Paragon of Sin

Chapter 96: Godking Arrives!

Wei Wuyin silently regarded the trio. Their injuries were not light and he could already sense various medicinal energies within their bodies stirring, trying to repair damaged flesh and bones. This was the work of alchemical products. Instead of finding someplace quiet and safe to recuperate, they decided to arrive before Wei Wuyin, so he was somewhat bewildered.

Su Mei was a short distance away, and she couldn ’t help but be startled by the marks of battle on their bodies. Each revealed mark looked like it was very close to being fatal.

Prince Zhen had stored his bloodaxe away, and clasped his dirty and bloody hands with respect. ”On behalf of myself and the royal family, thank you. ” The twins followed suit.

Their bent backs and heavy aura revealed a surge of true respect and appreciation. However, Wei Wuyin frowned. He wondered why those peak Mortal Gods could damage a prince so heavily. From what he believed, the Wu Country had an Astral Core Realm ancestor. With that level of cultivation base, fashioning a few offensive talismans or life-saving tools should ’ve been easy.

Prince Zhen had an uncanny ability to read expressions and flares of light in an individual ’s eyes, so he realized Wei Wuyin was confused. He deduced his inquisitive look and immediately responded, ”You must be unfamiliar with the current situation of the royal palace, but we princes are not as protected as rumored. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s eyebrows rose with a tinge of shock. This Prince Zhen was insanely perceptive, and he held a belief that felt likable and resonated with his own personality. If they were to grow up together, he had little doubts they could ’ve been like brothers.

Sighing softly to himself, he calmly stated, ”I didn ’t interfere to save you. ”

Prince Zhen wasn ’t shocked by this response. He knew that Wei Wuyin wanted to set up a line of separation. After all, if he involved himself in this matter further, he could be drawn into the country ’s issues. Knowingly understanding, he nodded with a smile.

”Nevertheless, I thank you Godlord Wei. I can breathe another day because of you. ” He was earnest in his reply, but also swift in his next action. He signaled the twin guardians and prepared to leave. Their mount had been killed, so they would have to walk from here on out. However, with the assassins killed, it ’s unlikely they ’ll encounter any trouble.

As for the auction, in their current states and the possible threat on their lives, that wasn ’t a destination they could travel to. The best would be to return to the Heavenly Wu ’s Royal Grounds.

Wei Wuyin praised his decisiveness. Rarely do people show such understanding and resolve to push onward. Others would offer goods or promises of favors in exchange for safety or further their relations, but he keenly understood Wei Wuyin ’s desires..

Su Mei also praised the attitude of the prince. His fiercely independent and concise words and actions left a very sweet taste in one ’s mouth. If she had to choose a Dao Companion, a person like this would be her desire.

Not only did he have power, but he had poise and principles. There was no haughty sense within his gaze or buried in his bones. His true self was this.

A slight smile surfaced on Wei Wuyin ’s expression as he softly scoffed, shaking his head, he called out to the trio.

”Prince Zhen, I ’ll bring you back to the royal palace. ” After saying so, he gestured to Bai Lin to follow him as he walked towards the trio.

Prince Zhen stopped and turned in shock, but he didn ’t reject. He bowed once more, ”Then, I ’ll accept. ” Li Tian and Li Di also bowed in thanks. Bai Lin lowered herself and they all stepped onto her back and took to the skies.

Bai Lin was far faster and more powerful than their mount. She gave off a faint ancient pressure that caused the trio to feel reassured. Furthermore, Wei Wuyin was a Godlord. Within the entire Wu Country, there were only nineteen established Godlords. Each of them were powerful monarchs of a cardinal direction.

Even King Wu, his father, would need to give them appropriate respect.

Wei Wuyin quietly analyzed his situation. Firstly, eight Mortal Gods had showed up and attacked with coordinated and prepared effort. He tried to recall the reports of each individual Mortal God in his memory, but a few of their abilities were foreign.


”Another force in Wu that is outside of public knowledge or an external force from somewhere else? ” As he realized that his knowledge was lacking, and he knew that while there were nineteen public Godlords, this didn ’t include all in the territory, but those who revealed themselves. This held true to Mortal Gods too.

There could be twenty or thirty Godlords, especially those amongst gangs or discrete organizations. Regardless, he didn ’t have much to lose if he offended anyone within the Qi Condensation Realm. He only feared that his travels would be impeded by continuous annoyances.

He turned to Prince Zhen who took this time to meditate and recover. It seemed that he trusted Wei Wuyin enough to cultivate his recovery within his presence. It wasn ’t just him, the guardians sealed off their senses and fully focused on recovery.

He didn ’t know whether to laugh or cry. They were treating him in such a fashion so quickly.

In truth, since a Mortal Godlord gave his word, they had the same belief he did: A Godlord, someone of such status, would do their best to honor their word. While he hadn ’t said he would protect them, the fact he offered to bring them to the royal palace meant their lives were his responsibility. Considering his combat prowess, they wholeheartedly trusted him.

Even if another Godlord arrived, it ’s highly likely Wei Wuyin would slay them.

Helplessly shaking his head, he found it quite funny.

Su Mei was the same as them, but her actions were more understandable. She had already started to consolidate her foundation at the Sixth Phase.

They traveled for nearly half an hour before Prince Zhen breathed out a breath of turbid air filled with dark, tainted blood mist. He inspected Li Tian and Li Di and checked their current location, seeing they were going in the right direction, he sighed in relief for some reason.

”Are they members of Wu or? ” Wei Wuyin abruptly asked, catching Prince Zhen ’s attention.

Prince Zhen ’s brows perked, he frowned briefly before relaxing. ”The Wu Clan is divided, weakened, and inviting wolves into our den. ” He didn ’t answer Wei Wuyin ’s question immediately but gave him an overall sense of the status of the Wu Country and its Imperial Clan.

Wei Wuyin frowned. Those words may seem indirect, but about twenty questions of his were answered. As for the specifics, he didn ’t care too much. He only wanted to know if the assassins were homebred. From those words, they were.

”Hidden Shadow Domain? ” He abruptly said.

Prince Zhen ’s expression turned solemn, and he heavily nodded his head. He decided to be a little more clear. ”Our Ancestral King has gone into life and death seclusion in hopes of ascending into the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm. Without another of his strength, many are taking this opportunity to whittle down the competition for the throne.

”Even if it ’s a puppet who claims it, ” Prince Zhen every word contained disappointment, anger, frustration, and helplessness. Furthermore, the situation of the Yuhei Country could happen here, if the Ancestral King failed to survive.

Wei Wuyin stayed silent. While Prince Zhen hadn ’t said everything regarding the matter, most could be deduced based on context.

The Hidden Shadow Domain was dipping its hand in the pot to make a bid on a prince to become the next King of Wu. That prince was not Prince Zhen. Likely, it was a young, relatively unknown and disregarded prince. They were easier to coax and bait into plans.

However, Prince Zhen was a Sublime Qi Phase expert, a Mortal God, and short of becoming a Godlord. If he did ascend, he would have a certain outcome of claiming the throne on his power alone. Therefore, they intended to eliminate this possible variable to ensure the completion of their plan.

In fact, it ’s possible to determine from his aura that the prince ’s breakthrough was relatively recent. It made sense that his Twin Guardians were Peak Mortal Gods and not Godlords in that case.

However, from what he knew, Prince Zhen wasn ’t the crown prince. In fact, until the Ancestral King weighed in on his opinion, it ’s not possible to determine one. However, with the Ancestral King in life and death seclusion, this rule could be circumvented.

All it required was the Royal Council and King Wu himself to make a decision.

From his personality and way of handling matters, Wei Wuyin felt comfortable with Prince Zhen becoming King of Wu.

”Godlord Wei, if I may… ” Prince Zhen revealed a hesitant tone. He clearly wanted to know Wei Wuyin ’s origins and stance on the matter. While he didn ’t bet all his chickens in one basket, there were only nineteen Godlords in the Wu Country.

As for Godkings, there were three.

Firstly, the current King of Wu, Wu Yu. His cultivation base was well-known and he had been in power for two hundred and thirty years. He was still in his prime and was called the Steel Executioner. An expert renown for his metal qi arts and spells. In fact, he had condensed his Heart of Steel Qi using Steel Metal Essence – the same high-level essence Wei Wuyin used.

Secondly, the High Commander of the Royal Military, Ba Chen. She was exceptionally powerful and the number one female expertin the entire Wu Country. She was also the Sister-In-Law to the King.

Lastly, the Hidden Shadow Domain ’s Domain Master, Hu Jiwei. He was known for his scheming and mysterious means. His powers and abilities were relatively unknown, but no one underestimated him. Even the Wu Country took him seriously.

Wei Wuyin calmly interrupted, ”My background isn ’t a secret. I am Wei Wuyin, former Disciple of the Scarlet Solaris Sect, the Saber Ascendant. I have no conflict with the Imperial Rule, nor do I intend to side with the Hidden Shadow Domain. ”

”! ” Prince Zhen was quiet at first, but then started.

Wei Wuyin!

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