Raven Angel of Death

Chapter Two: Bipolar Much

Castiel Azariel Wellington looked down from the view of the sixty five storey building she made her office, as she stared at Dawn city, the magnificent view of the ocean as cars were more about the size of shoe boxes and match boxes.

she was on top of the tallest building in the state.

Ah it felt good to be rich, the richest woman in the world infact, if the gender segmentation was to be gotten rid of, Castiel was the richest person on Earth, with a networth of over ten trillion dollars, she was richer than the worlds richest man, infact she was the most powerful person on Earth and she owned ninety percent of the businesses in Dawn city and fifty other cities across America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia and also owned the highest shares in the stock market.

”Miss Gianluigi!! ” Castiel yelled causing her personal assistant, Amelia Gianluigi to scramble from the computer screen that had her attention.

”Yes Ms Wellington ” the frightened woman trembled beside her thirty year old boss who looked ten years younger than her twenty eight year old self and who frightened the heck out of her.

”My coffee? ” she snapped her fingers arching her perfect brows at Amelia who scrambled out, scared to make the devil before her angry, causing Castiel smirk in satisfaction, good she should be.

Although Amelia was her longest lasting P.A, lasting a total of five years in her employ. The rest before her had all quit, two days.

We live in a age where everything is staged and all we do is fake,

Our feelings………

Woke the ** up by Jon Bellion Sounded breaking the silence in the huge office.

Castiel looked down on her Raven 14vq smartphone, seeing an incoming call, she began calling Amelia but then she remembered that the brunette was out to get her favorite coffee.

”Yes Jonas, Ive told you countless times not to call unnecessary calls, im very busy now ” she said in manner of speaking. A unintelligible response was only heard from the phone.

”So cancel it Jonas, now what do I pay you for, get rid of them, theres always

Space for more ” she barked at the receiver.

”Fine, I will be there in fifty minutes ” she said ending the communication.

”Insipid toad, I should really fire him ” she grumbled taking the espresso from Amelia who had returned.

”Cancel all my appointments,we are going to the shipping ports , now ” she snapped her fingers causing the woman who had barely caught her breath to scramble out again.


The problem turned out to be much worse than she had anticipated.

Five hundred and twenty six employees were protesting against low salaries, apparently the admin manager hadn been able to manage the situation properly and the press had gotten wind of it, for they were in the environs , capturing like hungry sharks vying after the trial of blood.

A dark colored limousine rolled dorks and as the reporters saw this, they rushed in for a glimpse and picture of the elusive Castiel Wellington, who was rarely seen and only but few knew what she looked like.

Alighting from the dark limo, Castiel emerged blonde hair closely cropped to her skull while wearing a body hugging black suit which screamed money with her blue eyes hidden under the dark Ray bans sunglasses.

She was the epitome of a dark goddess. Scrambling after her heels was brightly dressed, brown haired Amelia who struggledwith Castiels black briefcase.

Pictures of both women were being taken by the overzealous press (actually they were only taking pictures of Castiel, Amelia was just in the way).

”Miss Gianluigi, my phone ” she instructed causing the woman to scramble through the briefcase for Castiels phone.

Snapping her fingers at the other woman motioning her over, the woman understood that her boss needed her as a mouthpiece, handing her over the phone as requested.

Castiel typed into her phone ignoring the press who were asking questions.

Ms Wellington has agreed to increase fifteen percent of you salaries, effective from now ” Amelia read out from her phone, her voice strong.

The workers who had been protesting earlier cheeredwith happiness at the high increase..

Shortly after Amelia was done with her speech, Castiel tilted her head to the left and Amelia looked her confirmation to which her boss nodded slightly that had anyone else had been looking, they would had completely missed it, however Amelia did not, for she had been working for her boss for over half a decade, she knew her bosss habits and how she operated.

”Dylan Burton ” Amelia called out catching the attention of a tall, lean, mean looking bald man who looked to be in his mid forties and who could be mistaken for a professional wrestler or a gangster, if one did not look closely.

”Yes ” Burton answered warily, not sure if Wellington had called or her assistant.

”You are the admin manager, yes? ”

What kind of question was this, of course he was. What the hell were this two getting at ” he mused inwardly.

”Yes maam ” he nodded, knowing now Wellington was the one asking.

Castiel then looked at him then gestured her fingers to look like a hand gun.

”You are fired ” Amelia said in confirmation of her bosss gestures before turning back to follow her boss who was walking toward her custom made Wellington limousine.


Dylan Burton felt rage so intense, that he felt was the intent to murder, God knows, he hadn fixed up his **ed up life, quit the Mafia, changed his name and had graduated business school to be torn down by a damn female no less, let alone her lackey , granted Wellington had given the order, but the pesky little brunette had carried out the order.

He had dedicated eight years in service all for nothing, okay fine maybe he had embezzled, but then who wouldn if they had been in his shoe, which was he wasn happy his Honeywell had been taken from taken from him, now how was he going to keep his family intact, the only thing keeping his blonde bombshell wife from divorcing him was his healthy bank account, by God he loved her, but she cheated on him with every damn male available and he didn care because he was still his,

and now shell definitely dump his ass for someone with more money, Pulling out his hand gun from its holster as he had ever since his days at the Mafia back in Miami.

Dylan cocked it, aiming at Amelia Gianluigi, if he was going down he wasn going down alone, Castiel might have given the orders but Gianluigi had said it, he mused inwardly. besides Wellington had some weird tech protection, itd bounce back at him if he did and he knew Gianluigi had none.

With these thoughts in mind he pulled the trigger.


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