Paragon of Sin

Chapter 835: Rightful Chosen Arrives

s. The Ascended beings could feel the mystic-graded mana, mystic essence, and their internalized Mystic Seeds tremble violently.

The three Earthly Saints had arrived!

Outside the glossy white layer, three figures emerged side by side in the Dark Void.

To the left was a mature, dark-haired woman with exquisitely applied make-up. She wasnt too outstanding or lacking in any particular area, but her imperialistic demeanor lent her an alluring charm that demanded respect. In white robes with a navy-blue trim that hugged her figure, she was Zhang Ziyi.

To the right, a man of average looks, middle-aged, who carried a relatively lazy posture forming a sharp contrast to his fierce eyes. In white robes with a sanguine trim, he was Gong Lau.

At the center, it was none other than Han Yuhei, the Guardian of the Elements, and one of the strongest Earthly Saints in the entire Aeternal Sky Starfield. While his facial features were obscured by a hood, his nine-colored outfit of perfectly symmetrical design stood out. Yet his presence was stifling and reassuring to the masses below.

The Earthly Saints had unleashed their Mystic Auras, ensuring to the world that they were present. It was broadcasting to the world that fear or panic was unnecessary. Their existences were enough to sweep all issues. Those auras suppressed the Fire Phoenixs fiery brilliance.

The ambient mood changed suddenly, with some Ascended beings even entertaining the possibility of obtaining the Fire Phoenix for their own use. The bloodline of this beast was said to be mystical, and the Tang Clan would pay any price to obtain the slightest drop of its blood essence. Also, It was reported to have magical life-granting properties. There wasnt a single Mystic Star Phase cultivator alive that didnt wish to live longer after theirfailure.

Yet all of those thoughts vanished from their minds after a single sentence was projected to them all spiritually.

“Is this how you welcome your so-called Chosen?” An explosive Mystic Aura met the three Earthly Saints, clashing with them in a tempest of mystic power that only those Ascended beings could see, but every last living being felt.

The expressions of Zhang Ziyi and Gong Lau drastically shifted, the colors of their faces paled after meeting the gargantuan power barreling their way. Aghast, they hurriedly reinforced their Mystic Auras to match the ferocious power. Han Yuheis eyes were revealed underneath his hood, the brilliance of nine colors emanated from his pupils, and his robes fluttered wildly.

He took a single step forward, his Mystic Aura unleashed to another degree higher, exceeding the combined power of both Zhang Ziyi and Gong Lau. The tempest of mystic power grew wilder, even the planetary formation was affected as ripples began to ceaselessly appear on its glossy surface.

“Oh?” The voice from earlier began to grow deeper, infused with an imperialistic richness that demanded subservience and capitulation.

“Sit, Little Yu!” A voice solely directed towards Han Yuhei sounded like thunder in his ears, causing the glint in his eyes to grow aggressive. The glint carried endless memories, fueled by internal rage.

. . .


Han Yuhei strongly resisted, but an explosive burst of mystic power caused his body to fly uncontrollably backward, piercing through the planetary formation at startling speed. Like a meteorite, Han Yuhei crashed into the planets surface and caused the planet to shake.

Then, the Fire Phoenix cried. The flames that engulfed its body began to shrink, losing its fiery brilliance. In moments, the Fire Phoenix Transformation was ended, revealing the figures of Wu Yu, Wei Wuyin, Wen Mingna, and Bai Lin.

Wu Yu stood floating in the Dark Void ahead of them, his arms crossed against his chest with an imposing glare that could still the beating heart.Heavens! That felt good. Wu Yu suppressed a delighted grin as he regarded the astonished and fear-stricken expressions of the two Earthly Saints.

With Wen Mingnas Worldly Domain covering him, Wei Wuyin flew forward ahead of Wu Yu, obtaining the focused gazes of everyone on this side of the planet. He clasped his hands together, extending a polite bow, “I, Wei Wuyin, greet the Elementus Monarchs.” Those words were transmitted spiritually to all.


Han Yuhei shot upwards as a beam of nine-colored light, returning to the middle position of the Earthly Saints with incredible speed. Those at a certain level might not have even noticed his momentary absence. He no longer had his hood concealing his face, revealing his gentle, well-proportioned facial features, sword-like eyebrows colored white, and nine-colored eyes that reflected the nine elements.

The entire planet, all its experts, and the three Earthly Saints all had expression changes as they met this young, astonishingly, almost impossibly handsome man with closed eyes and a hint of a smile. Even Zhang Ziyi, someone who hadnt been moved by men for a long, long time felt her lower half experience a reaction.

Down on the planet, Lin Xianxeis eyes were unimaginably wide, trembling, and her delicate body visibly shook.

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