Paragon of Sin

Chapter 78: Captured

Three weeks soon flashed by, the deadline for the alchemical products came and went. Wei Wuyin fulfilled his obligation. With it, he discovered an interesting fact about his skill in alchemy; it was beyond his previous ’self ’ by a considerable degree.

His ability to concoct was flawless to a pinnacle. Every aspect and detail in the concoction process was clear and judged accurately without a hint of error, creating an incredible success rate that exceeded the abysmal rates of standard alchemists.

In fact, it wasn ’t merely the quality and success rate that rose, but the speed of concoction was faster as well. What should ’ve taken a few days to concoct was capable of being finished in the matter of an hour. And this concocting time was only decreasing in the most wondrous way.

Due to his cultivation base, strong spiritual sense, and heightened spiritual strength, he could refine the materials of heaven and earth and essence at an inconceivable speed.

Therefore, he had finished the concoction of the products for Qin Feng and even had more than enough time to make a few for himself. He planned to use these sixth-grade products to help Su Mei and himself strengthen their foundation.

At the moment, Wei Wuyin stood at the entrance of Jade Blessed City. Su Mei and Bai Lin not too far away, awaiting for his arrival. As for him, before him stood two beauties—Dai Fei and Jiao Ning.

”Where are you going to go? ” Jiao Ning asked. Her fingers were intertwined tightly revealing the anxiety in her heart. Her eyes flashed with a reluctance. She had been imprisoned for two years, and then Wei Wuyin rescued her, bringing her away and supporting him. These last few weeks were highlights of her life, filled with the utmost relaxation and satisfaction.

However, it seemed that all great things came to an end, even if you didn ’t want it to.

Dai Fei was more calm in comparison. While she felt admiration for Wei Wuyin, she didn ’t have a sense of budding love, merely attraction and desire. She had a life, and while being with Wei Wuyin was nice, it didn ’t define everything she was nor what she had to do in life. Only in fantasy would women think that an undisputed prince charming would ride in, bringing them away with a happily ever after conclusion.

Wei Wuyin warmly smiled. Jiao Ning was a regret that he settled in his heart, but he had a timer in his life and no desire to settle down in life at this moment. While he might have resigned himself to the bleak future of his death, that didn ’t mean he had completely given up. He had the Dao of Alchemy, three Hearts of Qi, and a spark of hope.

This hope is why he hadn ’t descended into depression and nihilism. He would live without regrets, but he would struggle to reach the Realm of Sages while simultaneously exploring the world. Therefore, he would leave to do so.

”I ’ll travel the Wu Country a little, then who knows? But, I won ’t forget you two. ” While he said these sweet words, the chances of seeing them again in his remaining lifetime would be relatively slim if he traveled the entire Myriad Yore Continent.

Jiao Ning felt her heart quake. In the back of her mind, she felt that this would be the last time she saw Wei Wuyin in this lifetime. An unspeakable sadness permeated in her heart.

Not allowing this goodbye to extend, Wei Wuyin turned away and left. His steps were light and free, and he was looking forward to the future. He still had many things to cross off his list. With a backhanded wave, he and Su Mei departed with Bai Lin, their silhouettes vanishing with time.


A week later.

After flying non-stop, Wei Wuyin and Su Mei had exited the Jade Lotus Domain. They had taken the awkward and long route, returning to the Scarlet Solaris Domain temporarily. They traveled along the border until he met the interconnecting border of the Scarlet Solaris Domain and the Hidden Shadow Domain.

Luckily, the Scarlet Solaris Sect didn ’t seem to be looking for him. He entered and exited without complications. The Hidden Shadow Domain was a stark difference in terms of environment than the Scarlet Solaris Sect and Jade Lotus Domain.

Those two domains were filled to the brim with vegetation and wildlife, essentially being forests, grassy plains, lakes, and mountains, but the Hidden Shadow Domain was far more desolate.

In fact, it was mostly rocky areas and small mountains. They even had mountain chains that extended for miles. Upon these mountains, entire cities were constructed creating a unique visual spectacle. The buildings were slanted, yet leveled off to make their insides flat, so they extended a little to the side as if it was a protruding cliff.

Furthermore, there were rivers traveling down the mountains, toppling his understanding of topographic and geological constructs. It was only after realizing that arrays and formations were constructed to siphon the water from underground deposits and sent them through the central core of the mountain into the top, causing rivers to flow downwards.

These rivers and soil taken from other areas caused sparse farming atop mountains to occur.

He could only smile in awe at the creativity and means of cultivators, inventing their own convenience. Since mountains were the majority of the land, why not use that to your advantage?

”The Warring States Pagoda is said to be a magical location that can bring about all sorts of talents and benefits, ” Su Mei said as she sat beside Wei Wuyin. As they soared non-stop, most of their time was filled with conversation and cultivation.

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”the Warring States Pagoda is one of the reasons why, despite its incredible lack of innate resources, it is one of the most prosperous places. Furthermore, no single power could hope to control it, not even the Imperial Clan of Wu. ”

”Didn ’t stop them from trying, ” Su Mei quietly smiled. Indeed, the pagoda was a resource of unfathomable and endless means, but there were a few issues that prevented a monopoly.

First, it couldn ’t be moved. Second, anyone can enter.

The second was the most important. Because anyone can enter with but a single phase as long as they were within a hundred kilometers of the pagoda in any direction, even in the sky and underground.

Long ago, the Wu Clan had tried to restrict access and obtain all it offered, but it ignited a war that nearly collapsed the regime. If it wasn ’t for the Wu Clan ’s Ancestral King at the time exceeding the Qi Condensation Realm, it was likely the Wu Clan wouldn ’t exist today.

Not only did they lose a lot, they still couldn ’t stop others from entering due to the conditions of simply needing a single phase and a certain distance to enter. It was a hilarious and embarrassing event for the Wu Clan.

It wasn ’t just the Wu Clan, but countless other powers rose and fell due to the pagoda in innumerable wars, hence its moniker: Warring States Pagoda.

Later, the Hidden Shadow Domain was constructed and an alliance of the local powers were formed to regulate and create a fair environment for the pagoda. No one knew how the pagoda came to be or why, but it was miraculous and an opportunity for all.

After a few more hours, they finally entered the Pagoda World. It was a specific location that defined the border of the Warring States Pagoda ’s influence. While within this location, all one needed was a single phrase to be entered via a mysterious, unfathomable spatial power.

Su Mei felt secretly excited in her heart, wanting to challenge the Warring States Pagoda. ”It ’s said that one can only enter the Warring States Pagoda up to nine times, as long as you fail, but if you succeed, you can no longer enter. ”

This rule also prevented people from endlessly challenging the pagoda.

Wei Wuyin pouted his lips, ”I hope that this pagoda isn ’t the entrance to what I think. ” When he thought about the description of the Warring States Pagoda, he recalled the Myriad Dao War Palace. There, he birthed his Saber Intent and received a Nascent Saber Soul.

If it was true, then…

He just hoped that wasn ’t the case.


”Fuck! ”

Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin stood before a nine-storied pagoda. It had a majestic, yet ancient aura about it that made one feel a hint of reverence within their hearts. However, whenever Wei Wuyin looked at this pagoda, his expression was distorted and ugly.

He kicked the dirt. The ground rumbled causing everywhere within a mile to experience a minor earthquake. He was pissed. After traveling for a week non-stop, forgoing sleep and even taking an awkward route, he felt trolled.

Su Mei had just entered the pagoda, but when he tried, there was no response. This was because this pagoda was an entrance. An entrance similar to the dilapidated doorway in Golden Milk City. It led him to a palace that could be ascended, and if passed, one was removed and unable to return.

This was the reason for his frustration.


Bai Lin walked forward and rubbed Wei Wuyin ’s arm. She looked at him with her pure eyes, radiating a desire to explore the land. Wei Wuyin was too frustrated by events, so he gave her permission. With a jubilant cry, she soared into the sky to look for some fun.

”I ’ll wait for Su Mei to finish her trial, ” he pouted as he sat down. One of his most important landmarks had been visited and experienced long before. He didn ’t know whether he should feel happy or sad.


Su Mei entered through the entrance, transported by some spatial power. She observed her surroundings immediately, spreading out her spiritual sense. She immediately noticed the barren land that contained only a single palace.

The sky above was clearly fake. ”Is this inside the pagoda? ” She was unaware that the pagoda was merely a gateway. After gathering herself, she walked towards the palace.

It was dilapidated and ancient, as if it was taken out of history. After a short walk, she arrived at the stairs. ”Ninety-nine steps? ” She counted each step. Was this the Myriad War Dao Palace that Lord Wei mentioned?

Wei Wuyin had informed her that his Saber Intent was conceived in a place exactly like this. ”So the pagoda is a spatial gateway, and this isn ’t its insides. ”

She stepped on the first step and heard a faint sound that caused her heart to shake a little. Before she could determine the cause, a short, old man with skin, eyes, and hair of different shades of red appeared from thin air.

She started. This man hovered off the steps and his low opacity body made him look ghostly. His smiling face also didn ’t help soothe the heart, especially the large smile coming from the old man. She felt somewhat uncomfortable as a woman being looked at like that.

In a monotone voice, ”To ascend to the Myriad Creation Dao Palace, you must select your Dao. ”

”… ” Su Mei was silent. Wasn ’t it the Myriad War Dao Palace?

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