no one knew what they were talking about.

At noon, in the school cafeteria.

The cafeteria of Erzhong was situated on the right side of the school. It was a two-story building that covered a large area, and the dishes were very comprehensive. Besides rice, stir-fried vegetables, steamed buns, and noodles, there were also various local specialties, such as roujiamo, mala soup, and so on. The taste was also delicious.

Lin Yi stood at the entrance of the cafeteria and saw Jian Ai in the crowd from afar. Just like before, she wore a neatly ironed school uniform with a simple ponytail.

However, in Lin Yis eyes, Jian Ai was completely different from before. She no longer lowered her head and submerged herself in a sea of people like before. Instead, her entire body exuded a different temperament from others. Her sparkling skin was glowing. Her face was expressionless, but people could see her at a glance.

Jian Ai also saw Lin Yi and quickly walked up to him. “Are you waiting for me?”

Lin Yi nodded. “Lets go in.”

The two of them entered the cafeteria together and attracted everyones surprised gazes. The rumors in the morning reduced to gossip, and everyone started to talk privately in groups of three to five.

“Damn! Are they really together?”

“Whats going on? Jian Ai? Lin Yi likes Jian Ai?”

“She looks like a dumb person. Fools have fortune.”

“Tsk… Just wait and see. It wont be for long.”

“Thats right. There are at least eighty girls in school who like Lin Yi. I think Jian Ai is going to have a hard time.”

In high school, it was nothing new for male and female classmates to fall in love. It was just that the status of these two protagonists was too different in everyones hearts.

Lin Yi was the vanguard of the school basketball team, and he was a top student. His family owned a famous fashion brand in the country with a market value of over a hundred million yuan. He was one of the most famous people in school.

However, Jian Ai was a Cinderella from the slums. She placed all her attention on her studies every day. She was the typical example of a child from a low-income family who treasured her learning opportunities. She did not interact much with others and did not participate in gatherings with her classmates. She was like a nobody and had never provoked others. Other people did not take her seriously.

These two people who couldnt get along at all that had gotten together? Anyone would be unable to accept this!

Jian Ai and Lin Yi naturally heard everyones discussion. Lin Yi immediately said in a low voice, “Arent you afraid that someone will find trouble with you?”

“Compared to getting into trouble, I still think a months free lunch is more attractive to me.” Jian Ai said lightly, without any embarrassment from being discussed.

Lin Yi found it even more strange. Although he hadnt interacted much with Jian Ai and didnt know much about her, he felt that Jian Ai was completely different from before. It was as if no one around her could enter her eyes, and there was a barrier around her that prevented strangers from entering. Even though they were standing together and talking, Lin Yi still felt an invisible barrier between him and Jian Ai that he couldnt cross.

Was this still the same Jian Ai who received his love letter and ran up to him with a flushed face and said, “Lin Yi, I like you too?”

When they finally reached the window, Lin Yi looked at Jian Ai and said, “Find what you want to eat. You dont have to stand on ceremony with me!”

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