Raven Angel of Death

Chapter Seven: Guardian angel

Maurie was going crazy, it had been one hour twenty five minutes since Emily had disappeared into thin air.

She had freaked out and had called her friends, Ellen Walsh, Lori Earhart and Roberta Sanchez who also worked with her down at Marlenes laundry and Lori had brought her red haired cop boyfriend Terry Oliver and his ex- army turned gym instructor cousin Mark since the local precinct had said it was too early to be reported as a missing person case, and too late to put out an APB.

Mark and Terry search up and down the alleyway, without any success.

”Mark, Terry did you see her, wheres my daughter ”

A hysterical Maurie cried out.

Terry having seen the distress in the Hispanic womans eyes switched into Cop mode, assuring her theyd find Emily and return her alive back to her parent.

A sharp cry sounded causing everyone to turn right, trying to figure out where it had sounded from, both Mark and Terry drawing out their guns moving forward to where they believed the sound to had come from.

Maurie hearing the voice, cried out in pain, in recognition of Emilys, throwing herself to the point of almost hurting herself


So whats your name?, are you really an angel?, Can you really fly?,why are your wings soooo big? ” The six year old asked Castiel simultaneously causing her to chuckle out and touch a stray curl on the kids forehead.

”Which question do you want me to answer first, Emily ” Caz answered shooting her an amused look.

”Wait how do you know my name? ” Emily asked surprised.

”Im an angel, Emily, I know the name of everyone on Earth ”Castiel answered, causing the child to look at her with wide eyes, Caz smirked as she saw her reaction. She couldn help but flick Emilys nose.

”Thats great, I met a demon today, he was a meanie, he killed Indi and he killed me too, and you brought me back ”. Emily looked down shyly the kitten in her arms trying to wiggle out of her embrace.

”And I brought you back to life,honey,

brought back Indi too, and I sent the demon away permanently, no ones gonna hurt you kid ” Caz said, feeling moved by what the kid had gone through and had still managed to talk and ask questions, she indeed was a strong one.

Castiel suddenly heard cries and shouts calling out Emilys name, obviously searching for her. Knowing her time was up Caz pulled out a feather from her right wing, removing her glasses she pressed an tiny button turning it into a necklace, attaching the feather(which shrunk in size, and turned to gold) Caz clasped it on Emilys neck for she knew Samael and his demons wouldn let the kid be and shed be damned to let that.

”Emily honey, anytime anyone comes after you and Indi, or your mom, just call my name ” Castiel held the kids face in her palm

”Okay kid, I gotta go kid, I got a business to run, now shoo, you mamas looking for you, alright, goodbye ” the angel rushed out.

Turning to break the barrier the demon had set, Emily yelled out for her to stop.

”I told you kid I gotta go ”

”I don know your name ” Emily said shyly.

”Its Castiel,Em, Angel Castiel, aiight ”

Caz replied,then breaking the barrier, she flew away, leaving behind a grinning Emily


”Mom ”

A voice yelled causing the search party go halt, surprised to see a grinning Emily who had a ginger kitten in her arms.

The woman who had been at the point of hysterics saw her daughter and felt her legs move on their own accord, her arms enveloping the girl and cat as she buried her head in her daughters hair, her body shaking with sons as she held Emily.

”Mom too tight, can breathe ” Emily complained causing her mother to loosen her grip on the little kid and then checking if she was hurt.

”Emily right? ” Mark asked

”Yeah ” the kid looked up big brown all innocent as she sucked on her thumb.

”Can you tell me what happened kid ”

Terry said bending to Emilys height.

”Indi ran after a rat, I called her but Indi went after the rat, I called her, but Indi went after the rat again, bad cat, then I went after Indi then a huge bad man had her, I was so fraid ” the kid rushed out like the little snitch she was.

”What bad man? Terry asked intrigued.

”He was huge, kinda like the giant in my Bible stories Abuela Alberta gave me, said his names Ahab ” Emily said like a little snitch, Terry nodded, he knew the villain type, he had seen a lot like him in Grennan city, the religious fanatic type ”

”And he killed Indi and I, and an angel saved me. ”


”Its all your fault, Indi, bad cat, now we can play outside again ” Emily bemoaned hiding her face in her pudgy arms.

Mom hadn believed her when she told the Terry and Mark she had seen an angel, infact mom had yelled at her and had told her she was grounded, until she learnt her lesson. Rubbing the pendent, the angel had tried to take it away, but it wouldn get off and her mom had locked her in her bedroom and left.

”Angel Castiel ” Emily whispered rubbing the feather, she was gonna prove her mom wrong.


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