Paragon of Sin

Chapter 76: For Myself

Wei Wuyin ’s avatar calmly looked on. While he was on Ming Li ’s wrist, he heard her sister ’s name and realized they were likely twins. So he swept his spiritual awareness via a spell over the territory, but didn ’t find a similar signature. Usually twins had the same if not identical qi signatures, because their souls and bodies came from the same source.

There would only be a slight difference due to mental energies infused within the Metaphysical Qi Aura.

He realized that Ming Yi wasn ’t here. Discovering her absence, he delved a little deeper. By using Eden Qi to search a few weaker cultivators ’ memories, he found nothing. So, he searched Cai Jin ’s simply because he resembled his father and likely saw her if she was here.

He found the truth then.

The horrible truth.

With a thought, he turned into white mist and transformed into a bracelet once more that wrapped around Su Mei ’s wrist. Su Mei ’s turbulent emotions were momentarily broken as she witnessed Wei Wuyin transform in wonderment.

”An avatar? ” Only then did she understand why there were so many oddities with the current Wei Wuyin. It wasn ’t him, but an avatar of himself. She had merely heard of a Godlord ’s ability to create incarnations of themselves. This was the first time she witnessed such a miraculous ability.

”Y-You!! ” A growl of rage and fury erupted. It embodied the epitome of sadness and anger, and it originated from Ming Li who stared daggers at the restrained Cai Jin. Her hairs stood and her eyes flared.


She withdrew a dagger and lunged. The distance between them was insignificant as she arrived on top of his body. Her thighs clenched Cai Jin ’s legs as she rose the dagger in the air with both hands, its sharp blade pointed down. It glinted with a sharp light like a guillotine of death.

”No! Stop! ” Cai Du shouted, anxiety and fear exploded in his heart and eyes as he watched his son get assaulted. As a father, how could he watch his son die right before him? Who could?

He didn ’t hesitate to activate the Waterfall Torrent Array, grasping towards Bai Lin.

「Water Art: Savage Shackles」

The world seemed to freeze for a moment as the moisture of the surroundings and their water energies started to solidify, forming invisible shackles.


Bai Lin felt the surrounding become denser, harder to move through as her white flames blazed to resist. However, the focus of this art was Ming Li. She felt the moisture that surrounded her body, limbs, and head become denser, nearly like iron. That moisture became true water constructs like whips. She was immediately restrained.

Su Mei realized what was happening, acting quickly. With a flip of her palms, her saber qi roared to life with a sharpness. With a swing, saber qi shot forth to aim at the water constructs that restrained Ming Li.

Unfortunately, when she met the water shackles, her saber qi wasn ’t capable of doing anything more than making a small incision that was quickly repaired. It was drawing power from the ambient water energies to reconstitute its existence. This was one of the key traits of water arts that made them very difficult to handle.

While they weren ’t powerful offensively, defensively, or in terms of speed, water arts could layer and repair themselves. Unless one completely shattered the art in one go, a battle of attrition would ensue.

”Tch! ” Su Mei realized her cultivation base was a little too lacking to shatter an art casted by a Mortal God and empowered by a grand Qi Array. She could only gnash her teeth and strike out with precision, but to no avail.

Cai Du had restrained Ming Li, and was contemplating whether to kill her with a follow-up. However, before he could continue this thought, Bai Lin let loose an enraged cry that was followed by a beam of fiery golden energies.

Cai Du may have been thinking, but he was on-guard against Bai Lin since the first second, and responded in defense. He drew upon the abundant water energies of the underground lake of the Cai Du Estate and the Qi Array.

「Water Art: Waterfall Guardian」

A water-based humanoid figure manifested before him, the size of twenty meters that seemed to embody a waterfall within its body, torrential and pouring. It used its arms to block the fiery beams of light.

Unfortunately, while it contained the abundant water energies and backing of a Mortal God, Bai Lin ’s Nirvanic Flames were not ordinary. In fact, the guardian didn ’t last a blink of an eye when the beam came in contact with it. In a single moment, the embodiment of water that towered twenty meters was evaporated by the intense concentrated heat, boiled into water vapor.

”What?! ” Cai Du was startled, his scale tingling with horror. He tried to retreat but it was already too late.

The fiery beam penetrated his chest, incinerating his heart and blood like a drop of water before the sun. With a gasp of death, his life came to an abrupt end. Even with a Qi Array with abundant water energies and a Mortal God cultivation base, he was no match for Bai Lin.

With a triumphant cry, Bai Lin ’s eyes radiated endless majesty and victory.

”Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Stop, s-st-ooop!! ” Cai Jin ’s screams resounded as the sound of sharp metal entering flesh echoed repeatedly. Ming Li was no longer restrained, her eyes carried only the purest feelings of murder and revenge. Each stab was like a dose of dopamine.

Su Mei watched to the side, sighing. If she hadn ’t seen those memories, maybe she would stop this, but she simply didn ’t, no, couldn ’t.

However, after twenty stabs, blood was abundant but Cai Jin was still alive, hollering for mercy and also death. His entire torso was littered with holes, blood gushing out. This was enough to kill anyone.

”Bai Lin ’s white flame! ” Su Mei came to realize what was happening. Her ash-white flames were engulfing them all, and Cai Jin was within this shroud. He was constantly being infused with lifeforce that was repairing his body and maintaining his life. Even after the fiftieth stab, Cai Jin was still alive, his throat strained and his body spasming endlessly.

”Just…just die already! ” At this point, even Ming Yi was exhausted. Her arms felt weak after her emotions were brought to the surface, enacted with violence. It was when her clarity of mind returned and she saw the bloody and pale face of Cai Jin that her eyes came to a realization.

With one last strike, she directly inserted her dagger into his forehead. His screams of mercy ceased immediately, his eyes splitting into different directions, and jaw loosening with control.

Her body felt completely weak after, and she dropped beside the corpse. Her eyes were full of dry and wet tears. Within the depths of her gaze was the image of her sister ’s happy and smiling face. Their life together, promises, dreams, and desires.

She would never be able to see her again.

”We should go, ” Su Mei remarked. With Bai Lin ’s cloak enshrouding them, it seems dying was a difficult task, but not impossible. A fatal blow was fatal.

Bai Lin flapped her wings and shot off, leaving only fearful and awed gazes below.

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