Paragon of Sin

Chapter 805 - Roar of the Earthly Monarch

Chapter 804: Earthly Ascension

A quaking feeling, intense and forceful, grew spontaneously within the hearts and minds of all Ascended beings within the Aeternal Sky Starfield, and the neighboring Starfields. Without fail, they all ceased what they were doing, be it cultivating, sexual intercourse, teaching, or fighting. There was no exception. Even newborn infants who wailed out their lungs felt something, their cries stopped as their freshly exposed eyes stared at the world, faint wisps of mysterious light flowed through their innocent pupils.

They all stared unblinkingly in a single direction. While some looked down, others up, some left or right, if these sightlines were all tracked, they would descend accurately onto a specific location slightly above the planet Rainbow Sky.

This was all due to a rare, exceptionally powerful phenomenon that stirred the Mystic Intent and mana within a set distance from its epicenter, and this range was extremely long, carrying itself across multiple Starfields in all directions.

It was a disturbance known by these Ascended beings as the Earthly Awakening of the Mystic Saint. Some called this phenomenon an Earthly Ascension, and it was the direct result of a Mystic Ascendant challenging their Fourth Ascension of the Mystic Dao.


Within the Dark Yin Palace, a gorgeous grey-eyed female was seated in a lotus position within a large, minimalistic room. There were wisps of pure yin energies flowing around her like fireflies. These energies brought a dim lightning that accentuated her exquisite figure. Behind her was an older alluring figure of the female gender, forming hand-seals as these wisps of yin energies were condensed and enriched by the surrounding formations.

“Your aptitude with the Pure Yin Convergence Method is phenomenal. Your Yin Physique is incredible to witness,” Jun Baiyin commented with a faint, praising smile that could stir the souls, minds, and groins of men. She was none other than the Dark Yin Palaces Sect Master.

Na Xinyi kept cultivating, from time to time absorbing the ambient yin energies into her body, refining it and converting it into her strength. She didnt respond to Jun Baiyin, purely focusing on her cultivation efforts.

Jun Baiyin was seemingly unsurprised by this reaction, merely narrowing her eyes slightly as she switched to another hand-seal. Just as she did so, Na Xinyi opened her eyes and lifted her hand.

Jun Baiyins heart stopped, hurriedly switching her hand-seal to what it originally was. Yet Na Xinyi was seemingly unaware of this, only inspecting the seal left behind by Wu Yu. It had grown abnormally active. Suddenly, Jun Baiyins eyes flickered with mystic light.

She turned behind her, inspecting in a certain direction. She couldnt help but speak aloud: “An Earthly Ascension?! Who?” She was startled by this development. Typically, these things would be hidden or performed in an isolated area where the disturbance was minimized. The only exception was the upper-level Mystic-tier forces, such as the Everlore Association or Imperial Clan.

Na Xinyis cultivation efforts were paused as she turned to Jun Baiyin with curiosity written across her face, “Earthly Ascension?”

Jun Baiyin turned back around, a faint, charming smile that carried wisps of doting on her face. She hurriedly explained the details of an Earthly Ascension, and then said: “Since its in our Domain, then it should be the Everlore Association. However…”

As she said these words, a wisp of suspicion formed on her expression.

Na Xinyi caught this immediately, asking: “What is it?”

Jun Baiyin was silent for a while, turning back to the direction where the disturbance originated, and then softly replied: “However, it feels like a member of the Imperial Clan.”

There were faint differences in aura, typically stemming from the Demi-Mystic State unleashed to its fullest extent during the Earthly Ascension. Directly after saying this, she added: “But its aura isnt the exact same. How strange…”

In the Aeternal Sky Starfield, the Imperial Clan has the most publicized attempts at the Earthly Saint Phase in recorded history of the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. While the vast majority of the results ended in depressing failure, they still revealed their innate potential and strength as the Imperial Clan. It thoroughly intimidated numerous forces, forcing the question: “If the Imperial Clan is this strong on the surface, then how strong are their hidden strength?”

The trepidation formed within these figures hearts only grew.

Na Xinyi contemplated for a second, looking at the energized mark left behind by that mysterious Ascended being. She knew that this was likely the efforts of Wei Wuyin, but she couldnt help but link this so-called Earthly Ascension to that mysterious Ascended being.

Unfortunately, she was unsure if it was just a reaction to what Jun Baiyin sensed or if it was due to the mysterious Ascended beings direct association with the phenomenon. In the end, she could only settle her thoughts as she recalled that unearthly handsome visage with a bright smile, gorgeous silver eyes, and tall stature.

She looked down at her lap, feeling lost as she wondered where he was, and when theyd see each other again. After a long while, she said: “Lets resume.”

Jun Baiyin frowned slightly. Then she smiled a loving smile, “Okay, Yier.” She proceeded to resume the cultivation chambers formations to draw upon the pure, refined yin energies from various materials.

Na Xinyi slowly closed her eyes, but just before her eyes closed entirely, a vicious light of killing intent flickered through her pupils.Untrustworthy bitch… She kept her emotions calm as she cultivated as usual.


Jun Baiyin was a mere Mystic Star Phase cultivator, otherwise referred to as afalse Ascended, yet she had sensed various details regarding the Earthly Ascension. And she wasnt the only one.

The Everlore Association had discovered this as well. The Mortal Sovereign Alchemists were on a large-sized, extremely well-equipped Voidship that was constructed from far sturdier material than the Tang Clans matriarch. The inherent formations, both movement and combat-type, were all of the highest quality for its model.

Not only were the eight Mortal Sovereign Alchemists present on the deck, but two figures dressed entirely in full-body emerald-colored armor etched with mystic runes across its surface. These runes were elegant in placement and symmetrical fashion, glowing faintly with a mystical light. The two emitted auras that were unfathomable!

They were two of the three Ever-Knights. These Ever-Knights were Earthly Saints cultivated by the various Mortal Sovereign Alchemists and the Evergod Pill Alchemic Saint. They served as guardians of the Everlore Domain and protectors of the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists.

They were specifically curated to be the most lethal soldiers, taken from the abnormally talented. There wasnt a single force that didnt fear the three Ever-Knights of the Evergod! It was rumored that these Ever-Knights had obtained direct nurturing from the King of Everlore himself at his peak. Of course, this was never verified.

They had been mobilized after the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists sought to unanimously visit this reckless Demi-Mortal Lord that dared try to ascend to the next stage in their territory. If it wasnt for San Luoyangs quick thinking, they wouldve likely ruined a second cauldron. They were all seething with ill-intent, still nursing their wounds caused by the severance of their senses and the crash.

Mu Yura glanced at the Ever-Knight, her heterochromic eyes glimmered with a wisp of interest. She turned away, seeing San Luoyang looking into the distance with a heavy frown. She walked over and solemnly asked, “Why would the Imperial Clan do this? Was it deliberate?”

Those two questions caused San Luoyangs expression to darken considerably. Since the Spiritquake, numerous moves by the Everlore Association and other forces were being prepared and made. The Sky Zenith Saint Alchemists potential success provoked fear in all their hearts, and the Imperial Clans oath limitations that restrained them could be broken.

Not a single mystic force within the Aeternal Sky Starfield wanted this, especially not the neighboring Starfields. Threatened by this possibility, the Imperial Clan had already suffered some losses during this short period. But this move wasnt one he expected, and he couldnt fathom why.

Were they trying to sacrifice a talented piece to shatter some oaths? Or was this a display of power? Authority? It felt odd, but this was certainly brazen. This was why he asked for two Ever-Knights to accompany them. Furthermore, the Imperial Clan couldnt act against the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists of the Everlore Association without cause, so they were safe regardless.

“Were going to find out,” San Luoyang coldly said. The aura from this Earthly Ascension was definitely related to the Imperial Clan based on the unique auric signature of their cultivation method.

The Voidship blazed through the Dark Void at speeds beyond the full speed of a Demi-Mortal Lord. This was an insanely fast Voidship, likely within the top ten of all Voidships in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region!

The Ascended beings who could sense the intense fluctuations from their flight path causes a deep level of intrigue. Soon, they began to gather and focus their senses towards the Earthly Ascensions epicenter. Whatever was about to happen, it was bound to be intense!


Wei Wuyin and Wen Mingna hovered in the upper atmosphere of the Rainbow Sky. They stood shoulder to shoulder, gazing at the area above them dignified expressions.

Wei Wuyin frowned, believing that something happened to Wu Yu to make him do something so reckless. After all, even False Realmlords were capable of sensing others attempting their Seventh Astral Tribulation. There was no way other Ascended beings wouldnt discover this. His intentions were for Wu Yu to ascend in Void-Blank Space or one of those devastated starfields.

Wen Mingna seemed to guess Wei Wuyins thoughts, explaining: “Grand Monarch Wu Yu mustve awakened his Mystic Intent. It seems its not only the Third Ascension.”

Wei Wuyins mind stirred as he turned to her. Unlike Wen Mingna, he was woefully ignorant of details regarding the Mystic Ascendant Realm. However, Heavenly Seers were known for possessing knowledge beyond their states of existence. Furthermore, she belonged to a mystic-tier force and had years to study and learn from her seniors.

Wen Mingna saw the expression Wei Wuyin revealed and elaborated, “The Grand Seer once explained the simplistic detailings of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, including the overall goal of cultivators who seek the Earthly Saint Phase, the Fourth Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm. She said that a cultivator must awaken their Mystic Intent, grasping a true portion of the Mystic Dao.

“When I asked if it was possible to awaken Mystic Intent prior to reaching the Demi-Mortal Phase, she didnt answer me, but I believe it is under the right conditions, such as serendipitous enlightenment. If done correctly, an Ascended cultivator should be able to leap directly to the Earthly Saint after passing the other stages of Ascension. And it might not have been Grand Monarch Wu Yus choice, but a direct, unintended consequence of awakening his Mystic Intent.”

Wei Wuyin frowned. As he heard Wen Mingnas words, he didnt have that typical feeling that suggested an incompleteness of information. It felt whole. Did this mean a cultivator could skip stages in the Mystic Ascendant Realm?

When his thoughts reached here, he instantly recalled the Battlefield and Guan Yus words. Guan Yu once said that the Nexus Battlefield considered those at the Mystic Star Phase as Ascended beings, so why would he consider them differently? In accordance with societal standards in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, even Wang Yutian, those at the Mystic Star Phase were all failures of the Mystic Ascendant Realm. Maybe thats so, but what if the phase was still the true First Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm?

If so, then all thosesuccessful Ascended beings had directly skipped a stage, demonstrating incredible talent. Was the Mystic Dao designed in such a way? And what purpose did the Mystic Star Phase hold exactly?

He lifted his head towards the epicenter of the disturbance. Was Wu Yu attempting to become an Earthly Saint directly?

…was he the cause?

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