Paragon of Sin

Chapter 711 - 706: Soldier Of War Boundless Yin Saintess

kground and means that allowed her to elevate her position to the tenth-rank on the Immortal Saintess Ranking, including her own exceptional talent and beauty as she ravaged the world. 

There were few who didn ’t know the name: Na Xinyi!

”Xinyi, I don ’t think our Dark Yin Palace had anything to do with Long Tingyu ’s disappearance. I think an unfathomable expert acted, taking her away. They definitely exceed any connections we have, ” Jun Baiyin tried to explain. She was really vexed by this development. 

It was even worse with Na Xinyi acting as the leader, even commanding her. But when she thought about Ma Sujiang ’s words of that unknown Venerable capable of breaching the planet to kill her, she accepted her circumstances for now. She had extended her lifespan after failing her Ascension with hard effort and a lot of sacrifices, so she didn ’t want to throw that away. However, if anyone knew that master was acting so meekly to their disciple, she would feel as if all her face was thrown away.

Na Xinyi ’s furrowed brows deepened. She looked to the runic marking on the back of her right hand that glittered with light, filled with stars that moved about animatedly. Clenching her fist tightly, a surge of mystic power caused the space to quiver.

Jun Baiyin felt the pressure and took several steps back, her heart thrumming with fearful hymns. The Exalted Purewhite was contemplating running, her heart just unable to handle that constantly engulfing pressure. 

Yet Na Xinyi didn ’t act, merely unclenched her fist and relieved the stifling pressure. She said with an indifferent voice, ”I know. ” After saying this, she retreated back into the internal quarters of the Voidship, leaving behind the trepidation of her figure in Jun Baiyin ’s heart. 

Na Xinyi stopped in the hallways, slamming her fist against the wall with a harsh pound. ”I know…you wouldn ’t just protect me, right? ” She recognized this phenomenon within the runic mark as the same one as Long Chen ’s ring. Whenever it exploded with power, revealing itself during their struggles, this star-filled manifestation with an imperial aura was always the result. 

However, she knew that the ring was in Wei Wuyin ’s possession. Furthermore, he had left her that ring. She believed that he left protections in her body during that time, unbeknownst that it was Wu Yu who had done it personally after the letter.

She believed that Wei Wuyin was responsible for this mark, and she didn ’t think he would leave Long Tingyu without any protection. While she didn ’t receive a ring, it was unlike him at all. And she would be right, Wei Wuyin might not have directly left her a spatial ring, but Xiang Ling had one. Considering their relationship, he considered them as one.

Wu Yu was aware of his romantic relationships and knew about Xiang Ling and Long Tingyu ’s own intimate relationship like mother and daughter, so there was no way he wouldn ’t act to protect her in accordance with his orders. However, his mark was removed by an demonic force of unfathomable power, and even Wu Yu, a quasi Demi-Mortal Lord was unable to locate her. 

If she considered that Wei Wuyin likely left a similar mark on Long Tingyu, then Long Tingyu must ’ve been taken away by a powerful being. She didn ’t want to believe she died, because the mark activated instinctually, so a commotion should ’ve erupted if the individual had ill-intentions. 

Long Tingyu was like a little sister to her, and she was deeply emotionally invested. Their relationship was so close that Long Chen ’s deliberate action of allowing her to suffer harm had caused Long Tingyu to break away from him! Afterwhich, their relationship became closer than ever, even joining the same force together! 

Long Tingyu had even joined the Dark Yin Palace because she knew Na Xinyi was going to be there! 

As for Na Xinyi ’s actions of dealing with those shady forces and eliminating the Dark Yin Palace ’s connections with them was only because of her own revulsion and disgust. She was intent on remodeling the Dark Yin Palace, and one day, make it hers to rule. The runic mark just allowed it to happen sooner, but it wasn ’t limitless. So she had to use what little power left with intelligence and caution.

Her eyes lit with a determined brilliance, ”If you ’ve been taken, I ’ll find you…and if a single hair on your head is harmed, I ’ll…. ” That determined brilliance was replaced by a sharp lethality.

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