Paragon of Sin

Chapter 885: Worldly Forces EndOf All Things

Chapter 884: Worldly Forces, KingsDecision

The Dark Void was a vacuum of space, natural sound and air was absent from its state, yet when the sabers howled, the Dark Void released its sound for hundreds of thousands of miles of distances in every direction imaginable. The sound was both spiritual and physical, felt by an untold number of individuals.


Observing the situation whilst protecting the original inhabitants of Origin, the two Earthly Saints floated in the Dark Void. The countless tens of billions of lifeforms were encapsulated in a Worldly Domain-like construct, a platform of mystic power served as their ground, and pure energies acted to provide and sustain them with life.

Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyi acted in concert to stabilize the situation. Those who were abruptly brought away were surely twisted into a panic, but when the two sent spiritual messages to justify their reasons and identities, those initially unruly and terrified individuals were pacified. Instead, they enjoyed the lightshow and calmly stared in awe at Origin.

Some of those at lower cultivations were inspired by their power and might, capable of bringing away an entire planet that seemed like their entire world with seemingly ease. The dreams and aspirations of many were born on this awe-inspiring day.

“Splendidly beautiful!”

“Is that our planet? It seems so small.”

“Mommy! Can we come here for my birthday next year?”

“One day, Ill grasp such power.” The last self-promise belonged to none other than Lin Ming, who was situated next to Lin Xianxei, Wen Mingna, and Si De. They all were watching Origin undergo various changes. The lightshow was definitely impressive beyond imagination. Just looking at the light energies converted into Soul Light caused their Astral Souls to tremble with an unknown intensity.

It seemed, for many, something was triggered within them. It was a gateway that they never knew existed.

Wen Mingnas eyes were emotional, her lips contained a rare, beautiful smile. “The actions of the peerless brings about fortune to the watchers.” This was a saying that the Grand Seer had once said, repeated in a few journals of Heavenly Seers. It was a reminder that those outstanding often led others to fortune.

It was common practice for Heavenly Seers to find certain focal points, individuals that were peerless and blessed with fortune, and then they would act as guides and watchers to their progression, allowing them to step further along the path of cultivation.

Ming Shufeng had adopted this strategy as a youngling, following two fortunate cultivators when presented with the opportunity. Wen Mingna, however, refused to adhere to such a principle of finding the most fortune, tagging along like a scarf. To her, she would only follow and support Wei Wuyin, fortunate or not. That was what she decided on that day, and even if death awaited, she would always follow through.

This was simply how she was.

Lin Xianxei heard what Wen Mingna said, her eyes shined strangely as she looked towards this beautiful woman. “Youre from the Golden Gate Pavilion?” She couldnt help but ask. As someone who was hounded by the Fated Prince of the Fourth Gate, she was very well aware of the sayings and qualities of the Golden Gate Pavilion.

Lin Mings attention was drawn away, looking at Wen Mingna with a little shock and unexpected surprise. While the Golden Gate Pavilion was the home of some of the greatest Seers, its not as if all Seers were members of the Golden Gate Pavilion. In fact, every force worth their salt had their own Seers. The True Element Sect was no different.

Wen Mingna wasnt bothered by the question. She had accepted her identity before, so it wasnt in her nature to deny the status after receiving the benefits. She gave Lin Xianxei a glance, nodding, and then returned her gaze to Origin.

At this moment, the various Soul Lights were slowly dissipating, slowly revealing an extremely devastated planet that caused numerous cultivators strong enough to notice the gasp in horror and terror! They werent able to see the planet or the events happening on the surface with the Soul Lights shrouding it.

“My god! WHAT IN THE HEAVENS HAPPENED?!” A Realmlord screamed.

“…Guardian Han and Grand Elder Zhang mustve known this was going to happen,” a wise elder with the cultivation base the Temporal Eye Phase, the eighth-stage of the Astral Core Realm, softly remarked with a wisp of pity and sadness.

“Daddy! Is our home gone? Is blankie okay?!”

“…” Discussions, exclamations, speculations, and wails resounded to those who saw. For those too weak, just the words from others allowed them to understand the situation. The planets topography was clearly changed, with some geographical areas being completely absent—a mountain here, a lake there.

While sad chaos overflowed, Lin Xianxei was staring at Wen Mingna. She was a member of the Golden Gate Pavilion and followed Wei Wuyin closely. Did this mean that Wei Wuyin and the Golden Gate Pavilion had a connection?

Were those words before, spoken so powerfully by the Grand Seer, just biased words? That thought slowly burrowed itself in her mind, allowing her to come to her own conclusion that those words were less and less reliable. It soothed her heart and thoughts, so she began to latch onto it. The state of Origin barely concerned her. As long as lives werent lost, a planet can be rebuilt.

It wasnt just her, Lin Ming also had such thoughts. “So the Golden Gate Pavilion and Wei Wuyin are in bed with each other. No wonder, heh.” Lin Ming gave Lin Xianxei a look, his self-confidence growing by the second. The two felt a wave of relief in their hearts. The unfathomable means, exceptional status, and illustrious reputation of the Grand Seer made her predictions extremely hard to refute. It plagued them incessantly like an itchy rash.

Wen Mingna didnt even give them two a look. Did the Grand Seer predict this? Her intended action was to leave a seed, ensuring that Lin Xianxei would never go after Wei Wuyin, an act of vengeance, and the effects were clearly quite potent.

She wondered if she should interfere, clarify this situation, and realign their path. But when she thought about the strength of the Grand Seer, it was very likely that her actions might not work out. Whatever the case, she had no intentions to help them.

She didnt like Lin Xianxei.

Wen Mingna had watched Si De break open Lin Xianxeis lie, pretending to be Wei Wuyins fiancée for her own purposes. Moreover, she seemed to be grooming Lin Ming for some purpose. She recalled seeing him before in the Myriad Yore Continent. He had ventured off alone after arriving on the Myriad Monarch Sects Main Planet, ending up in the Elemental Heaven Pavilion, later joining the True Element Sect.

That wasnt a coincidence.

Shifting her gaze to Lin Ming, she felt an even stronger dislike. He had lost to Zuhei and Wei Wuyin, suffering incredible losses, yet he still carried himself with a type of confidence unbefitting of one who cheated their way through an entire trial on the backs of others. The Grand Seer didnt spare any detail about what was discovered during the Grand Demonstration.

He definitely didnt deserve his title as Chosen.

Wen Mingna decided to ignore them, looking away to watch Origin more intently.

Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyi had solemn expressions. The latter couldnt help but say, “Your foresight is amazing.” The devastation that had been wrought on the surface and depths of Origin wouldve caused a tremendous loss of life.

Han Yuhei nodded a little in agreement. “The planets energies…theyre…” The Earthly Saint instantly realized the planets energies were being siphoned away, drawn to a certain location, and the extraction was abnormally thorough. The lakes dried up, the mountains crumbled, and the atmosphere thinned considerably, on the verge of dissipating entirely.

They were taken aback in horror.

SHIING! ғʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

The two saber howls now were unleashed! The two Earthly Saints instinctively reacted, reinforcing the shielding of the inhabitants, halting the waves of saber pressure being emitted.

“Is that?!” Zhang Ziyi cried out as a ray of scintillating saber light flashed! It was extremely brief, yet it caused her heart to shiver uncontrollably. This saber light contained the power of an entire planet, and it released an extremely sharpness that brought a sensation of caution to her heart!

Abruptly, another saber light flashed! It wasnt as large, it wasnt as wide, and it wasnt nearly as grand as bearing the weight of a planet, but it was unfathomably terrifying! It was condensed to a limit, a single line forming that shot upwards and downwards within their visual range.

It reached such a far distance that it felt as if it might shoot towards the Supermassive Solar Star in the unimaginable distance! Of course, this was merely a visual illusion. It felt as if it had no end and no beginning.

The flashes happened and ended within a split second!

Then, a silence befell the world.

“…” Han Yuhei watched with a fierce intensity, trying to observe the planet, yet there was still a strange power that prevented him from seeing what was happening. The unique characteristics of tribulations. If one wasnt involved or had special means, they simply wouldnt be able to see the heavens process for cultivation at every step.

Despite being an Earthly Saint, this still held true.

He couldnt help but be worried. Origin was their only planet left for the True Element Sect, and it was their pride and joy, fostered by countless experts and developed with unprecedented care.


A forceful energy erupted from Origin.

“Oh no…” Wide-eyed, the Earthly Saints watched the unthinkable.

The planet, Origin, began to shift. But two halves of it was going in different directions, taking different orbits.



Wei Wuyin floated as a great chasm was beneath him. The edges of which were abnormally smooth, and its shape was consistently straight. It was the result of a Worldly Avatar of Kings saber strike! This chasm extended to the furthest reaches of the planet, extending into its depths and beyond its planetary borders.

Wei Wuyin was looking at Element in his hand, his silver eyes glowing strangely. If one looked closely, they would notice that the chasm seemed to line perfectly up behind Wei Wuyin, and there wasnt a single missing spot. He had been hit!

“Burgh!” An awkward cough of air sent grey-colored blood gushing from Wei Wuyins mouth, spewing outwards like a river. His eyes, ears, and nose began to bleed. Yet despite his orifices profusely bleeding, his expression was incredibly calm and he stared at Element with an unwavering gaze.

Bits of the Worldly Avatar of King were falling down from the sky, slowly gathering around Wei Wuyin. This included the bits of Worldly Avatars of Ori, Kratos, and Eden. They were whirling around him, forming a beautiful array of light colors.

The Worldly Avatar of Eden had been pushed out of Wei Wuyins Sea of Consciousness after its crushing defeat. It was obediently moving as the others.

“Are you sure?” Wei Wuyin calmly asked as he looked at Eden, blood gushing out at every syllable.

“Are you sure? Are you really sure?” Ori anxiously asked as well, externalizing at this moment as it hovered above Element as a white sphere with endless elemental transformations.

“Yes.” The voice belonged to King, and it contained unimaginable seriousness within.

Wei Wuyin nodded; there was no need to think about it. Wei Wuyin closed his eyes as he began to execute the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, gathering a wisp of the Imperial Heaven Aura that he had forged long ago. He used and refined this aura to forge products for Wu Baozhai, cultivating it in the Myriad Monarch Sect shortly after obtaining the Myriad Monarch Canon.

While it wasnt a genuine Imperial Heaven Aura borne from Imperial Heaven Ignition Essence or an Imperial Soul, it served as a suitable substitute for alchemists. It was the only way for alchemists to concoct the products listed in the Myriad Monarch Canon.

“Good Luck!” Ori shouted, its voice was cheerful with a reverb of a lingering emotion of sorrow yet also happy acceptance! The contradiction held its truest feelings.

The Imperial Heaven Aura was sent into Element, entering Kings Astral Core.

“Dont fail,” Kratos growled.

“Were here if you need anything,” Eden said.

Wei Wuyin closed his eyes. There were some wrinkles beneath it, a sign of lifeforce depletion. The bits of Worldly Avatars seemed to be vibrating, ready to be absorbed. Then, and only then, will the tribulation be considered genuinely overcome.

“Is it over?” Wei Wuyin asked as the Mark of Edens wood energies and lifeforce began to rapidly repair the tremendous damage to his body, regaining his lifespan that was severed by this strike by 90%. If it wasnt for his Draconic Transformation, Mystic-Earth graded protection, and Saber Heart Intent, he wouldve been eviscerated entirely. The Annihilation Saber Light of the Worldly Avatar was the strongest attack hed faced in his lifetime, only less significant in terrorizing power to the Wall of Heaven.

“Not yet,” Eden answered.

“I expected as much.” Wei Wuyin opened his eyes, observing the bits of worldly light. His Astral Souls were never one for keeping things simple.

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