Chapter 9 – Are we friends now?

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While Qi Anan was experiencing the joy of appreciating her cat, she couldn’t help but hear Jiang Lu actually calling her.

She turned her head and looked into Jiang Lu’s dark eyes.

These days, his eyes were no longer as cold and gloomy as when she first met him.
Still, they also revealed coldness and estrangement from time to time, rejecting people thousands of miles away.

But at this moment, it was different.
Qi Anan didn’t know if it was her illusion.
Jiang Lu’s eyes were clear and moist, and they seemed to be very faint softness.

The young man removed the sharp edges and corners, as pretty as a picture, and his appearance was inconceivable.

He should have seen Dashun on the phone, right? He recognized his cat.
Qi Anan thought, but now she should “not know” that Dashun belonged to Jiang Lu.
What should she say?

Qi Anan thought for a while and handed the phone over: “Jiang Lu, do you like cats? Should I show you?”

Cub, don’t worry.
Mom will just raise it for you first.
When you can take care of him in the future, I will definitely find a suitable opportunity to push the boat with the current and return it to you.

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to push the boat with the current: to take advantage of the situation for one’s own benefit

Who would have thought that Jiang Lu would stop looking? He turned his head and stared at his book: “I don’t like cats.”

Although he didn’t know why his cat was with her, it could be seen from the photos just now that he was well taken care of by Qi Anan.

That little guy wasn’t originally daring, but now he was tossing about in the photos.
You could see his tsundere and overbearing eyes.
He seemed to have been pampered, and the cat became Your Highness.
His body was round and fatter than when he was in his hands.

He didn’t like cats.
Jiang Lu lowered his eyes and thought of the kitten that was beaten to death.
He wasn’t qualified to like anything.

The cub lied.
Qi Anan thought there was melancholy in his heart.
How could he not like them? For the first time in so long, she saw a slightly gentle expression in Jiang Lu’s eyes, and he must have recognized his cat.

However, he refused to admit it now.
Maybe he was afraid he couldn’t take care of him.
It’s okay.
She would help him clear all the hurdles, and he’ll be able to take care of it himself in the future.

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When he came to school the next day, Qi Anan held a small square box in her hand.

She hadn’t forgotten that Jiang Lu didn’t have an eraser.
Although she didn’t buy him ten catties of erasers, the eraser she bought were also carefully selected.

Qi Anan had been brainstorming for a while yesterday in the stationery store.
Ordinary erasers were bulky, and they looked dull and lacked human warmth, and it would be easy for her cub to suspect and believe she was crooked.
She also wondered whether it was too fancy and seemed childish or impractical.
She picked and picked and finally picked out a satisfactory one.

Jiang Lu came early every day, and when Qi Anan walked into the classroom, Jiang Lu had been sitting in his seat for some time.

She put down her schoolbag and happily handed out the square box in her hand: “Jiang Lu, this is for you.”

Jiang Lu turned his head slightly.
Qi Anan’s smile was bright and endearing, the early morning sun shone in from the window, and her fluffy hair was dyed in a light golden color.

The little girl’s hands were tender, and a small square box was lying on it.

Jiang Lu’s heart seemed to be stung by something; it was itchy and hurt.

The only few gifts in his life came from the little girl in front of him.

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Jiang Lu murmured: “What is this?” The pattern on the box was fresh and delicate, bright and adorable, and his whole person was incompatible.

Qi Anan breathed a sigh of relief.
She was still worried that Jiang Lu would ignore her.
He asked, so this could be it!

Of course, it was the eraser Mom bought for you, my good cub.

Qi Anan smiled even more and put the small square box directly in Jiang Lu’s hand: “You’ll see once you open it.”

After hesitating for a few seconds, Jiang Lu gently picked up the small square box.
The small box made of paper was thin and flimsy, and he eased up on the pressure and didn’t make any creases.

The box opened, and an eraser fell out.

It wasn’t some expensive gift.
It was a stationery store standard round eraser, made in the shape of a cat head.
A few blue lines on the white eraser outline a squinty-eyed cat.

Qi Anan’s eyes became shiny when Jiang Lu took out the rubber.
Her eyes were initially big and round, but when she smiled, they curved into small crescents, and the cat’s head on her hand was a bit similar.

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It was the kind of smile that could burn.
Jiang Lu’s pale fingers gently stroked the smiling face of the cat’s head and whispered: “Thank you.”

Qi Anan was delighted.
Her cub was so good today: “As long as you like it, then…” She paused and cautiously asked Jiang Lu: “Are we friends now?”

Without answering her, she just stared at him with such a pair of eyes.

Jiang Lu’s lips pursed slightly.
In the end, he said.
“Class is about to start.
Sit down.”

Jiang Lu was absent-minded in class for the first time.

He put the eraser next to the stationery box just now.
Still, just as he listened to the class carefully, he held it in his palm silently.

After a while, his little gift gradually became infected with his temperature.
Jiang Lu gently put the cat’s head rubber into the box and carefully placed it in the middle pocket of the schoolbag.

But he was still a little sadness in his heart.
In fact, if he could just now, he would’ve wanted to say “Yes.”.

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