Paragon of Sin

Chapter 811 - Announcement by Proxy

Chapter 810: Escape, Chase, Flee, Attack

The implosion of the Shell World caused a destabilization of fixed space, and few possessed sufficient spiritual sense to wade through the chaotic distortions generated by it. That ever-expanding wave wasnt simple, and San Luoyangs eyes widened as he hurriedly took the helm of the ship, sending it flying in reverse to dodge.

TA few thousand miles away from the combat, some spectating Ascended beings concealed by spatial energies were directly impacted by the wave. Those lucky were capable of tumbling backward, coughing out copious amounts of blood, while others suffered an irreversible fate, not even getting enough time to fully scream before being blown apart.

Their lives ended in a brief, horrified whimper.

While these were mostly Mystic Star Phase cultivators, those considered to havefailed their ascension, or those at the First Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, they were still beings who grasped mystic energies and the power beyond Mortal Limits.

This caused the stronger experts to grow appalled, retreating for tens of thousands of miles, separating themselves from the fallout of three Earthly Saints fighting.

The Ever-Knights and Wu Yu had tumbled out of the Shell World Realm after a series of thunderous, chaotic explosions resounded throughout the Dark Void. After a moment, the three figures became clear to those spectating from afar with ocular spells enhancing their visual ability.

San Luoyang was alongside this group of spectators, with Mu Yura and Shao Jing directly beside him. They were observing this with astonishment, not expecting this event to devolve in such a drastically horrific fashion. The end of Rainbow Sky and its billions of inhabitants were already enough to keep their jaws gaping for several hours.

They just watched lives end. So, so many lives end without a legitimate reason.

And they were unable to process such a development, with San Luoyang being the worst out of the three. His eyes were bloodshot, and he couldnt retract his gaze from Rainbow Sky.

Mu Yura couldnt help but gather her bearings, asking with a wisp of anger: “Why would you send an Ever-Knight to attack in OUR Domain?!” She questioned with trembling fingers.

San Luoyang was immersed in his own chaotic mind when those words battered his senses, causing him to stumble out of his stupor. He slowly turned to Mu Yura, speaking through gritted teeth: “I didnt!”

“What?!” Mu Yura was startled. Shao Jings brows furrowed as he inspected the grief-ridden expression of San Luoyang, observing genuine empathy within those eyes of his. While San Luoyangs status and cultivation base were high, that wasnt any indication that he didnt care for life.

Mu Yura refused to believe this, “An Ever-Knight would never act unless given an order! Who else but you can give that order? Who el-” Her words came to an abrupt stop as her thoughts caught up, and then she paled. She said nothing else, but her expression became dark.

“…” Shao Jing sighed in his heart. He added, “It seemed to have been an unintended accident.” His justification was the thoughts of almost every expert present. There was no reason for the Ever-Knight to attempt to destroy the planet deliberately. As for Wu Yus emotional roar, most thought it was due to the grief of all the lives lost. After all, they felt it too.

“…” San Luoyang placed his hands together, interlocking his fingers, brought it to his mouth, and squeezed his fingers against the back of his palms. His arms and hands began to shake erratically. After a while, the shaking ended, and his raging heart settled down. This was a method he would deploy to regulate his emotions, and his eyes lost a little of its madness.

Soon, the states of the three Earthly Ascended grew clearer, bringing a light of astonishment to everyones eyes. The Ever-Knights were ragged, their emerald-colored armors were broken in various places, missing some pieces, and the glowing runes on its surface were fractured. The opening of their helmets were leaking blood, leading all the way down to their neck and torso.

They seemed battered and rattled. Their Mystic Auras were hectic and weak. The two Ever-Knights were extremely close, clearly having used various combination spells and arts against their opponent.

On the other hand, Wu Yu was largely unharmed. While his outfit lacked defensive formations, it was the byproduct of Essence of War and was Mystic-World grade, leading to its incredibly durable state.

Wu Yus expression was dignified, but this development thoroughly shook his heart. He hadnt consolidated his cultivation base yet or grasped all his powers to their limits, but this handicapped fight was not as difficult as he expected.

He had to reevaluate the difference between a 3rd Runic Ascendant and himself, an 8th Runic Ascendant. It might not just be that difference; his Imperial Heaven Physique forged through the Imperial Heaven Qi Method might be of a higher grade than theirs. These Ever-Knights seemed frightening at first, but their attacks couldnt breach his defenses.

They had mystic-graded armaments, Awakened Mystic and Material Intent, such as Blazing Inferno Magma Intent, and thousands of years of experience, yet they werent capable of rivaling him in his 1st Grand Transformation. He thought of taking out the Myriad Monarch Canon to deal with them, but it was completely unneeded.

“Who are you?” The tangerine-eyed Ever-Knight breathily questioned in utter disbelief. Wu Yu was far too strong for a recently ascended Earthly Saint. It was unbelievable!

Wu Yu didnt reply immediately. He instead glanced all around to feel the destabilized space around himself. He had never been brought into an isolated World Realm against his will, and he was fearful that they had means to call forth reinforcements or use it to their advantage. So he focused entirely on breaking out and destroying the walls of that World Realm, finding its core, and unhesitatingly crushing it to escape.

However, he wasnt comforted by this development. Putting aside his current strength, he was still in the Everlore Domain. He wasnt ignorant to believe they didnt have the means to expel or outright kill Earthly Saints if they were willing to pay the price.

And he was right.

The Everlore Domain was of an even higher degree than the Ninestar Sainthalls Nine Domains. They had a powerful mystic-graded array that would put the Grand Mystic Domain Array used in the Soul-Rising Saint Domain to shame. It was suicidal to oppose a force inside their territory, reinforced by planetary and starfield-wide arrays. If it werent for the orders to capture Wu Yu alive, this array wouldve been deployed and resulted in a fierce struggle that would likely lead to his death.

Even if that was disregarded, he was surrounded by Earthly Saints of the various Domains, and they likely wouldnt hesitate to hinder him or suppress him for an offered price. Each of these Domains had their own arrays and protections.

Wu Yu was feeling an increasing sensation of crisis enveloping him, originating from the surroundings. It was the Imperial Heaven Aura that was reacting so vigorously, giving him this feeling of great danger. He had to leave.

He had to leave now.

Wu Yu regulated his breathing, settling the trepidation within his heart. He answered the Ever-Knight slowly, “Ive stated my identity, do I need to repeat myself? If so, then I will.If you want to read more chapters, visit panda-novel,co,m I am Wu Yu, Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn. Remember it well.” Wu Yu stood imposingly in the Dark Void, a stark contrast to the fragile appearance of the two Ever-Knights.

“And your connection with the Imperial Clan of our Aeternal Sky Starfield?” A voice arrived from afar, belonging to another Earthly Saint. It was delicate and alluring, definitely belonging to a female cultivator.

Wu Yu was taken aback. “Connection with the Imperial Clan?” There shouldnt be any association between him and the Imperial Clan, so he felt that there was something sinister afoot based on this question. He looked in the direction of the voice to find a slender womanly figure wearing a facial veil.

She floated a few miles outside of the Everlore Domains borders, yet she could still send her voice through. The two Ever-Knights also looked in her direction.

At this moment, Tian Muqius eyes brightened considerably. Since his detainment, he had to stay on the Voidship, and he didnt really have time to speak out. His cultivation was far too low to engage in a discussion of Earthly Saints, but with the Imperial Clan being brought up, he didnt hesitate to speak out.

However, just as he was about to speak, a hand clutched at his throat. It belonged to San Luoyang, and his expression was extremely dark as the Voidship kept retreating away from the Earthly Saints. With widened eyes, Tian Muqiu could only stare at San Luoyang in abhorrent shock.

Mu Yura was stunned speechless, but Shao Jing calmly appraised the situation ongoing with the Earthly Saints. His hands were twiddling as his eyes reflected a wisp of concern.

San Luoyang didnt remove his hand, but he thoroughly suppressed Tian Muqiu. If the Ever-Knights were victorious, then this wasnt necessary, but those Ever-Knights werent Wu Yus match. Even with a disadvantage of one against two and as a newly ascended Earthly Saint, Wu Yu had come out ahead.

San Luoyang couldnt help but feel bitter in his heart as he recalled all the legends of Wu Yu. Of how he suppressed all the Ascended beings of the King of Everlores main entourage long ago, such as the Divine King Han Xei and Demonic Abyss Master. There were lowly whispered rumors that the Demonic Abyss Master had kneeled in defeat once. His talent and strength was considered the highest of his time, the absolute greatest. He hadnt taken notice of this before, even believing that the past Wu Yu was not the current Wu Yu, but this situation proved otherwise.

No matter his cultivation, Wu Yu was always top-freaking-tier. He didnt wish to bring attention to them; if he was in Wu Yus situation, he would take drastic matters to escape any hostile situation.

Unfortunately for him, Wu Yus eyes were still drawn to San Luoyangs Voidship by some strange intuition, as if by an unseen hand pointing in that direction, and he took note of San Luoyang clutching Tian Muqius throat. He didnt know who Tian Muqiu was, but a spontaneous thought emerged in his mind.

“My only connection is with the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, my Young Lord. Since I was rudely interrupted before, Ill announce what I was sent here to say.” Wu Yu strongly spoke, looking around him with a forceful gaze.

The brown-eyed Ever-Knight was startled. If things were correct, especially based on Wu Yus reaction before, then Wei Wuyin likely met his demise on Rainbow Sky. What message did a dead person have? Still, he sent a transmission to the headquarters to activate the Everlore Domains Earth-Sky-Heaven Mystic Array.

Wu Yu was an 8th Runic Ascendant, and the Ever-Knight was far too injured to stop him. His goal of making Rainbow Skys destruction seem accidental forced him to take a direct blow, and that blow had shaken his entirety. He did not expect Wu Yu to be so terrifyingly powerful. If they did kill his Young Lord, then this figure was an open danger that must be eliminated at all cost.

While everyone was focused on Wu Yus upcoming words, Wu Yu glanced at the brown-eyed Ever-Knight. A sharp light filtered through his eyes, and he didnt hesitate to move. He was extremely fast, executing his movement art to the maximal extent of his ability!

The brown-eyed Ever-Knight was startled, his heart shaken as he hurriedly pressed his hands forth, conjuring a spherical ward of his mystic runes that started to tremble incessantly as their color became dark-red! He had infused his Blazing Inferno Magma Intent into his runes, empowering them further to establish a terrifying ward.

The other Ever-Knight wasnt slow either, realizing the feint. He formed a hand-seal, and his body flashed through space in retreat, and a halo of tangerine-colored runes encircled the brown-eyed Ever-Knights dark-red mystic ward. It reinforced its strength, creating a double-layered protection.

Clearly, the two knew the target of Wu Yus attacks. Wu Yu had targeted the brown-eyed Ever-Knight with ruthless attacks from the very beginning. If it wasnt for their joint means, the situation mightve…

Seeing this, Wu Yu coldly smiled.

2nd Grand Transformation!

Wu Yu once again unleashed this form, his skin glistening like a canvas with a multicolored starry sky painted on it, and he twisted his body with an agile fashion. Without hesitation, he pushed his powers to the limits and explosively rocketed towards San Luoyangs Voidship!


“Damn it!” San Luoyang shouted in fury and fear, hurriedly tapping into the Voidships arrays power and propulsion formations, instantly causing it to flee rapidly. The drainage of mystic stones was heavy, but San Luoyang didnt care. The speed temporarily elevated to match an ordinary Earthly Saint!

Unfortunately, Wu Yu wasnt an ordinary Earthly Saint.

The two Ever-Knights immediately realized Wu Yus actions, but they were a mess, so their reactions after setting their preliminary defenses were delayed. Still, they canceled their defensive efforts and launched their greatest means to tail Wu Yu. They had to stop Wu Yu from harming the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists!

The brown-eyed Ever-Knight felt that Wu Yu might kill them as revenge, so he was even more urgent, focusing wholeheartedly on the chase. They blazed through the Dark Void like shooting stars. The brown-eyed Ever-Knight took the lead.

San Luoyang withdrew three pellets of a golden color. They contained mystic runes that seemed hyper-violent. He looked at Wu Yu with a heavy stare, using his all to send the ship fleeing into the distance. He had no intention of being a hostage. A few Earthly Saints from outside immediately realized the severity of the situation, and they didnt hesitate to breach the borders to shoot towards the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists!

The Everlore Domain will undoubtedly forgive them and maybe even reward them! And with their thought speed, how could they not take advantage of this situation?

Instantly, four Earthly Saints became blazing comets hurtling through the Dark Void! Their target? Wu Yu!

Wu Yus expression grew savage without warning, and he spun his body around with a frightening quickness. Yet he didnt seem to slow down as he flew towards the chasing Ever-Knights with an even greater speed.


But they didnt expect that Wu Yu would withdraw a heavy tome. This tome rapidly transformed into a halberd seemingly forged from the night sky filled with multicolored stars, animatedly and lively, and it gave off an increasingly powerful aura!

The Myriad Monarch Canon!

With a heft and roar, Wu Yu violently launched the halberd-transformed Myriad Monarch Canon towards the brown-eyed Ever-Knight!

The world seemed to have frozen as a cosmic tail of the starry sky soared towards the brown-eyed Ever-Knights chest.

Tian Muqius eyes widened with disbelief as he recognized the Myriad Monarch Canons initial appearance! “The Aeternal Sky Scripture?!”

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