Raven Angel of Death

Chapter One: A woman named Castiel

”Oi Danny, pass me the pot son, would ya? ” A British accented voice yelled as he smelt the intoxicated odour of marijuana in the back of the tour bus.

”No can do, Nickys already called dibs on this one, go get yours son ” Danny Givens a blonde wiry six foot three man in his early thirties yelled at Chance Sawyer, the dark haired giant who was almost seven foot tall and kept a bushy beard too.

Ignoring Danny, Chance took the pot from him, before taking a long drag of the weed before handing it over to Nicky who had been watching the whole exercise with silent but keen eyes.

Nicky was the doppelganger of his twin brother Danny. While both shared the same looks, Nicky Givens was quiet and broody where Danny was rowdy but calm, where Nicky was an introvert Danny was an extrovert, these two were like two Opposite sides of a coin but loved each other.

”The ** Chance next time, you try this shite, we are going to have a problem, son, alright ” Danny threatened jabbing a slim finger toward Chance.

”Yeah whatever Man, your weeds not even special ” Chance sniffs ”Wheres Cordy ” He grumbled out.

Like she knew someone had asked about her, Cordelia Winston, Bandleader and lead singer of the most popular rock band in the world poked her head into the backseat of the tour bus from the front seat she had been at.

”Whats up boys, why yall yelling? ” Cordys southern accent sounded contrasting to the British English the three men had been speaking.

”Cordy, Danny was smoking pot, then I asked him to share with Nicky and I, but then Dannys exact words were Oi Never share my weed with Losers ” Chance lied through his teeth, his words slurred, his speech mixing up as he was drunk.

”Did not Cordy, He forcefully took my weed, then refused to give back when I politely asked for it but he threatened to beat the hell out of me, and when he was done he handed over to Nicky, whichs why Nickys still got it ” Danny protested sulking like a five year old causing Cordy to sign out loud muttering unintelligible cusses under her breath at the man children who were fighting over their favorite candy who seemed to forget that while she was the lead singer of the MISFITS, she was also the youngest and shortest at twenty nine and six foot tall.

Cordy was the matured one mentally. These men never grew up from their eighteen year old selves Cordy had met when she had moved to England when she was fifteen, years ago.

Mitchell Giovanni, the half Irish half Italian red haired guitarist (who currently was driving the tour bus as it was his turn), and who was always high as hell, Daniel and Nicholas Givens two brothers from Devon (Dannys the drummer while Nickys the backup singer and guitarist), Chance Sawyer the heavyset bassist from Manchester and herself Cordelia Winston, from Tennessee, made up the band MISFITS which was one of the most popular rock bands in the world and having killed the show the previous night, they were headed to Miami for the last performance of the tour.

These guys were her family, they were all she had. Having grown up in an orphanage and had been said to be autistic.

”Aiight, boys yall should share things and Chance? ” The later raised his head at the mention of his name.

”Yeah ”

”Try not to forcefully take someones property without their consent ” she narrowed her eyes at Chance who stuck his out tongue at Danny.

With the issue settled, she sat next to Danny before picking up her favorite acoustic guitar to string along a new song she had been writing, her ever youthful face which had remained the same ever since she had turned eighteen Serene as she let the smell of marijuana soothe her.

I can see the sadness in your eyes

Hard knocks an hurt are hard to hide

It can be a long an lonely ride

But it makes ya strong inside

When you
e down an out the streets get rough

You need love but ya just don enough

An ya feel like no ones on your side

When you wanna throw it all away an youve had it

Don surrender don surrender

Cause the fight inside your hearts

Your best defender don surrender

Ya try so hard but ya feel just like a clown

An there ain enough luck to go around

All your dreams they crash right to the ground

You wanna get right outta town

You can say ”What the hell Ive given up lay down to die ” but its just a bluff

Cause ya know theres no place left to hide

Sometimes life seems like a war an you
e surrounded

Don surrender don surrender

Cause the fight inside your hearts

Your best defender don surrender

Don give up when ya know you right

When you
e feelin all alone just remember

Don surrender

When you wanna throw it all away an youve had it

Don surrender

Don surrender

Cordy sang out as she played, her powerful and soulful vocals making the music sound incredible.

”Damn Bella, this shite is tight, Cords, the new song eh? ” Mitch asked leaning over to listen.

”Yeah bro for the new album, Ive whipped up five more, yall welcomed to thank me anyway, and by the way Mitch the **s driving the bus, if your sorry ass is ere, hermeso? Cordy yelled above the noise the idiots were making.

”Fuck Bella, no one, isn that awesome, the buss moving by itself ” Mitch yelled back stupidly.

”Holy shit ” Cordy yelled as she felt the bus hit something before veering to the wrong track, knocking everything on its path down. Scrambling to the front seat, despite the difficulties, Cordy seized the steering wheel and turned it, hitting the breaks which somehow refused to work,.

”Shit, shit, holy **ing shit ” she cussed out loud as she realised they were royally screwed.

Spotting a huge rock Cordy veered to the right, succeeding in avoiding the rock, but at the expense of hitting another which due to the time of the night, she couldn see. The vehicle made a screeching halt, with fire licking its front and like a something punched it, it broke into two, the front rolling off the the cliff to the valley below with Cordy still in the front. Cordy screamed as she fell to her death as the part where she was exploded..


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