After several hours of work mum came in. For days now things have been kinda stressful for everyone.

Dad was out and Sal was sleeping upstairs. I was just watching a movie when Mom came in.

Now the Christmas holiday was approaching, and everyone looked forward to it. I remember Sal saying

”Just hope this Christmas would be a perfect one. ”

I can blame him though many other Christmas holidays have not been celebrated to our taste. But Dad promised us that this one was going to be uniquely different.

He had always been promising but not fulfilling.

We are a family of five. Mom, Dad, I, Simone and Sal.

I am Nicole Davis but Im usually called Nicki. Simone is my immediate younger sister and Sal is the last and only boy. He and dad are so close. We live in New York and I am a high school student.

It is still early November, schools have not vacated yet. It is a Saturday and dad and some of his friends were out well I don know to where exactly.

Since Mom was back I decided to go hang out with my friends but mom wouldn let me.

”Please ” I begged her

”Alright you may go but don be back late ” she finally agreed so I left, on my way to Kellys.

Kelly is my best friend. Weve been friends for three years now and well we
e good.

On reaching her house, I met Dylan

”Woah look whos here ” Kelly said with a smile as she opened the door for me

”Hey guys came to stick around ” I said with a wink as I entered

”Dylan you
e here, whats today for? A night party or something? ” I said again and chuckled. While he just sat looking at me as if to say something.

”Don mind him ” Kelly said

”Nicki we wanna hang out tonight, all of us. You in? ” She asked me

I looked at her ”what time? ” I asked back

”8 ” she replied. I checked the time it was about 4o clock in the afternoon.

”Yeah Im in but Ill have to leave early so I can let Mom know about this and so I can also get ready ” I told her

”So you
e leaving as fast as you came ” Dylan who hadn said anything since said and I laughed.

” Well, its not my fault. ”

”Come help me with this ” Kelly said as she dragged me towards her kitchen where she had a pile up of plates that hadn been washed.

e such a lazy ass ” I let her know when I saw the plates that filled up the sink waiting for someone to wash them up. And she looked at me apologetically.

When we were done we played some more before I decided to leave.

”So Ill meet you both here by 7:30 ” Dylan said and I nodded.

Kelly followed me. ” Thanks Nicki. Say hi to Simone and Sal ”

” No problem ” I answered her and found my way back home.

I met dad downstairs sitting on the sofa when I entered the palor.

”When did you get back ” I asked him as I entered the house

”Not so long, and where are you coming from ”

”From Kellys ” I replied heading upstairs

It was Simone I met upstairs. I didn find mom and Sal anywhere

”How was your outing ” she asked me and I looked at her and saw her holding something.

”Good. Whats that? ” I asked referring to the paper in her hand.

”A note from Ben. That guys a jerk ” she said and rolled her eyes

”Whys that? ” I asked and when I didn get a reply I asked about Mom and Sal instead.

”They went shopping ”.

I checked the time and it was almost 5. I was to be at Kellys house on time because Dylan was bringing his car. I told Simone that I would be hanging out with Kelly this evening and Ill have to leave before 8 o clock.

Not long after, mom and Sal came in and I helped them with the groceries they got. By now it was almost dinner time and I joined in preparing dinner with mom. When we were done, everyone sat at the table to enjoy the meal served.

I had already told Mom about the party earlier while we were preparing dinner.

Mom is the type I can open up to and tell anything even about having a boyfriend. And she has always supported me. I explained to her that I might be spending the night at Kellys place and she didn have a problem with that.

I went to my room to get ready. I wore a black almost mini skirt and a crop top with a long jacket and then my boot heels as usual. I put on light makeup and then informed mom and dad that I was leaving

By 7 o clock I was at Kellys house. Her Mom was at home.

”Good evening Mrs Josef ” I greeted her when I got in.

”Evening Nicki how are you and hows your Mom? ”

”Im very well and mom is good she asked me to say hi to you ”

”Oh great. Kelly come down Nickis here ” Mrs Josef shouted out for Kelly to hear. I smiled and walked toward the stair case when I saw Kelly coming down stairs.

”Hey girl you
e here early ”

”Dylan said hell be here by 7:30 remember so I had to be here before then ” I reminded her.

”Right, anyhow. Come on ” Kelly said and we made our way to her room. Ellie was in the room when we got in.

”Nicki you
e here wow I didn take Dylan seriously when he told me youd come ” Ellie said immediately I got inside the room.

”Oh Ellie don be silly ” Kelly said immediately

”You look beautiful tonight Nicki ” Kelly smiled at me

”I was just about to tell you that ” Ellie said and we both chuckled

”Thanks guys. You guys look gorgeous as well ”

Kelly wore an ash off the shoulder gown that somehow complimented her reddish brown hair in the lighting of the room, she looked so beautiful. While Ellie wore a white armless crop top with a black mini skirt and white sneakers with her blonde hair plaited to the side and then she put on a black cap that made her look like she was part of the Navy.But we looked all good and ready.

At 7:30 just like Dylan said he was here and and then we bid Kellys mom goodbye and we left for the party.

Now that I think of it I don even know where it is taking place. Funny right, I only knew we where hanging out this evening but I didn even know where.

”So where exactly are we all hanging out like wheres the party taking place ” I decided to ask.

”At Ronalds place ” Ellie answered and my eyes widened

Ronald!! I didn expect that.

Now you might be surprised but Ronald is like the coolest guy in school, hes rich popular and also so cute and as usual you have girls that keep drooling over him.

”Hes having a party for his friends and folks from school are going to be there too ” Dylan explained. Now it makes sense.

”Whats with the face ” Kelly laughed when she noticed my reaction.

”Nothing ” I said and put on my ear pods. Nobody said anything till we got to our destination.

Everywhere was bubbling, when we got out of the car and got into Ronalds compound. Lights everywhere and people in every corner.

We walked straight into Ronalds apartment and we met two of his other friends.

Ok so they are a squad which students from school usually call the pace squad as Pace High is the name of the school. Ronald was also considered the main guy of the sqaud and then there were three others; Dylan, Wolf, and Sean. They
e like the most handsome boys on campus. Their parents are really influential people. And these boys are best of friends. They have a lounge just for themselves in the school and that is where they always are when they are out of class or just free. Most of the time they
e together. Well except when Dylan is with us.

We are closer with Dylan. He is a free person but the other three boys are impossible to predict.

Vanessa came in a few minutes later. She is also one of my friends. Me, Kelly, Ellie and Vanessa whom we usually called Nessa are like best of friends but Kelly is my bestest friend, shes my BFF. I wouldn say we were exactly like the boys group but we were also a cool group of friends, in the school and outside school.

But anyway back to the party. The music was playing loudly outside. Ronald was not in the party he was probably upstairs or something. Sean and Wolf came over when they noticed us with Dylan.

They welcomed us and Dylan left with them, probably to wherever Ronald was.

”Why don we get a drink ” Nessa suggested.

Good idea I thought

We walked over to the bar and got drinks then we sat down and enjoyed ourselves.

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