Raven Angel of Death

Chapter Four: Reborn

The cold embers of hell rose higher, its temperature freezing up hope of the damned who were trapped in its vicious cycle of unending tortures.

Ahab shivered not from the cold but from the evil that lurked in the darkened caverns, the pathway to his masters castle.

Dead trees which literally had no eyes nor noses nor mouths, bled and sang heartwrenching songs told of previous lives spent in luxury but were now facing eternal misery.

Their branches had no leaves yet they danced to the tune of an unknown and unheard music, to the tunes of the damned.

These trees were mainly world leaders, Kings, who were supposed to lead their followers right but had been corrupt and had rather enriched their greedy souls.

Ahab moved swiftly, bypassing them as they cried out to him, calling him, he belonged there with them.

On the pathways were torches that hung on broken walls each six metres from the previous one, with their flames glowing a dark blue; indicating their unhappiness.

Ahab averted his gaze from them for they garnered for his attention, they hoped he would speak to the master on their behalf, knowing he was the least vile of the vile creatures that ruled the dark.

Ignoring them like he had each time he walked through the pathway, his brown tunic flowing on the cold floor. Remnants of his days as king of Israel (they had been white before).

His sandals made from camel hide that remained intact despite eons he had spent on the realm of the damned.

Ahab matched on like man on a mission, ignoring the shadows that crept out the tiny holes on the walls. By the depths, he hated those creatures, they were the worst kind, they could suck a demon dry in just one minute and they belonged Asmodeus, son of Lilith, Adams first wife and the commander of the army of demons in hell.

The shadows were part of Asmodeuss personal army and were his eyes and ears and monitored whomever walked through the pathway.

Walking Endlessly for what seemed like forever, Ahab got to his destination.

”What brings you here Ahab, speak now or forever hold your peace ”

Asmodeus who never liked Ahab barked causing fear, nausea, and something else Ahab was familiar with each time he met with the commander, who sat in a throne beneath the masters throne like an obedient lapdog.

Ahab hated Asmodeus with every fibre of his being and the older demon returned the favor.

Asmodeus felt Ahab did not deserve to be among the honored damned for he had not been normed in the depths like he had been, and therefore was weaker.

It also didn help that the master had made Ahab an arch demo and the others had not been too happy but then they hadn been able to complain but instead had spread rumours amongst their lot that he was the weakest and they had been right not that Ahab world voice it out.

But what hed never stand for was the constant disrespect Asmodeus gave him, for hellsake he had been king once, and he deserved some respect from the demon.

”I am not answerable to you, Lapdog ”

Ahab spat furiously. Asmodeus known for his aggressiveness rose in a split second, shadows leaving his body toward Ahab and held him up in a choke.

Ahab found himself struggling to free himself from the holds as the shadows slid through his nostrils, sucking on his essences, Ahab retaliated by drawing out their essences and fed on then, causing Asmodeus pain.

”Enough ”

the masters soft melodious androgenic voice halted both Asmodeus and Ahab from their ongoing fight.

”Let him down Asmodeus and Ahab, stop whatever you
e doing to him ”

the masters seductive voice cajoled causing both men to groan out and like controlled robots, they obeyed their master, having being robbed temporary of their freewill.

Ahab smirked at Asmodeus when he noticed how much of the laters shadows he had consumed.

”Ahab you were granted permission to roam Earth for two human years, why are you back so early and what news have you brought to my holy presence ”

the master asked his ruby eyes shining beneath the shadows that covered his face like a mask as he gestured at Ahab.

Ahab kneeling before his master bowed in reverence spoke up.

”I have found the Uniganti, your holiness ”.

The master hearing this rose from his dark throne made from bones of the deceased and coated with the finest jewels hell had.

”Where I pray, did you find him? ”

The shadows under the control of the master hissed, for the master rarely spoke.

”Her, your holiness, the Uniganti is a she ” Ahab answered his head still bent.

”Take care of her Ahab and make sure there aren any remnants of her soul, I want my sister to beg when she finds out she has lost ”

the master deadpanned.


Amelia looked at her boss who had been ignoring her for the past ten minutes and prodded again one more time.

She had no idea why her boss was ignoring her, after all it wasn like she had disobeyed her boss whose orders had been to let her know whenever Mr Okinawa called despite whatever she had been doing.

Mr Hiro Okinawa was the chief executive officer of Okinawa Tech, Tokyo and produced a rotor used in the production of the Raven Warcraft, used mainly by the countrys Military and just like ms Wellington, Mr Okinawa was someone who despised tardiness.

”Ms Wellington, Mr Okinawa requests your presence maam ”

Amelia repeated again. She was busy with whatever she was doing, Castiel knelt down Hands joined together in a pleading manner, and head facing up, muttering incomprehensible words that sounded harsh, more like Arabic but Amelia knew it wasn Arabic, she had an Iranian friend back in high school which was how she knew her boss was not speaking arabic.

Thirty-five minutes later, Castiel was done with whatever she had going on. Remembering Amelia had been calling her attention previously, she motioned for her assistant to get her black leather jacket (she was wearing a black tank top and army fatigues which Amelia was sure was remnants of her bosss army days).

Handing over the jacket to her boss, Amelia could not help but remind Castiel about Mr Okinawas call.

”Inform him Ill call him back later, and tell him if he is not satisfied with that Ill take my business elsewhere, and Miss Gianluigi? Castiel ranted, arching her brows on the last note.

”Yes maam ”

”why did you not let him know I was busy? ”

”You said to let you know when he calls, despite how busy you are ”

” Which is why I am yet to fire you, and Miss Gianluigi, no matter how much important an issue is or who wants to see me, do not interrupt my prayer sessions, I can be very unforgiving when Im prayingz the consequences will be very fatal even for you, am I clear? ”

Castiel said all serious leaving Amelia stunned for she knew her boss was not religious, heck she believed Castiel for an atheist, A lot of crazy rich people like her were.

”Yes maam ”

”And Amelia? ”

”Yes boss? ”

”You are free to go ”


Castiel was feeling lonesome in her office so she left for her penthouse apartment at the highest floor of the RavenCorp skyscraper.

Feeling bored Castiel missed her old friends and none of her family were in the United states or anywhere near North America.

Although she was the queen of technology and people dreamt to be her, Castiel envied their simple lives, no responsibility, not an entire race depending on her, she was the queen of loneliness if the truth was to be said. Castiel laughed bitterly.

All her employees had left, all had gone home to their families. Castiel mused miserably.

Deciding she had enough of the boredom as she was sick of her own company.

Castiel dragged her lazy ass to her ensuite bathroom, taking a quick shower, she walked into her closet, choosing a black tank top, black sweatpants and a pair of Jordans, Castiel donned a black beanie (her favorite by the way) and left her bedroom.

Getting on building top, Castiel stood, stretching her limbs, closing her eyes she inhaled deeply, a familiar buzz spreading through her back and shoulder blades as midnight Black wings erupted from her back.

Grinning, she jumped freefalling before busting into the air, laughing at loud at the rush.

”Its been so long ”Castiel yelled into the night sky as she couldn help but remember the first time she had gotten her wings.


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