Queen of Starlight

The Mysterious Sword

The young man looked Starla up and down – from her silver hair to her black boots – and up again. He smirked and said, ”Hello my jasmine, are you perhaps, lost? ”

Starla looked at him and found a striking resemblance between the young man and the Overlord of Mellicon. She then asked,

”Are you related to the Overlord of Mellicon? ”

The young man smiled and bowed, ”Huxley Dardar, the Overlord of Mellicons son at your service. ”

Starla then introduced herself, ”Starla Flammia, daughter of Callum Flammia, Assassin from the North. ”

Huxleys eyebrows twitched at the names of both father and daughter.

There was no one in Nevelle who did not know the Assassin from the North nor his daughter, The Silent Treader. Their fame even reaches as far as the Sirius Kingdom in the east and Losinne Kingdom in the far south. Huxley quickly composed himself and approached her. The black fluffy mass in Starlas embrace squirmed as Huxley came closer. Starla stepped back, ”Is it afraid of you? ”

”Oh, he? Hes my supper. ”

The black cat was really getting desperate now and tried to get out of Starlas now tight embrace.

” Shhh! Don worry. He can touch you. ”

Starla consoled as she threw a glare at Huxley.

The cat strangely calmed down and nestled in her arms. Starla shot a surprised look at Huxley.

”He understands human language. By the way, since you like him so much, you can keep him. Im not interested in eating him anymore. ”

Starla looked down at the little cat in her arms and stared into its watery blue eyes which seemed to tell her to take it in. She looked at Huxley and said,

”Alright, Ill take him in. But for now, I have somewhere to go. ”

She then held the cat in both hands and extended her arms towards Huxley. The poor cat struggled out of her hands and landed on the ground on all fours. It hid behind Starlas legs.

”It seems hes still afraid of me. Don worry, the servants will take care of it. Besides, I have a beautiful jasmine to chase now. ” Huxley said with a smirk on his handsome face.

Starla chuckled, ”No thanks, I think other maidens may need your company. ” She said the latter part of her sentence with a slight chill in her voice as she headed to the exit.

Huxley had no option than to stop in his tracks.

Starla arrived at the marketplace at noon which was now bustling with people carrying out their own various activities – from buying to selling and to walking about aimlessly just like what she was doing now. She was just looking for something that might catch her attention.

After walking for a few minutes, she bought an apple from a plump apple vendor and immediately bit into it.

She then looked around her, at the simple life of the people around her. They behaved as though they were one family, as though they had no care in the world.

She then imagined her father sitting behind a watermelon stall and serving his customers while she collected the money and dropped it into a pouch.

How life will be so peaceful, simple and free.

She thought, but she had none of those and Callum does not own a watermelon stall.

To anyone, her life will be seen as easy and comfortable but to her it was not.

She had to work hard to get what she wants in her fathers house. Her hard work as an assassin bought her ease and comfortability in life.

Looking at the lives of the people in the marketplace, they seemed much happier than her and their lives were easier.

She lives in a mansion whiles they live in small houses. Clearly, she should be happier but then, the common people were happier and had life easier than her even in their lowly positions.

At this moment, she had finished eating the apple and threw the core into a nearby bush.

She then looked around to see if she would find anything that will catch her interest. She breathed out a sigh of disappointment and nearly turned around until something or someone caught her attention.

A man wearing a dark red cloak with the hood covering about half of his face pushing a cart. A dark cloth covered the cart, obscuring the contents in the cart from view.

Starla approached the man with a swift gait, afraid she might lose him. Noticing Starla, the man quickened his pace and turned around a corner in an attempt to lose her but was too late because Starla was right on his tail. He then entered into a alleyway on his left wanting to shake her off again.

He looked back and to his relief, Starla was nowhere in sight. He pushed his cart to the end of the alley and had a shock. Starla leaned on the wall as though she had been waiting for a while.

”What do you want? ” The man snapped.

”What are you selling? ” Starla asked, not bothered by the way he spoke to her.

”Does it look like Im selling? ”

”No, you are trying to hide and that makes me curious as to what in under the cloth. ” Starla replied calmly.

”Why don you mind your own business, girl? ” The man seethed.

From under the hood, Starla could see that the man had a long face and was beardless with dark eyes and brown hair. He looked as though he was in his mid thirties.

”Why are you acting suspiciously. If you wanted to hide, be inconspicuous. But now that Ive caught, you can run but can hide from me. ”

She gave him a taunting look and unsheathed her dagger. Her intentions were clear. If he did not give in, she was sure to hurt him.

”Are you sure you just want to take a look? ” The man finally relented.

Starla nodded her head,

”And take anything I feel attracted to. ”

At this statement, the man gulped and looked at the dagger in her hand.

Starla chuckled, ”Don worry, I won steal from you. Ill buy it. ”

With that being said, Starla hid the dagger and the man unveiled the cart revealing its contents.

Starla gasped at what she saw. Her silver eyes glowed with surprise at what was in front of her.

”Are you satisfied now? ” The man asked.

Starla couldn take her eyes off what was in the cart. As she was speechless, she just shook her head.

The man was getting frustrated and looked around to see if anyone was approaching. He grabbed Starlas arm and said roughly,

”Look, I don have all day, okay? ”

Only then did Starla awake from her daze and snatched her arm back.

”Can I buy everything in here? ” She asked.

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