Paragon of Sin

Chapter 814 - Power of the Void Dao

Chapter 813: My Eyes

Kratos confidence was exuberantly infectious, pulsating throughout Wei Wuyins body, veins, and heart. It invigorated him with a sense of incredible freedom, influencing his Sea of Consciousness, and he truly felt, for the very first time, that Kratos words werent just exaggerated nonsense.

Alarmed by this sensational feeling, Wei Wuyin turned to his flesh and blood beating heart that housed Kratos Astral Form, seeing a distinguishable silhouette darting about within a grey cloud. The cloud contained a formless presence of space as if it existed on a different plane of existence.

“Are you certain?” Wei Wuyin had roughly 80% certainty of taking Wu Yu out if he could leave, but that all hinged on being able to leave the Earth-Sky-Heaven Mystic Arrays restrictions on space. Unfamiliar with the aspects of the array, he could only plot an attempt.

“There is nothing that can cage me; there is nowhere I cannot enter. I am the Void.” Kratos words were spoken with absolute firmness. There was a time when going to Hell wasnt enough to dwindle this confidence, this unshakeable belief of its existence.

Wei Wuyin didnt ask again, believing wholeheartedly in Kratos. As a True Void Dragon, he personified the Dao of the Void, a profound Dao that Wei Wuyin barely understood even to this day. It involved space, time, astrological forces, including void energy. Just space was too complex for him to fully grasp, stating its influence over fixed, stable, chaotic, and atmospheric space. Let alone time and its natures of past, present, future, isolated and paradoxical.

Wen Mingna was unaware of Kratos statement and beliefs, answering Wei Wuyins question to the best of her ability: “The Earth-Sky-Heaven Mystic Array isnt simple, and its said that all forms of spatial shifting and Void Gates are heavily restricted, if not outright forbidden, within the Sky Shell Formation. I dont know if it can hinder the void.”

Wei Wuyin turned his head andlooked at Wen Mingna. He had forgotten that the void he spoke of was different from the fixed space that cultivators were familiar with in their cultivation realm. He couldnt help but wryly smile, giving her a nod of understanding.

The Void was different than anything hed ever experienced. He had entered it on numerous occasions, even carrying an entire continent through it. The Void embodied a plane of existence that was interconnected through everything, even things such as time, space, and other profound details. When he tested his Void Portal Creation, he experienced strange lag and a flood of information that nearly exploded his Sea of Consciousness due to its overwhelming detail.

He had just inspected a single life of an air particle and nearly suicided off the sheer amount of information it carried. The memory still sent shivers down his spine.

“Alright, well leave this cage. Before that, I need you to see if New Everlore is in danger.” Wei Wuyin had already decided his next course of action, but this matter was weighing on his heart. Wu Yu played his part perfectly, but his actions of nearly killing an Ever-Knight, escaping, and declaring his connection with himself were a cause for concern.

Wei Wuyin felt deeply frustrated by these events that kept spiraling out of his control, and while the benefits were great long-term, the immediate effects carried a worrying trend and realization: he was far too vulnerable. If it wasnt for Wen Mingna, this brilliant Heavenly Seer, acting as his eyes, he wouldve met an untimely end on Rainbow Sky.

Now, suppose the Everlore Association decided to outright declare their ill-intentions towards him. In that case, hed be in for a world of struggles before he could even establish himself within the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. And what was a fortunate encounter before was now a serious weakness, with the Ascendants scattered and New Everlore left without any protection. It wouldnt be long before Wu Yu, and the newly established Eternal Monarch Sects connection, was found by these experts.

Wu Yus newfound cultivation base and show of strength might cause pause for some, but not the Everlore Association. There was a wisp of anxiety in his heart dwelling on the possibility of them being taken advantage of.

Wen Mingna looked at Wei Wuyin with a tinge of surprise, and then she frowned slightly. She shook her head, not performing any divination, “They shouldnt be.”

Wei Wuyin noticed the hint of peculiarity within her voice, realizing he was ignorant of an important detail.

Wen Mingna elaborated, “New Everlore and its inhabitants are protected by the Imperial Clan. The Everlore Association, Golden Gate Pavilion, and the other mystic-tier forces were all sworn into Mythical Oaths by the Imperial Clan. Even if they wanted to, they wouldnt dare—especially the Everlore Association. Of course, the protection only extends to those on New Everlore and their inhabitants, but if they willingly leave, theyll no longer be subjected to those protections.”

Wei Wuyin was perplexed by this detail, and how did Wu Yu not know of it?

Wen Mingna sensed his confusion, explaining further: “It was a silently conducted Mythical Oath that only the Sixteen Mystic Forces made, established to protect the legacy and culture of the King of Everlore. Supposedly, this was the Sky Zenith Alchemic Saints explicit demand, and she paid a heavy price to ensure it was protected. It was the only news she released in the last decade or so.”Do you want to read more chapters? Come to panda-novel,com

Wei Wuyin recalled the Sky Zenith Alchemic Saints history. According to Wu Yu, she was the Alchemic Saint of the Imperial Clan and a rumored disciple of the King of Everlore, much to Wu Yus disbelief. He was skeptical, but her achievements and talents spoke for themselves.

Pondering on this for a few minutes, Wei Wuyin nodded his head with acknowledgement and acceptance. Unfortunately, this meant the Ascendants outside of New Everlore were still unsafe if the Everlore Association decided to throw away all decorum.

Wen Mingna looked into the distance, observing Rainbow Skys roasted, crusted, and shattering form with a large, piercing hole punched through its surface. So many lives were lost, and for what? While she could deduce the oncoming event and the faint emotions lingering from the one responsible, she was unable to grasp why.

Wei Wuyin hadnt even made himself known yet, so why would Earthly Saint beings try to kill him in disguise? Was the Everlore Association feeling threatened, or was Wei Wuyin more dangerous than she knew? She couldnt help but look at that handsome, thinking visage of the man beside her, remembering all the drastic and hectic events folding from his name without a single appearance.

Each and every event that occurred that involved him shook the world. The Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, the Shadow Egg with the Fire Phoenix, the chaos in the Ninestar Starfield, and the ascension of a new Earthly Saint. There was no way a mere mortal should be able to ignite these events, and yet…

Her limpid eyes reflected his image, seeing his closed-eyed, unearthly face with extreme clarity.

Wei Wuyin felt a gaze and gave Wen Mingna alook, smiling faintly as he honestly said: “Thank you for being my eyes. And a little bit of my much-needed library, haha.” His laugh was infused with a lively heart, and despite the ongoing pressure, Wei Wuyin didnt carry a mountain of worries on his shoulders, remaining unencumbered by stress.

With the teachings of his older brother, he understood what it meant to wield a saber, what it meant to dream, what it meant to walk down your own path, and sometimes, even if the path seemed cloudy and indistinct, with confidence and personal belief, and a single step at a time, all paths can be traversed.

Wen Mingnas breathing stalled for a moment before she breathily said with a smile: “Ill always be your eyes.” It was unfortunate that Wei Wuyin was unable to feast on this rare-as-an-eclipse smile that formed on Wen Mingnas face. It had been far too long since she had genuinely smiled.

“Lets go,” Wei Wuyin no longer lingered, grabbing Wen Mingnas hand and flying upwards. Wen Mingna unleashed her Worldly Domain generated by the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, and he kept the archaic Voidship after knowing she was protected from the Dark Chill of the Void.

Atop Bai Lins back, they slowly floated through the Dark Void. Wen Mingna stayed close, observing Wei Wuyin with curiosity within her heart.

Wei Wuyin deeply inhaled, holding it in for a while, and then exhaled heavily. He warned, “Stay close to me and dont open your eyes. No matter what.”

Draconic Transformation!

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