Paragon of Sin

Chapter 891: A Trial Period

Chapter 890: Yin-Yang Resonance;A Proposition?

The destruction and subsequent rebirth of Origin left many observers saddled with complex emotions. The planet had clearly taken a dip in overall quality, and a drastic geographical change, such as newly risen mountain ranges, freshwater lakes, and volcanoes sprouting up miraculously.

There were some ruins of grand buildings, treasured sights, essentially small signs of the old civilization. If an archaeologist were to study Origin, they might come to the conclusion that the old civilization had been suddenly destroyed by a great expert.

Zhang Ziyi was struck with a loss of words, especially after being informed by Han Yuhei of the new name of Origin—Neo-Origin. It was given a portion of the Neo-Dawn moniker, and Wei Wuyin suffered the blame for its predecessor ’s destruction.

Additionally, she was tasked with organizing the sect members to reallocate the lives of the common citizen. She was baffled, but after learning about Han Yuhei ’s thought process and confirmation that Wei Wuyin intended to compensate those who lost their homes and livelihoods, she decided to accept this task wholeheartedly.

If another mortal had given such a promise, she would have ignored them entirely, likely delivered a slap at their ridiculous self-confidence. The cost of their planet was unimaginable for mortals, the result of years and years of refinement. However, it was from none other than Wei Wuyin. She couldn ’t help but be intrigued and excited.

As she began to complete her task, she was abruptly tossed into amazement at the premium cultivation grounds sprouting at various locations. She couldn ’t help but feel stunned, sensing Apex-level Elemental Essences growing, and peak astral-graded materials. There were even some pure white springs suffused with elemental origin essence liquid, the same essence born from the inception of a Stellar Region!

Just this alone caused her to realize that the worth of this planet, at first glance, might seem lacking, but this shot it into the absolute freaking sky in value! She even drank some herself by instinct, feeling the rich elemental origin energies permeating within.

She was baffled. This material could be distilled and used for many, many things. At the very least, if they gathered enough of this material, producing a Solar Star with natural properties, capable of sustaining a Mystic Radiance Belt, was entirely possible! A new Secret Realm could be cultivated.

Even Han Yuhei was utterly speechless when informed of this change. The uses for this was not limited to either of Zhang Ziyi ’s thoughts, and could greatly help other cultivators comprehend Elemental Origin Intent, especially if their main focus of cultivation was water-attributed forces. However, when Zhang Ziyi later found white flames spewing out from an underwater geyser, a mountain filled with pure white ore, and certain areas of the world spontaneously formed white twisters, their surprise went into utter disbelief.

All of this was elemental origin-attributed materials naturally born from the unique environmental power infused with the planet. This…it was…

The inhabitants were soon given temporary housing in certain areas, forged cities, palaces, and roads sprouting up rapidly. With the Ascended beings tasked with helping regrow civilization, their movements were swift and organized. They were a sect based on elemental cultivation, so it was easy to build and reshape the world to their interests.

It only took an hour before the citizens were reallocated to certain locations, given designations for later investigations to account for losses and original birthplaces. If families were affected, separated a large distance, the Realmlords and higher cultivators took action, helping to move them back together.

While all this took place, like a well-oiled machine purposed with a single task, Wei Wuyin was seated on the back of a resting Bai Lin with his eyes closed, meditating and intermittently pulsing with a worldly power. Behind him were none other than Wen Mingna and Si De. The latter ’s sightless gaze was trained on Wei Wuyin, her facial expression was gentle and had a faint blush. She was shocked to think that Wei Wuyin ’s aura was becoming aggressively alluring, her body was reacting on instinct, and she felt a little hot.

Since Wei Wuyin had reached the Realm World Phase, the seventh stage of the Astral Core Realm, becoming a genuine Reamlord amongst cultivators, his aura released was distinctly different. It wasn ’t so much as if he ’d become a different person, no, nor was it giving a bad feeling, but it was a good, great, strange type of difference.

Wen Mingna ’s eyes were closed, cultivating. However, from time to time, she would open her eyes as if disturbed, gazing at the impressively forged back of Wei Wuyin, her heart slightly racing, and her Astral Soul tingling. Most notably, her Primal Yin was oddly stimulated, causing a little discomfort in her lower body.

’So this is what it feels like, ’ Wen Mingna thought, calming her state of mind with a verbal mantra. In the world of cultivators, there was a type of unique attractive resonance that male and females might have, and it is usually attributed to a powerful, firm, and rich cultivation foundation. This was why talented women with high or unique cultivation bases might be seen as more attractive or beautiful than others, even if two women were identical twins, this difference would show.

It was called a Yin-Yang Resonant Link. And Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation base was emitting an endlessly attractive aura to her, her primal instincts incessantly signaling her that Wei Wuyin would be an ideal mate that would bring her endless benefits. She felt an urge to do inappropriate things—to dual cultivate.

This was even stronger to those like Si De, whose yin aura was already tainted by Wei Wuyin ’s yang aura. The Blind Priestess must be feeling a hundred times what she felt, and the sensation should be incredibly intense. Her patience and straight face was a sign of intense self-control, greatly befitting a Grand Priestess.

’She ’s incredibly strong willed. ’ Wen Mingna internally applauded Si De. Fortunately, this sensation shouldn ’t last for long for cultivators, at least to this exaggerated degree.

And as she expected, the emissions of worldly power from Wei Wuyin subsided, calming down his permeating aura, and he regained his normal state of existence. In an hour, he had consolidated his cultivation base and attained sufficient control over his aura.

The discomfort and urges Wen Mingna felt stopped, at least that which affected her Primal Yin and Astral Soul. It did little for her when Wei Wuyin turned around with a bright, satisfied smile, causing her to be shaken, reminded that Wei Wuyin ’s natural looks were more effective than any Yin-Yang Resonant Link.

A deadly threat to any female.

Her cheeks were dyed a healthy pink, closing her eyes and cultivated to distract herself.

Si De excitedly rose alongside Wei Wuyin, ”Congratulations, Holy Son! ” Her genuine excitement and earnest words caused Wei Wuyin to warmly smile, reaching out to grab her supple waist, pulling her close.

Si De ’s soft body fell into Wei Wuyin ’s embrace. Her impressive twin peaks pressed against his hardened chest, rubbing a little against each other, and her expression reddened slightly. When Wei Wuyin went for a kiss, feeling those soft yet powerful lips dominate her own, Si De ’s entire body trembled violently.

She couldn ’t hold it back, especially after Wei Wuyin used both hands to grab a handful of her body so roughly. All her pent-up feelings were released prematurely.

”Aah… ” A soft, quivering, and tantalizing moan resounded in the air.

Wei Wuyin was stunned for a moment, sensing the chaos of yin energy flow in her indicative of a…release. Seeing her incredibly pink cheeks, her sightless eyes that seemed to be delving into mindless ecstasy, Wei Wuyin felt urges grow inside him. The desire of making her upper cheeks match the lower cheeks in pink shades was incredibly strong.

Wen Mingna ’s eyelids fluttered at the sound, but she didn ’t open her eyes in the end.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the mood was shattered by Han Yuhei ’s descent. The four were on a tall, flat peak, situated on a sleeping Bai Lin ’s back, and so they were out in the open.

”Wei Wuyin, ” Han Yuhei floated in the air, levitating at an even level as Wei Wuyin and the rest. He didn ’t dare treat Bai Lin, a Fire Phoenix, as a casual being that could be stepped on. He didn ’t want any of his actions to be misconstrued as rude. ”The Imperial Clan is asking for an audience. ”

Wei Wuyin sighed inwardly, looking at Han Yuhei with a little bit of frustration. But he would ’ve never gone all the way with Wen Mingna here, so he actually felt a little grateful. He had almost acted out on impulse. Alongside the explosive growth of his cultivation, his Yang Energies was amplified to an equal degree.

His urges were just as great, if not greater, than what Si De felt. She was marked by him, taking her first, and being her only, and seeing her beautiful appearance with that supple waist, ample breast, and desiring eyes had nearly pushed him to the edge. This was further exacerbated by his True Dragon Bloodline ’s innate urge to dominate.

Si De embarrassingly ’looked ’ at her feet while grabbing the helm of her gown. She resembled a young girl caught doing inappropriate things. It was quite cute!

Han Yuhei was fully aware of what was happening, and it was why he decided to intervene. Cultivators were most sexually active after a breakthrough, especially those who rode on the dragon ’s lap. It was best to handle this matter first, then Wei Wuyin could do the deed with these two beautiful women undisturbed.

Wei Wuyin knew that the Imperial Clan ’s arrival was a pressing matter. If it wasn ’t for the War Talisman, he might have thrown out a reason to avoid meeting them without Wu Yu by his side. He didn ’t know if they might become aggressive suddenly; there was no oath that protected him. But with the War Talisman, he felt assured.

Nodding in acknowledgement, Wei Wuyin roused Bai Lin from her slumber, and she released a soft, confused cry. She was having such a good dream! In her dream, she faced a grand army of 10,000 Ascended phoenixes alone, a battle spectated by countless other phoenixes, and dominated them to stake her claim as Queen of Phoenixes.

It was glorious!


If Wei Wuyin knew that he was the inspiration to a dream, one which he ruined prematurely, he would definitely apologize with honest feelings. The memory of defeating 10,000 Ascended beings with his saber was something he cherished to the utmost, an accomplishment that reinforced his belief that anything could be overcome, despite the seemingly overwhelming odds against him.

The five left Origin; Si De unfurled her Worldly Domain to sustain them, and Bai Lin carried the three. Han Yuhei flew beside Bai Lin, his eyes glancing from time to time at Wei Wuyin ’s serene demeanor and handsome visage. He knew that he needed to make the most of Wu Yu ’s absence to get into Wei Wuyin ’s good graces, if possible…replace him in terms of importance.

This was his chance, his path to strive for greater limits.

Tian Muyang, Tian Lingyu, Yang Chaoyue, and the other Sky and Imperial Monarchs were all at the border of the Elementus Domain. They all had calm expressions, but internally, they were experiencing wild upheavals with fierce mental calculations.

If the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region knew that these Earthly Saints, peak powerhouses of their world, were nervously planning their next steps to meet a mere mortal, it might bring about never-ending shock.

The Imperial Clan wasn ’t the only one with Earthly Saints or Ascended beings here. The activity of the Imperial and Sky Monarchs had alerted several powerful figures who were observing from a distance. They were shocked by the second appearance in the Elementus Domain by the Imperial Clan. Furthermore, they lacked Sky Destroyers, so the event was even more odd.

If they weren ’t here for war, what were they rushing here for while using their vast powers? What was so important?

Since the Elementus Domain had been sealed off, and the Imperial Clan clearly hadn ’t revealed any clear details about the Saintmaker event involving Ma Zheng and Wei Wuyin, the vast majority of experts were ignorant.


Bai Lin ’s cry brought all these Ascended beings ’ attention to focus.

The Fire Phoenix!

A light of realization flowed through many of their pupils.

When the Fire Phoenix arrived at the border, segregated by an invisible yet extremely thin and fragile layer of power, a defensive mechanism to alert for intrusive activity, Tian Muyang ’s eyes brightened.

He calmly moved towards the edge of his side of the border, looking at Wei Wuyin who emitted faint wisps of worldly power.

”Congratulations on your ascension, Wei Wuyin, ” Tian Muyang said.

”Congratulations, Mortal Sovereign Wei! ”

”Congratulations on your grand ascension, Ascendant Emperor Wei. ”

Tian Lingyu scoffed slightly, giving Yang Chaoyue a glaring glance. Everyone was referring to Wei Wuyin as Mortal Sovereign or by his name, yet this shameless woman still referred to him as Ascendant Emperor Wei. Furthermore, she had to add ’grand ’.

She might as well just get on her knees now.

Tian Lingyu had to calm herself, not let Yang Chaoyue affect her. ”Congratulations on stepping closer to the Mystic Dao, Wei Wuyin. ” She had to add her own flavor to her words, standing out.

Wei Wuyin was quite amused at their reactions. It was similar or on the same level as Ma Zheng ’s successful Earthly Ascension. Wasn ’t this a little bit disproportionate?

He wanted to ask if they were here just to say that, but he held back the urge. As for Yang Chaoyue, she instantly caught his eye. Unlike before, she was dressed in a tight-fitting, fiery-red outfit, her midriff exposed, revealing her exceptional curves, soft skin, with a brasserie that gave her originally modest chest a greater support with a push. It felt as if she was attracting the world ’s gaze to her valley.

Her burgundy hair was exquisitely styled in a messy updo, seemingly wild and chaotic, yet the strands of hair that dangled perfectly drew one ’s attention to her face, and then one would find themselves focused on those red-colored, shapely lips of hers that formed the faintest of an alluring smile.

In comparison to her stately appearance before, adorned by robes, she was downright gorgeous and more down-to-earth. She seemed attainable, lacking a distinct unapproachable iciness that Earthly Saints naturally had, such as Tian Lingyu.

Even Wei Wuyin was taken aback. She was already beautiful before, but now…

Tian Muyang noted Wei Wuyin ’s current state, realizing that Yang Chaoyue ’s wily means was somewhat effective, so he hurriedly stepped forward and pressed on to business. ”Wei Wuyin, the Myriad Monarch Canon… ”

Wei Wuyin instantly held his hands up, waving it indifferently, his silver eyes glancing at Yang Chaoyue from time to time as he swept his gaze over the Earthly Saints here. ”You didn ’t come here for the Myriad Monarch Canon—that small thing; Don ’t beat around the bush, tell me why you ’re all really here. ”

Unexpectedly, Wei Wuyin straightforwardly called them out, specifically, Tian Muyang.

Tian Muyang was taken aback briefly, and so was everyone else. Their plans of navigation crumbled as Wei Wuyin directly demanded a clear-cut explanation. Tian Muyang wasn ’t disheartened. In fact, he was happy that he didn ’t have to speak in circles.

”I don ’t know why they ’re here, ” he stated clearly, segregating himself from the others. A few had their expressions change slightly, feeling a little betrayed. It was clear that any deals en route had been thrown away by Tian Muyang. ”But I ’m here for a proposition. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened, ”I ’m listening. ”

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