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The First World

An old man of 80 years old was standing in a white room. He had been bald for a long time and could not stand himself without an additional stick. He hated his inability, but despised even the possibility of ending his life.

So in suffering and loneliness he lived out his last years and in his eyes there was stubbornness and unwillingness. Even at his last breath, he did not cease to despise death and was not afraid to face it.

”So thats what death is like. An empty white room where Ill be alone forever until I go crazy and disappear completely. Hmm, great, I will maintain my sanity for the evil of this system, so that death cannot get my soul. ”

So time passed. The old man held on to his sanity and instead of stupidly sleeping or counting the time passed, he imagined worlds. Various worlds that he created in his imagination. He also imagined what worlds he could see if someone else created them.

The concept of gods was not something special for him. After all, despite the fact that his world was technological, people could travel through universes and various planes in it, where their race enslaved intelligent life and killed their gods.

Time passed with these thoughts. It is not known how long it has been, because purgatory was a special place where time passed in different ways, in its various regions.

At some point, a golden light appeared in front of the old man. After looking, you could see the paper that highlighted this light.

The old man looked at her for a while, trying to collect his thoughts, because despite the fact that he spent his time quite productively, but his memory was slipping away and even collecting at least one whole sentence was incredibly difficult for him.

It can be said that if this leaf had not appeared, then his mind would soon have completely broken down and his soul would have dissolved into the world of illusions that he had comprehended while he was in this place.

The old man touched the leaf and disappeared into the golden light.

”Hmm, an interesting soul chose a ticket. I hope he can develop to my level and we can meet . In the meantime, its time to prepare for the next round. ”

Meanwhile, the old man appeared in the void at the edge of the multiverse. The golden light split into 2 equal parts, one that flew into the old man, and the other took the humanoid form of a beautiful dark elf.

The old man, meanwhile, has grown younger to his 20 – 25 years. At the time when he was someone, until that fateful event happened. Well , okay , that s all in the past .

The light also healed, strengthened his soul and restored his mind. After finishing his work, the light turned into another energy and settled in the body of the former old man.

”Welcome back Master Vladimir. ”

”Vladimir, thats my name. How was it owning the world, huh? A big name for a man who couldn conquer his own world ”

”Don worry master. Now you have the opportunity to own your world, as befits your name. ”

”And who are you? ”

”I am your assistant, to whom you can ask questions. However, I can only give limited answers due to the low level of your authority. But don worry, as your worlds evolve and your powers grow, youll be able to get more and more information. I will also fulfill any of your wishes as long as it is at the level of your authority. Such as helping to develop your world and guide mortals for better results or their deaths. ”

”I wonder , so you can even warm my bed whenever I want ? ”

”If that is the masters wish. ”

”Okay, we can have sex later, but in the meantime, explain to me everything you can or at least everything I need to know right now. ”

”Well you have been chosen to become the new Creator. Your task is to create and develop the world until it develops to a certain level, after which either you or your world will be attacked. The winner gets the losers world, or in the case of protecting your world from invasion, you will get everything that attacked your world and also energy that can be used to develop or change your world. Of course, you can create many worlds , but it is desirable to have at least 1 level of authority in order to be prepared and not lose, a newly created world or an old one, because of an invasion that you cannot master. ”

”Hmm , and when will I be attacked and how do I start creating a world ? ”

”Don worry, you will participate in these games only after reaching the authority of level 1, you can also accelerate worlds for rapid development, but to create a world you need to imagine what you want to get, or use world templates. ”

”Can I go down into the world? ”

”Yes, but you are still mortal when descending, so if you die, that will be the end. ”

”Morelleth. ”

”Excuse me master? ”

”Thats your name, since you haven introduced yourself, Ill give you that name. ”

”Thank you master. ”

The elf smiled and began to explain to me what worlds exist, how I can manage them and how to develop intelligent species in a new world. She also said that I could create gods to control the world.

She also explained how I can create not only technological worlds, but also magical ones. At the same time, it is not limited to just one type of magic. She also told me that the worlds of cultivators and the worlds of technology have the same potential and the main thing is that I can connect my worlds. To be more precise, they can develop to the level of creating interplanar portals and using them to find my other worlds or any worlds in the universe.

And now I can put such portals myself if I want them to contact each other earlier, but the truth is this approach can dramatically increase my authority and I will lose my worlds due to weakness. So she advised me to closely monitor the progress of the worlds and take part myself to accelerate progress or so that I myself get used to the forces of these worlds.

As I understood from her explanation , I can only create techniques or weapons for combat, but I can develop my powers myself. All the powers of the strongest of my worlds will be available to me, but I will have to get used to them and understand them. Otherwise, even weaker invaders might kill me.

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