Chapter 9: Free Meal Ticket, Its a Waste Not to Use It

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Jian Ai wasnt going to stand on ceremony. If she were, she wouldnt have asked Lin Yi to treat her to lunch for a month.

Without even thinking, Jian Ai said to the auntie, “Auntie, give me a serving of beef with roasted potatoes, braised meatballs, stir-fried potatoes, and fried eggs with tomato.”

Beef with roasted potatoes and braised meatballs were the most expensive meat dishes in the cafeteria. A fist-sized meatball was sold for three to five yuan each. Jian Ai had never been willing to eat it before. Even after a few years, she was still very curious about the meatball taste in high school.

Now that a person was paying the bill for her, Jian Ai naturally wanted to make up for the regret from her previous life and have a taste of this braised meatball.

Lin Yi didnt say anything and paid the bill generously.

Jian Ai picked up her plate and left. It was obvious that she had no intention of having lunch with Lin Yi.

“Xiao Ai, over here!”

Guan Tao had already taken a seat and waved at Jian Ai from afar.

When Guan Tao saw the meatball on Jian Ais plate, she couldnt help but widen her eyes in surprise. “Wow, Xiao Ai. Youre finally willing to buy this!”

A smile appeared on Jian Ais face. She used her chopsticks to split the meatball into two and placed one half on Guan Taos plate. “I cant eat such a big one by myself. Lets split it equally.”

Guan Tao looked at half the meatball on her plate and then at the indifferent Jian Ai. She couldnt help but say in surprise, “Xiao Ai, is something the matter? You can usually save two to three hundred yuan a month, but you cant even bear to buy a meatball!”

Jian Ai couldnt help but smile. Guan Tao was indeed her best friend.

She nodded. “I didnt buy it. Lin Yi paid for it.”

“Ah?” Guan Taos mouth opened exaggeratedly. Then, afraid that people would notice, she quickly lowered her voice and leaned forward to look at Jian Ai. “Really? Are the two of you really…”

“Its fake!” Jian Ai denied Guan Taos words and then ate a piece of beef. Then, she continued to explain, “Its about the love letter. Lin Yi went to apologize to me in the morning, so I asked him to treat me to lunch for a month. He said, eat whatever you want. Hell treat me. What else do you want to eat tomorrow? Ill help you order.”

“Damn. No way, Xiao Ai. Youre too bold. You let Lin Yi treat you to lunch for a month. If his admirers find out about this, theyll skin you alive.” Although Guan Tao had exaggerated her tone of voice, her words were filled with worry for Jian Ai. After all, the incident at the pond was because of Lin Yi.

However, Jian Ai didnt react to Guan Taos worry. Instead, she smiled and said indifferently, “Ive been to a three-meter deep pond before. Why should I be afraid of them? If they want to find trouble, go ahead. Im poor anyway. He who is down needs fear no fall.”

In her three years of high school of her previous life, she did not compete with others and was careful in everything. However, she did not gain any respect. Instead, she was looked down upon by others, and they treated her pride as nothing.

Now that she was reborn, was she going to replicate her previous life?

Impossible! In this life, Jian Ai would never be a coward in the eyes of others. If anyone dared to bully her and the person she loved, she would return the favor tenfold.

“Then, I want to eat pork ribs,” Guan Tao said with a smile.

Jian Ai raised her eyebrows and nodded. “No problem. With such a huge free meal ticket, it would be a waste not to use it.”

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