Raven Angel of Death

Chapter Nine: Immanuel

Amelia was in a hurry, to get the files needed for presentation, which had started exactly five seconds ago. If it wasn the half a million dollars she received as her monthly pay, then Amelia would had quit her job ages ago.

Her boss worked her like a slave, which was why she was quoting, the next ten years, so shed go on a year long vacay, probably spend some time in the Napa valley or spend time with her family in Tuscany, then return the next year.

Crazy right, but then losing seven million dollars every year for the rest of her life seems the most foolish thing to do.

Walking up to the large conference room. She almost stumbled when she noticed her boss sitting on her mini throne(according to Amelia) every other person was yet to arrive.

”Damn it, she was not supposed to be here yet ” Amelia cussed internally ,

Suddenly the conference room was filled, surprising her, men and women of different races sat down in unison like robots and it freaked her out. It was obvious she had not seen them.

Handing over the files she had with her to the chairman who heralded the meeting (Castiel of course) who then waved her hands dismissing Amelia.


The moment Amelia left, Caz heaved a sign of relief, and faced her board members or rather her reapers.

Her relationship with these people was way different from the ones other CEOs had with their board members, these guys were like her children, she made them and she also had the final say, just like Lucifer had his army of demons and shadows, she had Ravens and reapers.

She was the one who had the final say in what they did if she so wanted, but she wasn controlling like Samael while she was the one who choose them, she also gave them freewill.

Each of this men and women had been appointed by her centuries and millennials ago and each had an army of Ravens under them.

Which was why for the first time ever since she had Amelia Gianluigi under her employ , she had sent the woman away.

”Your report Tsang? ”

”There were demons in Thailand feeding on souls, in totality, thirty six demons and were sent back to hell ” the Asian man answered.

”Casualties? ” Caz arched her brows.

”Over a hundred, Caz, but they were all criminals ” Tsang reported.

”lucky bastards ” Caz muttered angrily.

”Ada ” Caz arched her brows at the Nigerian reaper.

”Demons are becoming quite a problem recently, with the high rate of crime, I try my best but we are talking about over ten thousand demons, they are mainly caused by organ harvesters and corrupt politicians Who actually summon these demons, and cause a high rate of terrorism ” Ada presented keeping her head down.

”What do you need, Ada? ” Caz asked

” I need more ravens, a thousand more to be precise ”

”Okay ”.

Caz repeated this until every elite reapers until everyone had reported of their zones.

”Excuse me boss, theres a brown haired blue eyed guy claiming to be your brother and hes disturbing the working environment ” Amelia stuck her head through the door making Caz wonder what her assistant had heard.


Caz say the fool lounging on her white couch, popcorn in his hands as he lay down stuffing his mouth like he hadn had one before which would be a total lie.

The idiot even had the audacity to be watching telenovela on her Tv sets, increasing the volume to the max while tears lined his face at the sad scene.

By El, Caz saw red, this swine was the main reason she had banned supernaturals from being in her city.

As of the moron read her mind, he paused, popcorn in mouth, and like the asshole he was grinned, Jumping from the couch and hugging her.

”Hey lil sis, wadup ” the ignoramus said while stuffing his mouth.

”Why are you here, brother dearest ” Caz rolled her eyes at the Peter Pan before her.

”Chill girl, I came to cya babe, can I visit mah lil sister no more, I missed ya honey and I know you missed this face ” the imbecile grinned pointing at his face, while shoving more popcorn into his mouth

”Nope, I did not ”

”Ouch still colder than Sammy ” he joked causing his sister to frown at him, looking ready to murder him, which he knew she literally could.

”Hey can you take a joke Cazzie, relax babe ” he joked but Caz was having none of it, lifting him with her left hand, she looked into his eyes.

”Ill ask you one more time, why are you here Rafael ”


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