Paragon of Sin

Chapter 890: Yin-Yang Resonance;A Proposition?

Chapter 889: Neo-Origin!

Genuine Elemental Origin Energy! It was actually actual elemental origin energy, the same type of energy only generated during the creation of a stellar region, used to establish the growth of natural-forming Solar Stars, Planets, Lunar Satellites, and Continental Flat Earths!

Lin Xianxei ’s heart was like the stomps of a thousand horses. The sheer, fantastical, and unimaginable sight of elemental origin energy enveloping the two halves of Origin was enough to drive her into a state of total and indescribable disbelief.

Her golden eyes glittered so intensely that the excited light could attract and snare the hearts of anyone daring enough to look. Enough elemental origin energy to engulf an entire planet! A large-sized planet like Origin nonetheless! If it was just a wisp here and a bit there, generated by the rumored Elemental Heart Intent attained by Wei Wuyin, she wouldn ’t be experiencing such a drastic reaction.

But this wasn ’t a little here and there, but a thick coating of energy encasing an entire freaking planet!

She wasn ’t the only one thunderstruck, nor was her reaction the most intense. That belonged to the one tasked with establishing a Sky Layer for the split Origin—Han Yuhei! His jaw was to the floor, capable of sweeping across Origin from its exaggerated descent.

”So much wood energy! ” The large, tremendously vast and unfathomably expansive wood energy that was flooding through the planet ignited his shock. The amount of energy wasn ’t little, and the quality of it was certainly peak astral-graded at the very least. Moreover, it was incredibly pure, untainted by any of the other elements, such as earth and water energies, as most would expect.

However, when he felt the slithering will soar through the wood energy, slowly changing its innate properties, it would be an understatement to say he was so surprised that his eyes almost bulged out of his skull. The actual energy itself wasn ’t that shocking, especially when he recalled Wei Wuyin ’s feat of attaining it during the Elementus Chosen Trial, but the sheer scale that it encompassed!

”How is he doing this?! ” Han Yuhei staggered as his palms were a little sweaty. Elemental Heart Intent, no, any Intent had their range limits, heavily based on one ’s Spirit of Cultivation and mental energies. It wouldn ’t be an exaggeration to say that, if he was given Elemental Heart Intent, he wouldn ’t achieve converting a tenth of this wood energy.

And he was an Ascended being!

An Earthly Saint, no less!

But Wei Wuyin was a mere mortal, a recently ascended Realmlord, having just entered the later stages of the Astral Core Realm. While the Realm World Phase, the seventh stage of the Astral Core Realm, was a tremendous leap in strength and ability, it wasn ’t so exaggerated, right?

Suddenly, he felt the elemental origin energy leak out into the Dark Void. His nine-colored eyes glinted with amazed light, but he soon regained himself as he acted. As an Ascended, creating a planet, solar star, or a lunar satellite wasn ’t a difficult feat. It just expended some mystic power.

Even Realmlords could create Continental Flat Earths, some even planets, while those at the Starlord-level can produce solar stars with enough effort and resources. They ’ve long since replicated the profound process with their cultivation base, from establishing a Worldly Domain, a core of energy, gravitational force, and life-growing and sustaining properties.

For him, it wasn ’t hard to formulate a Sky Layer. Any Sky Layer he generated would be more effective than any Realmlord, Timelord, or Starlord could create. With a heavy breath, he began to expel worldly power.




”… ” Trillions of citizens were welcomed to an astonishing sight that would forever etch into their hearts. Their planet, their home, Origin, was engulfed in verdant green energy, and this energy began to rapidly change to white. At times, they could swear there were other colors spurting out. Eventually, the two halves of Origin that had been split apart were slowly moving together, tethered by white-colored power.

When it finally aligned, there was an explosive wave that seemed to announce one thing: ”I am whole! ” And this announcement originated from none other than Origin! The entire process lasted only a few minutes.

At that point, a layer of atmosphere was formed brilliantly around the planet. It filtered out the mystic light and essence, generating a form of pure astral-graded essence and light that was suitable for living beings and materials at the mortal-grade to grow.

Han Yuhei might be an Earthly Saint, and the feat of constructing and placing a Sky Layer was swift, but the time-limit and only some energy expenditure meant the Sky Layer was the lowest quality he could conjure. If he was given a few years, he could instill the atmosphere with multiple Sky Layers, allowing mystic-graded essence and light descend harmlessly.

Then, the planet would naturally give birth to mystic environments. There might be rivers with droplets of condensed mystic-graded water energies or trees bearing delicious fruits that contain potent and refined mystic properties. They would become earthly treasures that would greatly benefit cultivators, especially alchemists.

Suddenly, the elemental origin energy began to rapidly dwindle in quantity. They could see it as if it was a tub with its seal uncorked, the waters flooding out into another location. But the elemental origin energy seemed to sink into the earth, vanishing within as entire environments formed.

There were pure, gorgeous freshwater lakes, flowing rivers, and vast saltwater oceans. Mountains formed, entire ranges seemed to manifest out of thin air, and valleys formed. There were volcanoes emitting faint heat, dormant yet expelling pure magma energies. The north and south poles of the planet were frosty, frozen with the richest and coldest of ice energies.

The entire landscape of Origin had changed. Many of the buildings that were there, formed by the natural elemental materials, had sadly vanished. They were assimilated, forming something new, something greater.

Wei Wuyin stood atop a lone mountain that nearly touched the newly-formed Sky Layer. He pressed his right hand against his chest, his silver eyes observing the world, and they were suffused with a proud emotion.

”How much was expended? ” Wei Wuyin asked, tightening his fingers around his chest. The Mark of Eden was absolutely crucial for the upcoming Calamity of Hell. He didn ’t want this decision to cost him his life and soul, vanishing from this world thoroughly. How sad would that be?

”Not much, ” Eden replied calmly.

Wei Wuyin softly heaved a sigh of relief. While Eden wasn ’t specific in its quantification, it confirmed that he had more than enough to pull off his plans. With that settled, he couldn ’t help but smile as he felt Origin ’s renewed state. He was shocked, elated, and intrigued by his newfound powers.

He had rein in his Worldly Domain of Elemental Origin and Draconic Transformation earlier, observing the glory of his efforts. But the strength of his astral force, the powers of his Worldly Domain, and amplification of his innately refined energies and Spiritual Strength was absolutely phenomenal!

If he fought his Gravity Emission Phase self, he was 110% confident of one-shotting himself. The difference was massive. It was hard to describe in plain terms, but if before he was capable of lifting 100 pounds at his limits, now that limit had grown to over 3,000 pounds.

However, saying he was thirty times stronger was a gross comparison, because that only related to his astral force, understating the benefits of a Worldly Domain. Moreover, his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity grew alongside his cultivation base.

Moreover, he was shocked to see that the upper limits of his Celestial Eyes were far, far greater than his current limits in terms of Spiritual Strength despite the simultaneous elevation. He was always concerned that his subsequent breakthroughs would be faced with issues, unable to maximize his foundation for fear of becoming blind again.

With this, he had room to grow. A lot of room to grow.

”Three hundred and thirty-three thousand meters… ” Wei Wuyin knew this was his ’initial ’ state, consolidated rapidly by his Neo-Dawn Domain Seeds absorption. However, this was purely Ori ’s Worldly Domain. He still had three others.

Thus was a little excessive, no?

After all, even Si De and Ai Yin ’s Worldly Domain barely reached 2,000 meters in diameter despite their Temporal Eye Phase cultivation bases. While they could be considered third-rate by the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, it was still a little too small, right?

If Wei Wuyin wasn ’t fully aware of his own foundation, the cause of such drastic changes, he would ’ve felt certain that the Worldly Domain was the byproduct of a unique cultivation method or art used to increase its range. And these did exist!

This was also the same thought that passed through Tian Muyang ’s head. There were many different methods or arts that could give a Worldly Domain a little umph in its power, size, stability, and properties. In their eyes, Wei Wuyin cultivated a supremely powerful cultivation method to grow his size to such lengths.

The alternative?

Wei Wuyin had a cultivation foundation that far, far exceeded Mortal Limits! The limits of their imagination and knowledge would restrain this conclusion, especially with pre-existing examples of growth methods. It simply wasn ’t very tangible of a conclusion.

If Wei Wuyin knew what these people would think, he wouldn ’t know whether to laugh, cry, scoff, or shake his damn head. After all, this type of opinion had followed him throughout his attainments! Even his Alchemic Eden Energies were rationalized as a unique method to generate a purer alchemical energy! Why? Because these methods exist!

Spiritual Strength Enhancement Spells! Exist!

Self-damaging, self-empowering methods! Exist!

Worldly Domain expansion methods! Exist!

It just didn ’t end, but it wasn ’t his duty to explain the truth. In fact, Wei Wuyin was actually a little sullen. The number of cultivation methods that he actually practiced, including spells, and arts were horrendously, pathetically low for a cultivator at his level.

He was always preoccupied with the Alchemic Dao, unable to train in empowering methods like the Bloodforge Mystic Method, formations, arrays, spells, and arts. If it wasn ’t alchemy, it was exploring the mysteries of the Void Dao. He was bogged down by far too many topics of profound difficulty.

In truth, Wei Wuyin was extremely talented. The Alchemic Dao was complex, delving into seven incredible aspects, and he had a high comprehension of all seven, something that others couldn ’t reach in a lifetime of thirty-thousand years. His attainments with his limited time and his achievements thus far wasn ’t something that should be belittled because his comprehension of arts, spells, and formations were all at a low-level for an Astral Core Realm cultivator.

However, when he recalled the words of the masked figure in the Stellar Nest, he felt that he should devote some time learning various methods and arts, allowing his cultivation base to be active in strength, not so passive and reliant on his absurd foundation. After all, he was like a child with a greatsword at this moment. He might be able to behead others, but wielding his power effectively with any skill was beyond him.


Han Yuhei descended from above, landing not too far away. He looked at Wei Wuyin, feeling the faint wisps of Worldly Pressure from his body, and confirming that he was a genuine Realmlord.

”Congratulations on your successful ascension, ” Han Yuhei said with genuine honesty. The term ’ascension ’ was used loosely to describe cultivation leaps by cultivators, especially large, life-changing breakthroughs such as the Realm World Phase. In this phase, a cultivator was now capable of touching upon powers that brought mortals to awe.

They could create World Realms, Secret Realms, Continental Flat Earths, Lunar Satellites, and Planets. They grasped power that allowed them to traverse the Dark Void by their own power. They could exist in almost every inhospitable environment. They were no longer bound to the limits of a world; they contained and carried their entire world with them.

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled, unable to maintain a calm demeanor from his success. He was very happy. Considering he survived facing the World, formed his Domain Seeds, and finally reached the later-stages of the Astral Core Realm, there was much to be jubilant about.

Most notably, he could control ambient mystic-graded energies! This opened up a path…a pathway to becoming a Saint Alchemist! While he wasn ’t an Ascended cultivator, he felt that with this ability, his Worldly Domain ’s ability to ’sense ’ and ’control ’ mystic-graded essence and energies, he could be considered a Earthly Saint Alchemist soon enough!

However, he wasn ’t in a rush.

”Thank you, ” Wei Wuyin simply said. He had almost added ’Little Yu ’ to it, but he stopped himself with all his might. He added instead: ”I ’ll have to apologize about Origin. I made some fixes, but it won ’t be enough to settle what I caused. ”

”… ” Han Yuhei remained calm outwardly at those words, but he felt excited that his thoughts were confirmed! Wei Wuyin wasn ’t the type to dismiss his responsibility, or half-heartedly slap a fix on it and leave. That being said, Han Yuhei ’s spiritual sense noted the thick, rich elemental energies permeating throughout the planet.

There were wisps of strong essence power and a type of exceptional will infused within. He noted several Apex-level Elemental Intents permeating within some of the freshly growing materials, shocking him deeply. There was an entire mountain effusing the aura of Grand Earth, numerous forests with auras of the Nine Meadows, and volcanoes with Scorching Ash Magma Essence within.

The changes were miraculous. These were sublime cultivation environments, including useful for extracting high-graded materials for trade. Whatever unique treasure that Wei Wuyin used to allow this change, it was extremely worth it! The planet had been thoroughly transformed!

”I ’ll compensate all those who lost their homes, help pay for the Golden Life Pavilion and other associations to help rebuild various farms, cities, and structures destroyed. You can handle the logistics, right? ” Wei Wuyin understood how it felt to lose one ’s home, more than once, and this might not reclaim the memories and emotions within the world, but it could help ease the process of acceptance.

Han Yuhei nodded, ”Of course. However, I don ’t think this planet is the same as before. ”

Wei Wuyin lifted his eyebrow in Han Yuhei ’s direction. Did he want more than that? They hadn ’t even gone through the amount to be distributed yet.

But what Han Yuhei said shook him, ”Origin was destroyed. It has been entirely terraformed, changing geographically and topographically. It isn ’t the same planet. ”

Wei Wuyin frowned. Han Yuhei wasn ’t wrong. The planet Origin had been devastated, not just by his Worldly Forces Astral Tribulation, but by the dissipating Sky Layers, leading to the planet ’s surface being scorched by mystic-graded light energies emitting tremendous heat and flooded with chaos mana.

Origin was destroyed.

Han Yuhei had a dignified facial expression as he offered, ”How about this? Since Origin is destroyed, we change the name to better suit it. Since you helped change it fundamentally, likely its foundational state is even better than before, let ’s name it Neo-Origin? ”

”Haha, ” Wei Wuyin heartily laughed, clearly realizing what Han Yuhei wanted to do. Since this was going to still be the home of the True Element Sect, giving it his mark would form a connection between them, leaving behind his name in their history, and establishing a publicly announced relations. Furthermore, it was clear that despite his age, there was no need for him to be a Chosen or member of the True Element Sect nor would he be willing.

He wielded enough subordinate forces in the form of Wu Yu, the Legion Commander, and Bai Lin, and allied power in the form of Golden Life Pavilion ’s Third Manager, Ma Zheng, and wealth alone to be a peak force, exceeding the True Element Sect.

But if this went through, Wei Wuyin and the True Element Sect could be said to be in a collaboration, allied through this flimsy naming sense. It might not be written in stone, but that was enough to benefit the True Element Sect greatly.


Bai Lin ’s cry resounded as her elegant and majestic white form flew towards them.

Wei Wuyin felt a little intrigued at the prospect, ”Sure. Let ’s go with that. ”

Wei Wuyin looked below, seeing the vast scenery that he helped mold with his imagination and powers.

He softly muttered to himself, ”Neo-Origin, huh? ”

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