Raven Angel of Death

Chapter Six: I believe in Angel

Dawn city: present time.

”Get back here Emily, now ” Maurie Rodriguez yelled at her six year old African American daughter who was running after her cat, Indi who rushed into the darkened alley after a mouse.

”No I gotta go get Indi, mom ” Emily protested, running after the cat. Her frightened mom rushed after both daughter and pet but could no longer find them, it seemed like they had vanished into the thin air. Emily ran faster after Indi, seeing the cat stopped running, Emily caught up with the kitten.

”Bad cat,I got you now, Indi ” Emily narrowed her eyes on the cat who hissed hackles risen, eyeing someone else who Emily was not aware of his presence causing the girl to turn, shrieking when she noticed a huge mean looking man.

”Emily!!! ” Her moms worried voice yelled

”Honey, where are you! ”

”Im right here mom with Indi! ” Emily yelled backing thinking her mom was playing some sorta game with her since her mom was standing a few feet away from Emily and was pretending she couldn . Like duh, she was literally standing in front of her.

”She can hear you Emily ” The meany who looked like he stepped out from the Bible stories her Abuela got her.

”Who are you, Mister, my mom said not to talk to strangers? ” Emily asked, starting to get scared.

”Ah, a curious one ” meany raised his bushy brows at her ”Well Ta, my name is Ahab ”

”Like King Ahab, Jezels husband? ”

Emily asked curiouser than before, stunning Ahab, this kid was a smart one, infact he had never met a kid her age who had any idea who he was and he felt a rush of something like pride.

”Yeah, you are smart kid, Ill give you that, you know I like you, Haven liked any kids in a long time, whiny little devils I tell ya, which is why Im sorry ” Ahab said looking a little sad.

”Why are you sorry? ”

”For this ”

Ahab grinned like a maniac before breaking Indis neck, causing the girl to scream in horror as he drank Indis blood, dropping the dead drained cat, Emily ran fast but meany Ahab appeared in front of her, grabbing her by the neck smirking at the petrified kid.

”Gotcha ” Ahab whispered to Emilys ear causing the girl to scream as Ahab broke her neck.


Caz was jogging down Appleby when she sensed something amiss; a feeling she had never seen in Dawn City ever since she moved here twelve years ago.

The stench of an arch demon and surprisingly it seemed to be coming from her left, down the alleyway which had previously housed a brothel and a human trafficking and drug ring almost two decades ago which she had foiled during a covert operation for the CIA who had her stop the operation.

It was typical for Arch demons to be drawn by somewhere inherently evil.

A scream from the alleyway alerted Castiel that indeed there was something going on, she was sure it was the arch demon and he was feeding on a human, from the sounds of it, a kid.

Now the human wasn important to her, but the soul was.

Besides there was no way in hell was she gonna let an arch demon run free in her City.

Dawn City was hers and hers alone, no one was allowed in, not another supernatural being except herself or with a permit or valid reason.

Stretching out her massive wings, she flew as she turned invisible from the human eye(didn need them seeing something they weren supposed to) stopping at Sutton, Caz noticed a demonic barrier created by her prey, phasing through it easily she flew down when she saw the demon who was feeding on the soul of the kid, Caz recognised the demon, but was surprised the weakling was now an arch.

Samael must be losing his touch.

”Ahab, what the heck are you doing here? ” Castiel spoke in Hebrew causing the demon to drop the dead kid and switched to full battle mode.

”My, my, if it ain death herself, you took my kingdom away from me and gave it to someone undeserving ”

Ahab accused, angry at the grim reaper.

”Hand over the soul, Ahab and go back to hell now you can, I will return it back to heaven where she belongs ” Caz ordered.

”Thats one thing you don understand, Death, I don take orders from a murderer like you, you don get your hands dirty, you
e just like your brothers,you angels are so full of yourselves, looking down like you
e any better than us, you don care about humans, they are just a job to you all yet you judge us, calling us evil ”Ahab spat with venom.

”When I kill you Ahab, Ill still take that soul from your intestines, so why don you hand her over, then run back to Samael, and tell him, Azrael says hi ” Caz drawled lazily.

This fool was a loser for an arch demon, infact now that she thought about it, it was downright comical.

”I cannot die, you lie,Im an immortal ”

Ahab boasted, hitting his chest, momentarily forgetting about the corpses he had, but refused to let go of her soul.

”Then Ill be delighted to correct you ”

Caz mocked the demon, flicking her wings (their tips were made of sharp tiny daggers) a tip broke off, imbeding into Ahabs heart, causing the demon to fall on his knees, crying out as parts of his body began turning into ash.

”Wh what did you d do to me ” Ahab stuttered, petrified.

”Or Ahab, how little you know, I just killed the second time, this time you ain resurrecting ” Caz smirked, mocking the stupid fool. Ahabs eyes rolled back at his skull as he heard the last note, his body disintegrating into ash.

”What a waste ” Caz muttered shaking her head at the ashes that were the only thing left of Ahab.

Looking at a golden orb that shone so bright that it would have hurt her eye if she was mortal, Caz took it, picking up the rest of the strayed parts, she joined them together forming a bigger orb.

”This soul was something special ”Caz mused internally, rare even and she knew she couldn send it back to heaven knowing such souls had something to offer to humanity.

The last time she had seen such a soul was Moses, and Samael had tried his best to get it but had failed. Groaning in exasperation, she knew shed have to resurrect it. knowing that didn make her feel any better.

”El çamk ütk shëab ” she muttered looking heavenward, then Snapping her fingers she watched as the soul travelled back to its body. The little girl gasping out loud.

Castiel looked at the dead cat, giving up, she waved her right hand drawing the cycle of life, resurrecting the cat. She turned as she had done this, her back facing kid and kitten, spreading her wings she turned to fly.

”Don go Angel ” a small voice stopped her.


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