Chapter 22: The Heavens Will Punish People

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One was most afraid of the air suddenly turning quiet…

Everyone was silent after watching the surveillance video. Even Liu Chunxia, who was clamoring to seek justice for her daughter, shut her mouth. The scene was obvious. Anyone with eyes could see that Jian Ai did not touch Li Yunmei.

After a while, Principal Sun broke the silence and said, “Madam Liu, the surveillance camera does not lie. It seems that Jian Ai is not lying. Your daughters injury had nothing to do with her.”

Although Liu Chunxia had a bad temper, she still had her pride. No matter how arrogant she was just now, she was already in a difficult position. Her face, which was covered with foundation powder, could not hide the redness. Her previous arrogance was instantly extinguished.

“Thats right. According to the video, from a legal point of view, the perpetrator is the victim herself. It had nothing to do with anyone else,” the police officer said calmly.

Li Yunmei and her mother were too ashamed to show their faces. They hung their heads and looked defeated. At that moment, they felt like clowns being mocked by everyone. They wanted to leave immediately.

Guan Tao raised her eyebrows at Jian Ai. She thought that it was fortunate that there were surveillance cameras installed at the entrance of Erzhong. If not, based on Li Yunmeis mothers personality, she would be punished by the school.

This was what it meant to suffer the consequences of ones own actions.

“Since the matter has been resolved, well take our leave now.” The two police officers did not want to stay any longer since they already had an answer.


Suddenly, Jian Ai spoke.

Everyone was stunned. Why did Jian Ai stop the police?

Li Yunmei was the most flustered. Although there was no sound from the surveillance video, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that she was the one who had provoked her. Now that Jian Ai asked the police officers to stay, could it be that she wanted to hold her accountable?

The police officer stopped in his tracks and looked at Jian Ai. “Kid, you are not injured. If there is any misunderstanding between classmates, you can just ask her to apologize to you.”

“Yes, Jian Ai.” Teacher Li walked forward and said, “Lets end this matter here. Look, Li Yunmei is injured too. Let her apologize to you, okay?”

Jian Ai smiled and looked at everyone. “This matter has long been digested by my dinner yesterday. It is not worth mentioning in my heart, so there is no need to apologize.”

After she had finished speaking, Jian Ais expression suddenly changed. Then, she glanced at Li Yunmei, who was sitting in the wheelchair, and said, “However, there is another matter that I need an explanation from the other party.”

Everyone frowned when they heard that. They guessed that there might be some other conflict between the two students.

Without waiting for anyone to ask, Jian Ai walked to the security chief and said, “Teacher, theres a second camera capture right by the school pond, right?”

Li Yunmei, who was sitting in the wheelchair, broke out in cold sweat. She seemed to have guessed what Jian Ai was going to do.

“Thats right.”

There was an artificial pond at the back of the school, and there was a bicycle shed built by the pond. It was used to store bicycles for the school teachers. As it involved personal property, a camera was installed there, capturing the bicycle shed and the pond.

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