Raven Angel of Death

Chapter Five: Don\'t go Angel

Los Angeles: California 1992

Cordy screamed in horror, knowing somehow she was not going to survive the fall down the cliff yet she didn give a damn as she fell, she was glad her family had survived.

The vehicle reaching the bottom of the valley hit the rocks below, exploding the exact moment of its collision with the rocks.

Angry flames already, moving at an impossible speed toward Cordy who struggled against the seat belt, kicking and screaming as she managed to but somehow was stuck, her lower body not cooperating with her will.

In a split second the flames spread, covering her body, the smell of burnt flesh filling the air. Sudden pain exploded her shoulder blades, as she finally struggled out the burning vehicle with her skin aflame.

Her intestines felt like they were about to explode and with a sharp strangled cry, Cordy realised she was dying.

”I guess I deserve this for been born ” Cordy cried out bitterly the words being forced out.

With these last words, Cordy passed out


The tweet of the mockingbird sounded next to her ears. Its singsong voice sounding so loud, she nearly shrieked from the noise the bird had made which sounded like its twits had been amplified a hundred times more causing the woman to wince, squeezing her eyes shut to block out the sharp and painful rays of the sun, the woman passed out


The excruciating pain at her back was the first thing she felt when her consciousness was restored.

Opening her eyes, Cordy jumped up in fright when she realised she was lying on the ashes of an entirely burnt vegetation, naked as the day she was born. Cordy was surprised, for she recalled vividly that she had died or was supposed to, she had fallen down a cliff and survived,no actually she remembered being on fire, infact come to think of it everything within miles had burnt to ashes, she mused as she rose up despite like nakedness, it was not like anyone anyone could see her for all she knew she was all alone.

Giving it a thought Cordy remembered her lower limbs had broken during the fall and how the heck was she standing, walking even when it was supposed to be the reverse.

This was the second time this was happening in her life, the previous time it had, she had been ten and had no recollection of what had actually happened or any memories from before. But then she hadn been in a fire, only with soldiers dead on both ends.

Cordys heart broke as she realised she was back to square one and she was sick and tired of not knowing anything.

With righteous anger, she sat down rubbing her wrist (A bad habit she had picked from Nicky Givens who always rubbed his wrist when angry, scared or confused). Sitting down,she rests her head on her knees, hands clasped as a pillow, Cordy wailed miserably, she was never gonna see Mitch, or Nicky, or Danny or even Chase. Infact her life was officially over for she knew by now her death had to be announced.

Without being told she knew if she was to show up itd cause an uproar, not only would the talk about her resurrection, the government would be involved and they discover that she had actually been in the fire incident and survived with no scar or injury to proof, then theyd prood her until she broke, theyd even find out she had stopped aging since eighteen, and not the plastic surgery everyone thought she had. Either way she was **ed.

”Goddamn it, show me a sign or something, I need to know what the ** is goin on in my life, who the ** did this to me, who the ** am I ” Cordy ranted angrily, looking up heavenward, frustrated with everything.

It was as if the heavens heard her voice, the skies changing from its bright blue to a stormy grey then to pitch black, lightning decorated the darkened skies like fireworks. A stray thunderbolt dropped aiming straight for Cordys chest hitting her square in the heart.

Another lifted her up, facing the skies, as thousands of Ravens surrounded her, most disappearing when they came in contact with her skin like a scene out of a horror movie.

In a few minutes, just like the storms started, it abruptly receded the sky turning blue again, and Cordy fell,almost passing out. Opening her eyes Cordy found herself in dark fitting leather jacket and pants.

Her dyed black mullet a startling blonde(which was its original color) her electric blue eyes shining with knowledge as old as time and an evil smirk gracing her full red lips. Standing up confidently, Cordy faced up.

”El sapliël liyez påyavën ” she muttered as a ten foot sword appeared on her left hand.

Now aware of her purpose and knowing her predicament was all part of the plan. She laughed as she was aware that she had awaken, and she had won the bet she placed with her sisters. Now all she needed was to get the heck out of the valley, then shed have to get rid of her human name Cordelia Winston for she was never human.

She was the archangel Castiel Azrael, the Angel of death, otherwise known as the Raven to her siblings and the grim reaper to humans.

With these knowledge, Castiel spread stretched her limbs, midnight colored wings (so large they were the size of a small car) erupting from her back.

Grinning, Castiel slowly rose, until she was high up in the sky, then she flew, leaving the wretched valley behind.


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