Paragon of Sin

Chapter 790 - Importance Of Refinement

”Mysticism? ” Wu Yu was baffled for a moment, following up with: ”language? Where did you learn that there ’s such a thing? ” His facial expressions were very focused, clearly feeling as if something had been ignited within his mind and fueling his thoughts. However, the insight was seemingly fleeting. 

Wu Yu ’s reaction drove Wei Wuyin ’s curiosity to its limits. In the Battlefield, the Ascended beings there spoke in Mysticism, and the cultivation methods that exceeded Peak-Earth in the Commander ’s List were all written in this mysterious language. 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother explaining where he learned of this. Instead, he interacted with his spatial ring as he pulled at a low-World graded cultivation method. When the War Spirit had informed of its base description, it had spoken strictly in Mysticism. When Wei Wuyin asked to have it translated, the War Spirit simply said that it couldn ’t. 

Whether this was due to its own inability or the language of Mysticism truly exceeded the definitions of languages adopted by Mortal beings, he had no idea. However, he had an Ascended being to test this theory and discover the truth. Furthermore, he was interested in why Wu Yu, a genuine Ascended being, was ignorant of the language of Mysticism. 

He withdrew the hard-covered, thick tome that had various protrusions on its surface as if the cover was bruised. These protrusions faintly glowed with a strange, unfathomable light that Wei Wuyin couldn ’t inspect due to his blindness. 

”…Uh, the… ” Wu Yu was taken aback by the thick tome, his heart beating as he realized it bore similarities to the Myriad Monarch Canon. However, the aura it emitted was reminiscent of an Ascended, unlike the Myriad Monarch Canon. 

”This book bears a heavy resemblance to the Myriad Monarch Canon, ” he remarked as he stepped forward. Wei Wuyin pushed the book out towards Wu Yu, indicating for Wu Yu to grasp it. However, Wu Yu hesitated. Instead, he continued: ”The Myriad Monarch Canon contains the profound secrets of the Foundation Establishment, Qi Condensation, and Astral Core Realms. Simultaneously, it contains the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, including various spells, arts, and product recipes devised for it. ”

Wei Wuyin recalled all this information about the Myriad Monarch Canon. At one point, he thirsted for it heavily. He schemed against Long Chen to acquire Wu Yu in hopes of prying further knowledge from him. And he did, obtaining many secrets about cultivation that later helped him in his Alchemy and Cultivation efforts. 

However, the Myriad Monarch Canon wasn ’t just a book containing information; it was a tool that could act as a center of an array, establish formations on its own, and be used as an Armament. According to Wu Yu, the Myriad Monarch Canon can transform into any weapon or item needed. It was a shape-shifting armament. 

It was far too profound just to be an ordinary book that contained information. Moreover, according to Wu Yu, it was an item that possessed an innate Mystic Aura, proving its state as a mystic-graded armament. 

After a long silence, Wu Yu asked: ”Is this the same thing? ”

Wei Wuyin frowned, unable to answer. It should just be the recordings of a cultivation method. He thought for a second and proceeded to flip his palm, withdrawing a plate inscribed with runic markings from his spatial ring. Wei Wuyin had asked the War Spirit to write down the descriptions of the items he purchased in Mysticism. It had done so, albeit reluctantly. 

”Here ’s its description, ” Seeing how Wu Yu was hesitant, this was an excellent way to test if he ccould understand Mysticism or not. 

Wu Yu looked at the plate and read it internally.

[Item]: (Low-World) Blood Origin Method.

[Exchange Rate]: 110,000 War Souls.

[Availability]: Commander.

[Description]: A cultivation method that infuses Origin Essence, Blood Essence, and Mystic Intent, expanding one ’s capacity to store physical energies. The Blood Essence will transform into Blood Origin Essence, which evolves the heart into a Heart of Origin, capable of acting as a Secondary Dantian of Mystic Energies. 

Divided into three stages: Tri-Blood Stage, World-Blood Stage, Heart-Blood Stage.

If successfully cultivated to the Tri-Blood Stage, guarantees the success of the Third Ascension at the 7th Runic Ascension. Increased chances of 8th Runic Ascension. 

WARNING: Not recommended for Low-Earth Refined Physiques or Lesser. Extremely High Chance of Bodily Death.

”… ” Wu Yu read it all in his thoughts, and his expression changed instantly. ”Origin Essence? Isn ’t this what Han Xei was extracting and refining before? He was quite obsessed with that. ” 

”You can speak and read it! ” Wei Wuyin ’s mind stirred as he realized that Wu Yu had spoken out Mysticism when he said ’Origin Essence ’, but the rest was in common language. 

”What? ” Wu Yu was once again taken aback by Wei Wuyin ’s words. ”Of course. I can read it, it ’s in… ” Wu Yu pointed at the plate disbelievingly and then stopped midway as he realized the runic characters on the plate weren ’t the characters he was familiar with nor the same one ’s written in the Myriad Monarch Canon. He had never seen these characters before. 


That ’s not true.

He saw these characters once before. He lifted his arm and noted the runic symbol he formed when he had met Ma Sujiang, that lady from the Golden Life Pavilion. He had replicated it with ease and then felt it emit a strange power of concealment and protection. The faint sensation of being seen had vanished after he ’d done so, startling him but fascinating him as well. 

The symbol periodically absorbed his mystic energies, seemingly replenishing itself. He thought it was a strange mystic-graded formation that was quite profound, but when he gazed at it again, while he was unable to understand what it meant, he knew it bore a striking resemblance to those other characters etched into the plate, just far, far simpler. If the individual runic characters on the plate were single letters, then this single symbol was like a long paragraph of letters overlapping each other.

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t sense or see the mark, so he just allowed Wu Yu to digest his findings. However, this proved that Ascended beings could understand and speak Mysticism innately. He had once tried to speak it, replicating the tone and sounds, but his throat was unable to do so, even after he tried to use several physical alterations. 

”How can I understand a language I ’ve never seen before? ” Wu Yu was thoroughly astonished. If this was the case, could he have other abilities he was unaware of? This only reinforced his belief that his comprehension of his realm was extremely insignificant. Considering he was only at the Second Stage of a total of nine, this made sense. 

Wei Wuyin was unable to answer that question. However, he likened it to Kratos and the Dao of Void. Despite knowing what the Dao of Void is, what it encompasses, Kratos had zero ideas how to utilize any of it or explain it in detail. It required them to simultaneously wade through the unknown, exploring and discovering with each step. 

”We ’ll figure that out later. For now, can you read this book? ” He thrusted the book to Wu Yu. The hesitation Wu Yu had before vanished into thin air, and he hurriedly grabbed the book intriguingly. His curiosity was fully set ablaze by that plate. 

He opened the book and silently read the details. The book itself had thousands upon thousands of runic characters, constituting an incredibly dense network of information. This cultivation method was similar to the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity or the Haven Heart Qi Method; they didn ’t directly interact with the Spirit of Cultivation ’s cultivation realms but delved into external additions. 

”I…this book is incredibly profound, ” after two full days of non-stop reading, Wu Yu finally exhaled out a heavy, turbid breath. He felt that his horizons were considerably expanded, and the desire to cultivate this method swelled increasingly within his heart. Not only did it turn the heart into a Secondary Dantian, but it increased the quantity of physical energies that could be stored in one ’s body. This would affect the upper limits of one ’s mystic energy quality.

That wasn ’t even the best part, but the Second Stage was the best. It created Blood Origin Essence. Accordingly, this Blood Origin Essence formed by a Heart of Origin would enable the conversion of blood energies into low-grade Origin Essence. 

This was miraculously profound! 

Divine King Han Xei had gone through immense troubles locating and refining Origin Essence, using hundreds of years for a small amount. But a cultivator with this method could generate their own, and while it was low-grade and he wasn ’t sure of the differences in qualities and their uses, it was still spectacular. 

Of course, he was well aware that this cultivation method would not be easy to cultivate. Yet the first stage, the Tri-Blood Stage, enabled a successful Third Ascension up to a certain point! 

Wei Wuyin was cultivating during these two days in the lotus position, not wasting time just watching Wu Yu read. Only when he finished did Wei Wuyin stand up, ”Can you explain the method to me in mortal language? ” Wei Wuyin decided to call the common language, mortal language. 

Wu Yu ’s eyes brightened as he hurriedly began to explain: ”YtWbbS, jJjU… ” 

Wu Yu began to explain the Blood Origin Method, but his words were spoken purely in Mysticism. He immediately caught himself, frowning. He tried to speak again, but when he reached the first word in mortal language, he discovered that he couldn ’t find the words. Baffled, he tried spiritual transmissions, but Wei Wuyin was unable to understand it. Only a few words got through, which was rather curious. 

”Stop, ” Wei Wuyin raised his hand rather dejectedly. There was no need to continue. This method was designed for Ascended beings, and the meanings and details within were beyond Mortal Limits. 

His hopes dashed, Wei Wuyin decided to move to a different topic. He brought out a few books of the High-Earth and Peak-Earth grades, handing them to Wu Yu. ”What are Rune Seeds? And what Rune Seed Ascension did you overcome? ” The words of the Legion Commander were still fresh in his mind regarding the 5th Runic Ascendant. Considering the Nine Soul Monarchs of the Ninestar Sainthall were the strongest Ascended beings of the starfield, 5th Runic Ascendant must be relatively high. 

Wu Yu sighed. He was similarly flummoxed and frustrated by this discovery, realizing that the gate of passing along knowledge didn ’t just exist within realms but beyond it too. Cultivation continued to be outrageously difficult. Fortunately, he had the Myriad Monarch Canon early on; a family legacy passed down for generations. 

”Rune Seeds? Hm, ” Wu Yu thought for a long while, trying to accumulate his thoughts. He first thought about his explanation in mortal language, and only after verifying this information was transmittable in this language did he proceed: ”Young Lord, Rune Seeds are… ”

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