Chapter 2 A mother's fan, you can hide your merit and fame.

part 1

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Although she knows that Jiang Lu will not have a good face to the original body, but she didn't expect to be disgusted and resisted to this extent. 

she can understand, after all, the character “Qian'an” in the original book has never done anything that makes people feel good.
Her liking is very shallow, only for the skin, and with undisguised contempt and arrogance .

Jiang Lu continued to walk forward without even giving her a single glance.

Qi Anan thought for a while, ran to the store on the street and bought a black square box, and ran over to follow Jiang Lu again:

“…Jiang Lu, you can put the cat here.” It was the first time she called the cub by his name, and she was a little nervous. 

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   Jiang Lu didn't speak, and Qi Anan tried to make up for it while recalling the plot: “What I said before you do not take it to heart, I said it wrong, I just want to make friends with you,  I promise nothing else!”

“I will never say those nonsense words in the future.”

“Why don't I help you hold it for a while?”

Jiang Lu didn't even look back, but Qi Anan was like a super fan seeing her idols, and not missing any of the other's expressions.

She could see clearly that after she leaned over and chatted for a long time, Jiang Lu's dark and sharp eyebrows gradually wrinkled, and his steps were faster than before.

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 It is estimated to be annoying him to death.

Afraid that it would backfire and make the cub hate her even more, Qi Anan took a few steps back and didn't get too close.

She watched from afar as Jiang Lu walked to the grove behind the school and stopped by a peach tree.
He crouched down and slowly put the kitten on the soft grass.

Jiang Lu took out a clean cloth from his bag, unfolded it meticulously little by little, put the kitten in the middle, and wrapped it up very gently.

Qi Anan hid on the sidelines, looking distressed.
The boy is thin, and when he leans over, the school uniform outlines the shape of his shoulder blades.
When he buries the kitten silently, his back is silent.

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The puppy in the early stage is so pitiful…
Qi Anan thought that although he didn't drive her away, he still regarded her as air.
It didn't matter if air was air, but in a moment if he cries, she will certainly not be able to resist rushing up, handing him tissues, scouring her heart brain to think of words to comfort him.

However, she thought too much, and Jiang Lu never cried.

Even looking at it from this angle, the setting sun is mottled in the gaps of the leaves, and his profile is mixed with light and dark.
There is no sadness that belongs to his age, and his expression is almost indifferent.

Except for the hand movements that remain gentle and careful.

Qi Anan watched Jiang Lu casually wash off the blood on his hands at the creek, and returned to the original road in silence.
She was thinking, okay, the future is long, and she needs to get closer to the cub little by little ……
suddenly she blinked.

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She patted her head and followed Jiang Lu far away.

Jiang Lu only washed his hands by the stream.
He had been holding the kitten in his arms just now, and there was also a large dark red bloodstain on his chest.
He met a few neighbors on the road, and saw that all of them showed disgust at the same time, and walked around him unabashedly, as if they would get dirty when they got too close.

Jiang Lu's expression was as usual, but when he reached the door of the house, he stopped and looked back.

There was no one around behind him.

 His pupils were dark, showing a mocking look, and he curled his lips slightly, turned and walked into the house.

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