Raven Angel of Death

Chapter Eight: Why are here Brother dearest

Castiel had no idea what came over her earlier at the alleyway, and now she was coming to regret her actions.

The human kid was gonna talk(thank God Emilys a kid) but her only consolation was no one was gonna believe her, since she had been obsessed with angels ever since she had learners how to talk and read.

”Emily ” Castiel muttered, surprised at how the little girl had tugged at her cold black heart and had made her who never cared much about mortals, since her last human friends.

And now she had gone to become this Kids guardian angel,yep shes gone real loco, since shed one day reap Emilys soul.

Caz drank up her espresso in one gulp, tossing away the cup into the dustbin.

”Bullseye ”

Caz frowned as her ear scratched her, she was a freaking angel, the heck was she having a feeling to scratch her ears, still pondering about, she felt a light tugging at the back of her brain like something was crawling in her brain, Caz then realised that it was the little brat demanding her attention.

”Save a mortals life youd say kiss bliss and silence goodbye ”

She muttered angrily.

Stretching out her wings, Caz flew toward Sutton lane.


The girls home was a quaint little cottage, something unexpected in Dawn city. Stopping by the porch, Caz stared at the dark haired Hispanic beauty who looked to be twenty two or twenty three.

Caz racked her memory until she got a name; Maureen Imelda Rodriguez, Cheerleader extraordinary, back in Dawn city high, got knocked up by Delaney Matters, who found out she was pregnant and had hightailed out of town like his butt had been on fire.

”Boo ” Caz whispered into Mauries ear.

The poor woman felt a Castiels whisper and mistaking it for an insect, she slapped her ear.

”What the heck ” the woman swore, looking around for the errant creature causing Caz to break into laughter.

Humans and their gullibility. Shed bet her trillions that Emily had told her mom about the angel shed had met and the demon Caz had killed, and shed bet more that Maurie hadn believed her.

”Typically humans ” she mused out loud.

Walking through the open doorway, she took a lazy glance around the living room, there was a fourth five inch plasma TV on the wall. Connected to it was a PlayStation four gaming console. On the left side of the room hung pictures of Maurie, Ma and Pa Rodriguez (who passed away on a plane crash on their way to Sevilla , Spain for their twenty five years anniversary and Caz would know, cos she was the freaking angel of death).

Another picture was a picture of a picture of Pa and Ma Rodriguez, who were with a grinning three year old Emily on her birthday.

Exiting from the living room, she focused on the on Emilys aura which glowed bright blue, she found bedroom following the rays of light.

Walking through the door she stared at the child who had her back facing the door as she had her cat on her laps, staring at the sky(probably expecting Caz to fly in or coming down from heaven). Caz broke into a chuckle causing the kid to turn.

”Angel Castiel ” the kid cried out happily, running into Castiels arms surprising the angel.

”Hey Emily, how
e you doing kid ” Caz found her self grinning and happy to see the kid.

”Mom grounded me ” Emily frowned.

”What did you do Kiddo? ”

”Cos I got lost, but it isn my fault Angel Castiel, twas Indis fault and now I can play outside, s
ot fair ” Em grumbled, with her face twisted in a cute frown.

”I know kid,life ain fair, not many people believe in angels, so don be too hard on your mom, but don worry thats why Im your guardian angel ”

”Whats a guardan angel? ” Emily asked curiously, her brows furrowed.

Caz pondered this for a minute, thinking of a way to make it easier on a six year old.

”A guardian angels sorta like an angel who follows you around, like sometimes when a car wants to hit you and then something tells you to move back and the car misses hittin ya, a guardian angel protests ya from bad guys ”

”So Angel Castiel, dya have a guardan angel? ” Em asked intrigued.

”No silly, Im an angel ” an amused Caz flicked Emilys nose.

”Can you be my guardan angel, pretty please, I promise Ill be good ” Emily begged.

”Sweetie, Im your guardian angel ” Caz deadpanned, brows twitching making Emily to giggle.

”Wow, this is so cool, wait till I tell mom ” Maurie heard Emily quip excitedly.

”Uhh Em? ”

”Yes ”

”You can tell anyone about me, you gotta keep this a secret ”Caz said with seriousness ”Promise me kid ”

” But Why? ”the kid asked surprised.

Castiel grinned knowing the kid was a smart one.

”Because theyd think you
e crazy and then bad people will come after ya ”

”Like Ahab the demon? ”

”Yes like Ahab, hey wait how dya know hes a demon ” Caz asked surprised at the kids perception.

”Duh, he told me ”

” Well hes dead and yes, meaner demons ” Caz said watching for a reaction of fear and she was not disappointed.

”Ok I won tell anyone, but you have to fly me around, I wanna fly ”Emily said all serious why folding her tiny arms. Caz laughed out loud at the picture Emily presented, shed make one heck of a businesswoman one day if she survived what was coming.

”Deal and Em call me Caz, alright? ”

”Deal ”

”Good kid


Maurie felt cold air move past her toward her living room, it felt like something or rather someone had walked in,

Maurie felt herself gasping out as fear gripped her, so right that she felt she was suffocating. It felt like a supernatural being was present.

”This is ridiculous Maurie, its all in your head, besides ghosts aren real, you don even believe in the supernatural ”

Sinking back into her wooden chair she had brought out to the porch from the kitchen, Maurie focused on the E-Book shed been reading on her laptop, she Focused on the story plot.

Fifteen minutes later, she quit reading, she could not shake off the niggling feeling that someone else apart from herself and Emily was inside the house.

”Fuck it ” Maurie swore, dropping her laptop on the coffee table in the kitchen and the chair back where it belonged, she went into the house. Maybe it was time to call it a night.

Walking through the hallway, she heard voices and realised the were sounding from Emilys room. Finding herself intrigued and curious she eavesdropped to find out whom her daughter was talking to.

”Wow, this is so cool, wait till I tell mom ” Maurie heard Emily quip excitedly.

”You can tell anyone about me, you gotta keep this a secret ” Maurie heard a strange androgynous voice say.

That voice was vaguely familiar but Maurie couldn remember whose voice it was or where shed heard it.

”Promise me kid ” the voice continued

”I promise ”

What the heck, who the hell was brainwashing her smart Emily. God knows she was gonna have his head.

Tiptoeing quietly, Maurie crossed into her bedroom across the hall, gently opening the door, she walked into the bedroom which formally was her mothers, she bent, taking a baton from under the large king sized bed, then swiftly made her way toward Emilys door,forcing it open, Maurie was surprised to see no one in the room, save for the kid who was snoring away on the bed, with a very asleep Indi who was snoring so loud she sounded like a drill.

Emily was sleeping so peacefully, her chest rising with each little snore she had.

Moving the girl to sleep on her right, which she always favored. Emily didn budge like the heavy sleeper she was.

”Must have been my imagination, stupid vampire story ” Maurie muttered under her breath.

Kissing the kid on the forehead, Maurie quietly left the bedroom.


Caz watched as the woman left the bedroom before turning back visible.

She had sensed Maurie, had known the when woman had been eavesdropping and when she had returned from getting her baton, and she had snapped her fingers making both Emily and Indi to fall asleep, before using the invisibility power every angel and demon had. The ability to cloak themselves from mortal eyes.

Snapping her fingers, she woke the sleeping girl.

”Oh What happened? ” The kid asked, surprised to see herself lying on the bed.

”You mom came in, I made you sleep, now come on I gotta give ya that ride I promised ” Caz said diverting the girls attention who clearly had a question.

”Can Indi come too? ”

” Sure why not ” Caz said spreading her massive wings, while Emily grabbed Indi.

This was the last time shed do this, Caz swore internally, and no cute face was gonna make her change her mind.


Lucifer was furious; Ahab was yet to return and his gut feeling told him something bad had to him, or maybe the sneaky bastard was laying low on Earth (Ahab would never betray him, he was his most faithful.)

Just as he was pacing around the throne, Asmodeus returned from whatever business he had been taking care of .

”Where is Ahab? ” The shadows under Lucifers cloak hissed, their Ruby eyes reflecting immerse evil.

Asmodeus understanding the state his master was in, bowed his head respectfully, though what he did not understand was why his master would care for that Pipsqueak, which was why he was wondering how to deliver the news he had to his master.

”Your most holiness, Ahab is gone ” he said watching his masters reaction and he was not disappointed.

Lucifers eyes were frozen as the the lakes of hell, more frozen that his ever famous facade he wore. He turned toward Asmodeus.

”Explain yourself Asmodeus ” Lucifer said in a cold tone.

”Dead, killed by an Arch Angel, they know we are into them ” Asmodeus rushed out, he feared his masters famous anger.

”Who did? ” Lucifer asked already knowing the answer.

”Your Favorite sibling, Death ” Asmodeus confirmed Lucifers suspicions.

”Then its time for you to pay those mortals a visit, take as many shadows you need, find out where Azariel is and bring her to me or shell ruin our plans ”.

”What exactly do you need me to do my Lord ” Asmodeus grinned, excitement in his red eyes, for it had been far to long he had paid Earth a visit, since his fracas with that bastard, Rafael.

”Make her beg for mercy ”


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