Paragon of Sin

Chapter 814 - Power of the Void Dao

edges of his eyes and eyelids were seemingly scorched by a cyan-colored ray of heat, the sides intensely scrambled, and bits of light leaked outwards.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” Ori was the first to fire this question out, absolutely confused by what just happened. For a moment, it felt as if it wanted to implode on itself. That some unfathomably vast and ancient law in the world didnt want it to exist, and it wasnt the Heavenly Daos!

“…Did we just?” King questioned as wisps of saber light swirled around Wei Wuyin protectively, unleashing a faint aura of pure annihilation power. If anything approached, be it Heavenly Daos or that strange law, it would challenge it with its edge!

“I felt myself,” Eden stated eerily, clearly shaken.

They all were.

Kratos heaved a heavy sigh of satisfied relief, exhausted to its limits. At the moment, Wei Wuyins heartbeat was extremely slow and weak. But besides that, his innate energies and astral forces were completely untouched, as if he hadnt used any energy. He thought Kratos would exhaust its bloodline source, but it hadnt. In fact, it didnt seem like it even used any of its energies or forces, just its Astral Form within his heart was weakened. It was strange because he clearly remembered pouring energy into Wen Mingna and Bai Lin.Want to see more chapters? Please visit panda-novel ,com

“What the hell was that?!” Wei Wuyin breathily questioned. He felt as if he had traversed the Void, just like the other times, but this was different.

Kratos voice was weak, but it softly explained: “I am the Void!” And yet again, it failed to do so with any sense. However, Eden came to the rescue.

“I felt another me, and then I felt as if something wanted me not to exist. As if I was an inconsistent part of the world, an impurity that needed to be refined.” The Alchemic Dao clearly served as its explanatory reference, but it was still unclear.

“I felt it too,” King agreed.

“DID WE JUST TRAVEL THROUGH TIME!?! THATS SOOO AWESOOOME!” Ori was excited; the lingering feeling of danger could not squash its jubilant thoughts. No one said it plainly, but Ori didnt hesitate to speak its mind.

Wei Wuyins mind stirred, realizing what had just happened, but he recalled that sensation of his breakthrough into the Astral Core Realm. He had seemingly returned to his firsts of many things, capable of reacting differently with his renewed awareness, and due to this, he had two sets of memories. He could never verify if he had indeed traveled back in time or not or if it was an illusion…

“Why? How?” He asked Kratos. Out of all of those here, he was the manifestation of the Void Dao, infused with its profound powers. He had tried to just traverse through the Void, so why did he experience such a strange, unfathomable situation?

Kratos was still tired, seemingly ready to sleep, but he answered with two words: “Paradoxical Correction.” Those words were all it said before it started to go dormant. While Wei Wuyin could still use his Draconic Void Force, he was unable to interact with Kratos.

“Something mustve happened when we were trying to travel through that array,” Eden tried to find a reason. Unfortunately, that was all that it could say on the subject.

“…Yeah.” Wei Wuyin could only agree, but the depths of his mind was vigorously stirring with all sorts of thoughts. If they had actually traversed through time and space, then…

The power of the Void Dao was truly heaven-defying, or at the very least, when he thought of the Temporal Reincarnator, it was heaven-equalling!

While this exchange seemed to have taken a long time, it was merely two additional seconds before it reached this point. Wei Wuyin didnt hesitate to flap his Infinite Void Wings and fly through the Dark Void with Wen Mingna and Bai Lin on tow. He didnt want to draw any more unwanted attention, especially since his eyes had unleashed that lantern-like spiritual light.

Several minutes later, a few figures descended upon the space where Wei Wuyin had been. They inspected the area but found no traces of any being here nor any strange treasures. They kept searching for an hour until nothing was found, soon scattering to search the nearby areas.

Wei Wuyin had long since left, concealing his trail by becoming one with fixed space.

Three days later, Wu Yu was still cultivating in a lunar satellites earthen layer while hidden away. There was an ongoing search for his existence, but no cultivator above the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase, the Third Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, had swept their spiritual senses across the planet. He remained completely undetected.

“The Imperial Void Shadow Spell is quite exceptional…” Wu Yu commented as he kept refining the World Genesis Elixir, cultivating the Blood Origin Method. Now that he was an Earthly Saint, having a body filled with Awakened Mystic Runes, he could refine Mystic-graded materials and products with faster speed.

In these three days, he refined another 30% of the elixir. He was very close to the second stage of the Blood Origin Method, the World-Blood Stage. Just a little more.

Suddenly, a spiritual light erupted from his hand. It belonged to his spatial ring, the one given to him by Wei Wuyin. His eyes lit with a heavy brilliance, intrigued as he inspected the spiritual light. The moment he did, he felt a strange spatial ripple erupt.


A sound occurred, and a spherical Void Portal emerged directly before him, swallowing the loose earth around it.

A voice flowed through, giving off a familiar vibe that Wu Yu could never mistake.

“I cant hold it for long, hurry.”

Wu Yu didnt hesitate, once again astonished by Wei Wuyins exceptional means, and he entered the Void Portal.

Directly outside the Aeternal Sky Starfields border outside of the Elementus Domain, just a mile away from its spatial restrictive limits, Wei Wuyin and Wen Mingna stood side by side atop Bai Lin floating in the Dark Void with the formers hand outstretched outward. A Void Portal, expanding and contracting erratically, was present before them.

Wu Yu walked out with a bright, relieved smile on his face. “Young Lord!”

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