Raven Angel of Death

Chapter Three: When hell freezes over.

Castiel felt rather than hear the cocking of Burtons gun, heck her instincts had warned her of his intent. Moving fast and throwing her Aviators (which weren just aviators but weapons she made for the CIA, FBI, interpol and other covert operations across the globe) toward Amelias forehead, Castiel twisted her body then in a move that would have made Jackie Chan jealous and her sensei proud,Caz kicked the gun Burton had with him from his hands as the bullet hit the shades of the aviators, bending the bullet with the glasses still intact.

It was Raven tech latest invention, the shades were made from chrome glass and were bullet proof and had nanotech imbedded into them, which served as a camera, a smartphone and most especially a taser when twisted.

Focusing her attention back at the man she had just unarmed, Castiel punched him square on the face causing him to fall down, passing out.

motioning the security team she had on her squad (who mostly were formal CIA and U.S Marines) to take take the man away. Turning to her PA who was still in shock, Castiel snapped her fingers in the womans face.

”Move it Gianluigi, I need my beauty sleep and need time off to spend with my dogs, Ive wasted enough time here as it is ” She grumbled causing Amelia to jump before scrambling out.

Castiel chuckled out loud at her weird Assistant before sliding the glasses back on her face making Amelia to swear inwardly.

One day she was going to quit her job, probably in the next ten to fifteen years, but for now shed have to work for her bipolar boss.


This had to be the worst city a demon could find himself in. It was too neat for him and hed bet on his immortality there was a divine here. Now he was sure there were no angels here, he would know because he went out on his way to avoid those do-gooders who thought they were way above any creature, especially those big seven.

Well ** them he didn give a damn about their opinions.

Swifting into an alleyway down at Sutton lane, he grinned when he found what he had been looking for, A heaven for damned souls like him. He was home. All that was left was to hunt .

Walking out the alley way he walked toward Appleby lane, in search of a prey, he was starving and he needed to feed. Spying two six year old boys playing with a little husky, He morphed into a squirrel causing the pup to let out a tiny bark, narrowing his now beady eyes at the dog he took off toward the alleyway. The dog seeing this chased him, causing identical blond heads to look up.

”Bad dog Will, come back ” both yelled chasing after the dog.

When the demon saw the boys had gotten to the alley he grinned morphing into his seven foot tall self with giant horns protruding from his skull, he grinned at his quarries, his canines elongating with happiness.

Hello Matt and Josh, how do you feel about being my dinner ” He cocked his head to the side,

Both boys looked up at him, before noticing a bleeding Will, When he saw the fear in their eyes he advanced closer.

”Bye-bye boys ” he said jumping on both boys, their screams filling the alleyway.


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