Paragon of Sin

Chapter 858: The lmperial Clans Arrival

Chapter 857: Eye of Creation; Boundless Material Dao

Those colors, those shades, every last one of them represented aspects of creation, but to be more specific, they represented the Material Dao of the entire world. Whether it was the nine elements, light, darkness, jade, scarlet, or golden. It reflected all of them and far, far more.

This was the Eye of Creation!

Wei Wuyin still found it hard to believe! He originally thought the solution to his eyes would be finding advanced versions of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinitys three eyes, allowing their spell formations to withstand greater spiritual strength. He hadnt expected that by sharing the load with an additional Eye was sufficient to balance out the overwhelming spiritual strength, divided amongst four instead of three.

They were no longer filled to the brim, threatening to explode. It was fascinatingly odd yet it solved the issue.

Like the other three Eye Formations, this one had to be inscribed with the risk of blindness in the event of failure. It had to be inscribed within the physical eye. Unlike the Eye of Immortality, the Eye of Creation had to be inscribed on the inner walls of the eyes. It was a multi-link spell formation, requiring nine thousands, nine hundred, and nine-ninety of intricate tiny spell formations that interconnected as a complete whole.

At the center of his physical eyes, a mass of white light was within that was nourished and contained by these thousands of spell formations. This mass of white light was, supposedly, a Divine Seed of Creation.

Wei Wuyin didnt find it remotely difficult to inscribe the formations. With the assistance of his powerful mental energies, his spiritual strength, and his experience in successfully inscribing three other formations of similar design, he easily cultivated the Eye of Creation.

Just like the others, however, the upper limit of its strength was relative to his cultivation level, but its actual power was dependent on his spiritual strength and energies. With all four Eye Formations, his spiritual strength was at the precipice of the limit. He had just barely brought the strain down to manageable levels. With his thirteen-ringed Soul Idols, maximally refined physical and mental energies, his spiritual strength was at an absurd level.

He had been mistaken for a genuine Spiritualist numerous times in the Battlefield, but he was just an abnormal existence with four Astral Souls.

“The Eye of Creations Divine Seed of Creation…” Wei Wuyin softly whispered, recalling all the details mentioned in the scroll. Like the other eyes, the Eye of Creations description was abnormally vague.

According to it, the Eye of Creation can create and nourish the Material World. It was simply put. If the Eye of Illusion was tethered to the Mind Dao, capable of creating complex illusions of intricate designs, then the Eye of Creation was the Material Daos counterpart.

This was likely why the Eye of Illusion was absent from this version of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity. When he saw the formations of the Eye of Creation and the Everlasting Spirit of Nine Flames, he instantly realized that the latter was an extremely simplified and merged version of the Eye of Immortality and Eye of Creation.

There were additional parts added into it, honing its focus towards the fire element. With the Eye of Immortality, the flames gained a unique version of Permanence and the Eye of Creation helped nourish the flames like it had with the Divine Seed of Creation.

The Eye of Truth was absent from it. It seemed only two was the limit of its creator. Whether it was actually the titan-human hybrid that Divine King Han Xei mentioned to Lin Xianxei or someone else who created the derived spell, they met their limits with just two. Regardless, the cultivator was a bonafide genius.

Wei Wuyin didnt have the confidence in merging these two spell formations. He was just too young, not nearly as knowledgeable as he wished he was.

‘The Everlore Eyes of Endlessness must be from a different version considering the timeline and origins of the spell. Theres no way the King of Everlore found that version in the Paramount Jade Realm. Wei Wuyin pondered if the King of Everlore had found his version or was it a different version?

No, it had to be a different version.

The Everlore Eyes of Endlessness had the means to nourish wood-attributed materials like the Eye of Creation. He found the Eye of Illusion, so its not possible to be the same version. This only increased his curiosity. Where were these other versions?

Wei Wuyin glanced at Wen Mingna. She was extremely diligent, cultivating with absolute focus. He couldnt help but soften his gaze, a smile forming at the edges of his lips. If it wasnt for her, he mightve died numerous times already. Hell have to find some way to repay her.

He took a deep breath and heavily exhaled. He flipped his palm and brought out a piece of qi-graded Scarlet Rock the size of a babys palm, a material that contained both earthen and scarlet essence. It was the same material that the Scarlet Solaris Mountain was made of.

He focused his gaze towards the rock. With a thought, he activated the Eye of Creations formations. The mass of white light seemed to imprint on itself the image of the rock, its white colors changing to a mixture of darkly tainted scarlet.

Wei Wuyin felt as if he could see the essence of Scarlet and Earth, the latter of which was extremely familiar as his Grand Earth Intent instinctively surged outwards, flowing into his eyes and merging with the darkly tainted scarlet mass.

At this point, Wei Wuyins pupils were the exact color of the mass, bringing his silver irises and scarlet pupils a unique alluring characteristic, seeming more natural and aggressive. Suddenly, the rock crumbled in his grasp, becoming dark dust that vanished with the slightest wind.

Wei Wuyin couldnt even find it anymore. His eyes soon felt a bloated sensation and with a slight groan, his eyes shot forth two beams of darkly tainted scarlet light into his open palm.

After a few seconds, Wei Wuyins entire body relaxed as he felt as if a heavy load was released from his spirit. But what he held in his palms shook him!

‘This is…is this…astral-graded material? He felt as if it was surreal. The exact same scarlet rock that had vanished into nothing dust had reappeared from the beams of light, forming an astral-graded Scarlet Rock! This was an entirely different grade of difference!

Moreover, he felt as if the earthen essence within were of a tremendously higher quality. He inspected it and found that the basic earthen essence had changed, becoming Grand Earth essence!

‘So this is the Eye of Creation! It was just as incredible as the ability to create illusions, an eye that cant be destroyed, and see through the hidden truth of the entire world! In fact, it was even more outrageous from a cultivators perspective!

He wanted to test it out more. Could he push anything to astral-grade? Could it become peak astral-grade if he nourished it for longer? As if struck by lightning, he remembered something. The cost! He hastily inspected his energy reserves, and he found that his spiritual energies had been depleted by an extremely minimal amount. It was absurdly little, a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a single percentage.

This was likely attributed to his vast quantity of spiritual energy. The possibilities…


He couldnt stop himself from grinning and laughing aloud, disturbing Wen Mingna by accident. She eyed him curiously.He must be excited that he solved his ocular spell issue. Its a little cu-‘


Wu Yu arrived in the courtyard in a panicked manner. Wei Wuyin instantly stopped laughing, and seeing Wu Yus dignified expression, he realized this was serious.

“What is it?” Wei Wuyin asked directly, rising from his position. Wen Mingna followed suit, her eyes flashed with glossy golden light as she lifted her gaze to the sky.

Wu Yu said with a deep tone, “The Imperial Clan is here.”


At the edge of the domain-sealing barrier, Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyi were observing the three gigantic-sized Voidships that seemed ready for war. At their hulls were the bright golden characters forAeternal andSky, the Imperial Clan was here!

The Tian Clan was here!

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