Paragon of Sin

Chapter 833: Elementus Domain; Enter Lin Ming

Chapter 832: The Benefits of Exploration

Several hours had slowly elapsed outside the border of the United Source Starfield. For those inside the spherical barrier, unable to escape or freely communicate their situation to others, panic kept setting in. While Kun Yimings trio kept the situation controlled, continuously reassuring them of their safety, there were few cultivators that felt comfortable while being restrained and trapped.

They still tried to formulate a united resistance. Unfortunately, the barrier that Wu Yu established was far too strong. Kun Yiming and the others could only sigh, allowing them to act as they wished. There were even considerations of a united ignition of Astral Souls and detonation of Star Cores, channeling all they generated power into a single location to create an opening.

This was the livings natural desire to survive. They would use whatever means to eke out a chance at survival, even if impractical. As if they could outrun an Earthly Saint. Yet desperation breeds unreasonableness. It was only at the precipice of their despair that Venerable Bluecloud told an inkling of the truth. That the barrier was meant to protect them, not harm them. And that their backing was settling matters with the United Source True Queen to secure their freedom.

A few days, that was his suggestion. Just a few days. Without any tangible alternatives that didnt result in self-ruin, they agreed, all with heavy reluctance and skepticism. Some whispers even circulated in the shadows of Venerable Blueclouds collusion with that newly arrived Earthly Saint to silence them. The complex situation just grew.

But the Earthly Saints outside cared little about these tiny, insignificant squabbles. The United Source True Queen, Lady Clearwind, carried a tense heart with Wu Yu present, concerned of being edged out of any benefit or their plan ruined due to Wei Wuyins interference.

She had an urge to sneak attack in the hopes of restraining Wu Yu, retaking the initiative. While this might offend Wei Wuyin, shell be able to dictate terms. Unfortunately, Wu Yus attention was fully on her, with a charming glint in his eyes and conversation, she was unable to find an opening.

Left with no choice, she could only amicably engage with Wu Yu to pass the time. It wasnt long before she noticed that Wu Yus conversation topics with her were growing more casual, humorous and focused on her. She found herself telling him about details that were semi-personal, frowning inwardly as a result.

°Hes flirting?° As an Earthly Saint, an aged cultivator of high status and station, she was not only too busy but too powerful. There werent many Earthly Saints that would interact on a regular basis, and those beneath her were often terrified of the power and authority she wielded. It had been a long, long, long time since she had a casual conversation between equals that lacked any tension or shadowy goals.

Wu Yu was direct with his words and facial expressions, and he didnt hide his admiration for her, nor his interest. He had all but asked her out when he asked for a tour of the United Source Starfields greatest sceneries. As an Earthly Saint being with the backing of a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, likely a future Saint Alchemist, there was no one else worthy enough to act as a guide for him.

By the second hour, the two were already fully engaged in conversation, discussing things that shook her. He had a depth of knowledge in terms of cultivation that she found refreshing. Of course, she didnt know all of this stemmed from the Blood Origin Method.

By the fourth hour, she had already closed the distance. The two Earthly Saints stayed beside the backdoor to the Stellar Nest while having an extended conversation.

“Hes not that impressive,” Bai Lin mentally communicated with Wen Mingna.

“Oh?” Wen Mingna was more concerned if Lady Clearwind will try to attack or seize an advantage considering Wei Wuyins earlier statement, not on Wu Yu courting skills. Wu Yu seemed to be stabilizing the passageway. If he stopped, who knew what would happen.

Bai Lin scoffed disdainfully, “If it was Wei Wuyin, her clothes wouldve already been off. No coaxing necessary. Hes taking too long, amateur.”

Wen Mingna was speechless. She didnt know whether to laugh or cry. But when she thought about it, there were numerous rumors of women throwing themselves at Wei Wuyins feet in the Myriad Monarch Sect. Perhaps there wouldnt need to be an attempt to court because mentally, the girls had already decided to be his.

For some reason, when Wen Mingna thought of those rumors, her face slightly blushed with a rare shade of pink. Unfortunately, there was no one focused on observing such an enchanting expression. The two Earthly Saints were the focal point, and they were idling about in conversation that threw some listeners into an enlightened trance. This became greater when they delved into Astral Core Realm cultivation insights and discovery.

When Wu Yu spoke about Astral Idols, not only was Lady Clearwind visibly shaken, but her eyes brightened with realization and excitement. She had never even thought there was more to explore with the Astral Core Realm, but she had always felt lacking in regards to that knowledge. The way she looked at Wu Yu changed, carrying interest and amazement. She wanted to know more about this recently ascended Earthly Saint.

Caught in that web of intrigue, Wu Yu slowly reeled her in. He hadnt lost it, despite not having any partners since Junia, his late wife. Lady Clearwind reminded him of Junia, her spirit and authority befitting a leader. It was just unfortunate that her talent was severely lacking, causing her lifespan to end at the Astral Core Realm.

One of his greatest regrets.

A soft popping sound soon resounded. Wen Mingna was startled as she felt her spatial ring emit a faint spiritual light. Suddenly, a Void Portal was conjured. The creation of it caused both Earthly Saints to end their conversation, focusing their senses towards Wen Mingna.

A tall figure with exceptionally sleek, refined, and compacted muscles of perfection exited the Void Portal dressed in black. Wei Wuyin floated within Wen Mingnas Worldly Domain, a faint grin on his face as he observed the shocked expression on Wen Mingnas face.

“Hey,” Wei Wuyin greeted. Despite his closed eyes, his handsome visage was exceptional and heart-moving, and even Wen Mingna was caught off-guard by the sudden appearance, thrown into a daze. That blush grew a few shades redder.

Wei Wuyin was far too used to such reactions, but he found Wen Mingnas reaction particularly interesting. He couldnt help but deepen his smile.

Bai Lin was beneath him, and she cried out excitedly. “Did you get the Zenith Stellar Source?” She wasnt shocked by Wei Wuyins looks, long accustomed to it. Her interest was more towards benefits. The Stellar Nest that was described felt boundless profitable.

Wei Wuyin bent his knees, softly caressing Bai Lins back, “I didnt.” Those words took Bai Lin back a little, feeling shocked that Wei Wuyin had failed. But when Wei Wuyin continued with a cheeky grin, her attitude changed. “I obtained so much more.”

While he hadnt obtained the Zenith Stellar Source in this run, his intentions were always to claim it all. If he found and claimed the Zenith Stellar Source, that would be great, but if he could gain free access to the elusive yet highly profitable Stellar Nest, then his profits and gains would be unimaginable.

Since there were items like the Astralis Ultimate Star within, he had already felt that while he hadnt obtained the treasure in the chest, he obtained the entire treasure house with multiple chests and a vault—it was all his.

Rising to a standing position, he looked at the perplexed Lady Clearwind and the faintly smiling Wu Yu. “You can stop,” Wei Wuyin told Wu Yu. Wu Yu didnt hesitate to remove his arm. And as if no longer having its sky-stabilizing pillar, the backdoor began to chaotically fluctuate and quake.

Lady Clearwind panicked, rushing forward to replace Wu Yu. She used her mystic power to stabilize the backdoor, but the rate of decay was noticeable and seemingly unstoppable. In fact, her mystic power sped the process up. However Wu Yu stabilized the backdoor, she didnt have the means to replicate such a feat. Exasperated, she pulled away and the backdoor crumbled.

Her expression was sullen. There were a thousand of her Clear-Wing Knights within. How could she not be? Moreover, the masked figure was inside too, and seeking out her Zenith Stellar Source. All her potential profits collapsed along with the backdoor.

Wei Wuyin didnt keep her in suspense or lie to her. With Bai Lin and Wen Mingna, they approached and met with them.

Lady Clearwinds eyes emanated a faint darkness. Her losses were not little. “What is the meaning of this? I demand an explanation!” Her tone contained some heavy venom backed by an imposing demeanor etched into her bones. If anyone saw her, they would feel that she might become hostile if an explanation wasnt presented.

Wei Wuyin was somewhat shocked as he looked at the collapsed backdoor, giving Lady Clearwind a strange expression. “An explanation? You used your mystic power and destroyed your own entrance…” He didnt know what to say. The chaotic spatial fluctuations were temporary. It wouldve regulated and stabilized. While the backdoor still wasnt something those with specific means, such as the masked figurrs void shuttle or Wu Yus Imperial Heaven Aura, could enter, Lady Clearwinds infusion of spatial-attributed mystic power had led to an unavoidable collapse.

He was truly baffled by the audacity of her demand.

Lady Clearwind was an Earthly Saint, so she quickly realized her mistake. Her eyes widened, giving Wu Yu a look and receiving the same strange look that Wei Wuyin gave her. Who told her to act so recklessly or at all?


An awkward silence was born.

Eventually, Wei Wuyin decided to break it with a soft laugh, feeling quite satisfied at his gains. It was best that the backdoor collapsed. If not, he wouldve had to find a way to destroy it. He couldnt solely own it if there was a known entrance here.

“No worries; the Stellar Nests entrance wouldnt have lasted for long anyways, so no need to dwell on this careless mistake. Moreover, entering was all but a death trap.” Wei Wuyin claimed.

“Death trap?” Wen Mingna, Wu Yu, and Lady Clearwind were stunned by his phrasing.

Wei Wuyin didnt hide anything from those three, so he explained it all, including how the masked figure had tricked Lady Clearwind, never intending to seek out Zenith Stellar Source or give her any Stellar Rain. Those 1,000 Starlords she sent in were all fodder to manipulate the moving backdoor within. While his entry had toppled it all, the masked figure still escaped.

Wu Yu was far more shaken by the story than even Lady Clearwind. A mortal being had escaped the monster that was Wei Wuyin. Of course, there were countless variables that had to be navigated and neither used their greatest means, trying to avoid killing.

“That fucking bastard!” Lady Clearwind spat through gritted teeth. The burning rage in her eyes festered. She felt like a fool, played by a mere mortal. All her planned contingencies had been rendered moot. From the on-set, she had already fallen for the masked figures trap.

While Wei Wuyin could be spouting lies, he hadnt concealed his spiritual fluctuations for her to grasp, allowing her to determine that all he said was the truth. While he avoided certain details, like claiming half the Astralis Ultimate Star, almost everything else was said except how he escaped the Stellar Nest. He simply said he used other means, like the masked figure had.

Wu Yu went and consoled Lady Clearwind, but his manner of doing so was quite aggressive. “Anger is to be short-lived; revenge is priority.”

Those words struck a chord in her heart and she seemingly calmed down. In a short period of time, Wu Yu had grasped Lady Clearwinds personality. She didnt need to be told of her failures and how to learn from it, but her prospect for revenge.

Wei Wuyin felt that Da Shan carried such similarities. Fortunately, her revenge had already been claimed—it was swift and brutal. As for anger, it served her no purpose except as a distraction and a reminder of her pain. It was best to be discarded, its remnants used as fuel to generate a drive.

From Lady Clearwinds eyes, that fuel was quite abundant.

“Well, I obtained some things while inside the Stellar Nest. How about a trade, United Source True Queen?” Wei Wuyin smiled excitedly.

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