”breaking news kang hyeongmin the officer who worked years to get city peace killed brutally by the serial killer Jaemin ”

soojins eyes wandering to the television as yet again the news of the day was the serial killer being murderous it was a wonder why the police did absolutely nothing about these crimes

her thoughts being pushed away when her best friend called her

”oh soojin did you get your degree? ”

nodding to her statement she sipped onto the americano enjoying the bitter taste waking her senses she wasn a morning person infact waking up early was her least favorite thing to do

”you applied for the hospital? ” she asked yet again she hummed as a response clearly uninterested in working ”yep and we are gonna be there together hana ” she told her making hana squeal in joy glad to be working buddy with someone she adored ”you got accepted!? ” her surprised tone suggested that it was hard to get into mental asylum as a psychiatrist of course

”yeah actually when you went to busan i trained there for sometime you know internship and they want me to work there now ” she briefly explained ”thats cool now we can be colleagues ”

The place where she got job was neo zone mental hospital soojin was a fresh graduate where as hana had worked there for some time now

The asylum was tightly secured as they had imprisoned a few of most dangerous criminals and psychopaths in whole country

there were cameras and security standing at

checking points upon entering and leaving it was interesting everytime she came here for internship intrigued by the building which was of a dull grey colour the lighting of whole area shining bright white

while she was busy adoring the area she heard someone call her

”miss soojin ” the bubbly girl who soojin seemed to recognize as aruem stood before her passing her a smile she awaited for her to complete her sentence ”here you got a paitent ” areum handed her a file it actually contained the whole information about the patient the doctor had to deal with which made her excited for some reason as it was her dream to be a psychiatrist and help people in need kind by nature she was truly innocent girl

Her office was quite cozy as compared to the chilly weather of the asylum

hearing the hustle outside she stepped out to see bunch of people gathered at the enterance along with news reporters and police heavily guarding the person in center

it was normal for people to scream it was mental hospital litreally patients shout all the time

but it was different the police we actually far away from the prisoner and he walked as if he owned the place his presence itself sending chills down the little girls spine

”eh aruem whats happening? ” she inquired clueless she gasped ”you don know that jaemin is sent here? ” she asked in such a oblivious tone which made her shake head ”who is he assigned to? ” as curiosity took over her she wondered who will take over such a patient

”as of now no one as everyone is too scared of him ” aruem shrugged

there in a crowd she saw him coming towards her…nope the gate was next to her they have to go down to the basement

Jaemin walked through the place running his tongue over his lip ring playfull smirk played along his face

he had sharp features from his jawline to his eyes who were dark and deep brown like an ocean in which anyone can dive into and never get out

his disheveled hair covering his eyes which briefly met her eyes making her gulp passing her a wink he chuckled lowly

he was ethereal…and a criminal

stopping for a moment she cleared her throat before turning around with red face

ofcourse hot topic of hospital was him the notorious killer sitting in a meeting the management and doctors were all deciding who was going to assist the one and only Jaemin ”we have to assist him it is order from government ” the ceo said everyone too afriad take the role as it was a risk to life even in cuffs everyone knew he was too powerful

”ill take it ” her voice resonating the conference room making everyones jaw drop ”are you crazy? ” hana whispered to the girl in confusion ”are you sure? ” ceo asked and she nodded ”100% ”

”well settled then ill send you his info your old case will be taken over by doctor hazel ”

who knows it might be interesting she hummed veins filled with adrenaline as she opened the file

Name: Na Jaemin

Age: 21

birth date: 13 August 2000

Blood type: AB

Height: 178cm

Birth place: joenju (grew in seoul)



cold, cruel , in a gang know one knows where their base is his identity is totally hidden, mentally unstable

Diagnosis: currently unknown

”can i visit him? ” she asked and ceo hesitantly nodded afraid to lose an important doctor as meeting of first time could be dangerous

”be safe ” he said soojin passed him a smile ”ill be okay ” she affirmed

going to the basement where everything was locked and secured so that no one would be able to escape it was for special patients who were dangerous or criminals

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