Chapter 2 A mother's fan, you can hide your merit and fame.

part 2

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The door was closed, Jiang Lu pushed it open, and the unspeakable smell in the air made him close his eyes, turned around and walked to the bedroom.
The woman lying on the sofa suddenly said,

 “Where have you been? Didn't I tell you brother Wang came over today and he wanted to see you?”

    Jiang Lu raised his eyelids.
The woman on the opposite sofa was languid, her hair was disheveled, her pretty face had a rich blush, and one of her legs was cut from the slit skirt.
It was exposed, thin, white and straight.

 Jiang Lu held back his nausea: “I'll move out soon.”

 “Have you rented a house? Where did you get the money?” The woman smiled, her expression ambiguous, “You're not out there being taken in, are you?”

Jiang Lu smiled and said, “Qin Meng, I don't want to be a whore yet.”

Qin Meng laughed loudly: “Don't look down on whores, you are the son of a whore.
Look at this little face, with red lips and white teeth, where would you get such a beautiful face without me?”

“Sister Wu has mentioned to me several times, you can go to her directly to hang the first card .With a face like that, why are you studying? How old are you? Well, you look like eighteen, just able to fool around.” 

It was absurd and dirty, and it felt disgusting to talk to her.
The next moment, Jiang Lu looked away and turned back to the bedroom.

It's not exactly a bedroom.
Looking around, it's more like a utility room.
Only a bed board is placed in the corner, he can barely have a place to stay.

Jiang Lu just sat down on the edge of the bed when a small furry head stuck out from the gap behind the bed, with a soft “meow” sound.

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His fingers moved subconsciously.

The little milk cat crawled over, waving a pair of meat claws skillfully coquettishly, but after a long time , the two-legged beast in front of her could not be seen paying attention to it.

“Meow?” The little milk cat arched around Jiang Lu even more vigorously.

Finally, Jiang Lu's eyes fell on the coquettish little guy.
He raised his hand and gently rubbed his round, furry head with his clean and slender fingers.

“I'm sorry.”

 Jiang Lu suddenly stood up and found a small cardboard box from the pile of debris.
He folded his clean sheets, put them in the cardboard box, put the kitten in, and walked out the door with the cardboard box in his arms.

Qi An'an waited for a long time in the building behind, and finally saw Jiang Lu walking over with a cardboard box, she couldn't help but sigh in her heart: Fortunately, she is a super book fan, and she remembers every little detail clearly.

 In this episode, Jiang Lu had two kittens, one was cruelly killed for running out, and the other he did not dare to keep, so he secretly put it in front of Grandma Zhang's house.

Grandma Zhang is a famous cat lover.
She has adopted several stray cats, and she will never ignore it when she sees it.

But he didn't dare to give the kitten to Grandma Zhang himself, because if the other party knew that it was a cat from his house…
I wonder if she would feel uncomfortable.

But that's how it went wrong.

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Although Grandma Zhang was at home all the year round, she just let her son pick her up to travel these days.
Jiang Lu didn't know that and the kitten was left at her door unattended.
And so the next day he sneaked over to see it, and do not know who already threw two stones and smashed it to death.


The author does everything he can to portray the “miserable” male protagonist.
although this episode only has a few lines, Qi An'an almost got angry to the point of fainting when she saw it.
The hard work pays off, at least she made her wait.

Qi An'an didn't go out immediately, just based on how much her cub hated her now, he would definitely walk away with the little cutie in his arms, and her adoption plan would  be a failure.

Forget it, as a mother fan, you can hide your merits and fame.

The little milk cat is really a high-IQ creature.
It seems to have noticed that it is about to be abandoned, and scratches the cardboard box, but it is too weak to jump out at all.

But even though he tried to retain his coquettishness, he didn't see any movement in Jiang Lu.
He (TN: Jiang Lu) put down the cardboard box and lightly touched the tip of its little ear, then turned and walked away without turning his head.

When he was far away, Qi An'an ran out to open the cardboard box, the little milk cat's cheerful sound of scratching the box suddenly stopped, and looked at Qi An'an with dissatisfaction.

“Hey, look at you, what's that expression?” Qi Anan deliberately put on a face: “So dissatisfied to see me? Don't pick and choose, I will definitely arrange for you and my dear goose to meet again in the future.

“Shall I give you a name? Your appearance time is too short, and the author didn't give you a name.
In order to wish you and Jiang Lu an early and smooth meeting , I'll give you an auspicious name.
How about Da Shun? “

Dashun let out a weak “meow”.

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Qi An'an took it out carefully, and looked at it happily: “Da Shun, I order you to hurry up and pamper me, according to the generation you have to call me a grandmother.”

Da Shun: “…”

Qi An An came home with a small kitten in her arms, and Housekeeper Chen almost dropped his jaw when he saw it: “Miss, you, you don't hate these little animals anymore?”

Hate? The chubby furry is about to become cute, okay? Qi Anan rolled her eyes in her heart regarding how bad it was to wear the character she hated the most.
The original owner's every word and action makes her want to whack.

“Isn't that before, hahaha, maybe I haven't touched it before,” Qi Anan couldn't make it up any longer, and rubbed Dashun's little head with a smile, “Anyway, it feels so cute now, Uncle Chen, I want to keep it at home.

Butler Chen showed a gratified smile: “Miss can keep it if she likes it, and Uncle Chen will help you take care of it together.”

That's right, a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, it's reasonable to raise such a soft little thing, raising a beautiful classmate or something…
I guess it's just a child talking nonsense.

“Right Uncle Chen, no need to arrange a car to take me tomorrow, I'll walk by myself.”  Qi Anan observed today, she and Jiang Lu went to school by the way, walking together on the road, maybe they can get closer.

Qi An'an didn't expect to be so lucky.
Early the next morning, when she walked out of the house and turned two streets, she saw a familiar figure in front of her.

 The fate of meeting each other without a special appointment, is God guiding her to go up and say a few words?

At that time she had tweeted 10,000 words to express her love for the baby cub, but now the real person is right in front of her eyes, and she can't say anything because she wore this unlucky female pervert!

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Damn it!

Qi An'an just quickened her pace, but when she was still more than ten paces away from Jiang Lu, she suddenly heard laughter behind her.

It turned out to be a couple of straggly young men who were quick on their feet and immediately overtook her.
There were one or two people in school uniforms and jackets, and it could be seen that they belonged to the same school.

How do I feel that this group of people are heading for Jiang Lu…
Qi An'an just thought of this, and the next moment she saw them speeding up to stand in front of Jiang Lu.

Jiang Lu stopped, his back looked like a bamboo.
It wasn't because of Qi An'an's own mother's eyes, but when he went to that station, he showed a calmness.
(TN: no clue what this means)

Xiao Huangmao, who was the leader of the group, looked at Jiang Lu up and down, and smiled playfully: “Isn't this the little wild child of the□□ family? I haven't seen you for a few days, and you've become beautiful again.”

“I heard that your mother doesn't support you, so you earned your own tuition since you were a child? How did you earn it?”

Huang Mao's voice was loud, and his laugh became more and more unbridled: “Seriously, I haven't played with a man before.
You are such a beautiful little thing that suits my taste.
Come play billiards with us later?”

He approached Jiang Lu stubbornly: “Coax me comfortably, not to mention junior high school tuition, I will pay for you to go to university.”

 Shit! What a piece of shit! How dare you talk to her beloved cub like that! Qi Anan fist hardened, she picked up a brick in front of her, took out her cell phone and quickly dialed Yao Yaoling.

If this Huang Mao uses his dirty hand to touch…
Qi An'an's flash of worry was not over, when she saw Jiang Lu raise his hand and grab Huang Mao's hand.

He was as cold and pale as usual, as if he didn't use much effort, but Huang Mao couldn't move, neither advancing nor retreating, his face flushed red.

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