Paragon of Sin

Chapter 699 - 694: Nine Transcendent Pills

Far off from the Ninestar Starfield, there was the dominantly renowned existence within the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, the Aeternal Sky Starfield. Residing at its edges, further defined by its location at the edge of one of the sixteen domains, the Everlore Domain, was a recently created planet named New Everlore. 

Its gorgeous spherical structure at the far reaches of the starfield, receiving the least amount of radiance from the Solar Star, including the refined mystic essence. It was classified as an astral-graded planet by default, but when originally placed on that stretch of graded scale, it was at the lowest end imaginable. 

When created by the Everlore Domain ’s Everlore Association, specifically through the means of the San Clan, the amount of effort infused within was at its bare minimum. There was no nurturing or means to accelerate its growth to a sustainable level. A rough estimate was established that several hundred years would have to pass before the planet is fully refined by the mystic essence emitted by the supermassive-sized Aeternal Sky Solar Star and became stable.

This meant its inhabitants wouldn ’t experience a steady development of resources at a certain level for a long, long time, with most being barely useful for Qi Condensation experts. The decline of such a cultivation civilization ’s circumstance was ordinarily destined to be held over a long period, and many experts or youthful talents should ’ve used their means to depart, joining other forces to retain their rights to cultivate.

The Everlore Association had even established a five-year trial that sent recruiting envoys to the planet to gather the latent , underdeveloped talent for their own purposed, not caring about the eventual dissolution of the Everlore Domain ’s identity, slowly intending on integrating their newfound society and culture into it while eliminating the old, archaic systems of a now-destroyed starfield.

However, the Everlore Association received a massive, unexpected surprise during their trip a year ago that faintly shook the entire starfield for a moment. Somehow, the entire planet was absolutely thriving. The size of the planet was large, sufficient to house trillions, and the resources needed to feed and sustain these living beings were plenty. The projections of a poverty, brutal, war-drenched civilization that would eventually consume themselves hadn ’t occurred at all. 

The envoys found them prospering greatly instead, be it their lively and high-yield fields or their environments that suited cultivation. They weren ’t lacking in either, nor in food or organization. Furthermore, not a single talented youth decided to follow them, much to their mind-blowing disbelief.

The greatest attributed reason for this order to their knowledge was the Eternal Monarch Sect. It had been formed shortly after settling, and over 90% of the forces on the planet had submitted to its leadership. The name of Wu Baozhai, the charismatic and capable princess of the Grand Monarch Lineage, and Wei Wuyin, the Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor, was sufficient to force the vast majority to place their pride down.

As for the last ten percent that had resisted initially, prideful and unwilling to submit, they suffered endless consequences. A few even tried attacking the enriched territories of the Eternal Monarch Sect and was completely eradicated as a consequence. In a mere two years since its re-founding, the Eternal Monarch Sect had become the sole power on the entire planet, with all living inhabitants under its roof. 

There was no chaos under Wu Baozhai ’s astute gaze and exceptional leadership. Be it earned respect or imposing might, she had it all. Despite Wei Wuyin ’s absence and Wu Yu ’s identity remaining a secret, she had forged a strong, stable force with her name as its pillar, bestowing her a generous yet fully earned reputation as an adept leader.

At Eternal Monarch Sect ’s Everlasting Imperial Mountain, one of the ten Everlasting Mountains, the top figures of the sect were gathered.

Wu Baozhai was seated in the main conference hall, a spacious, simple yet well-decorated room. An oval-seating arrangement was established here with a large oval table made from a type of astral-graded oak wood. At the moment, she sat at one end atop a throne. Surrounding here were twenty-eight figures, men and women, all dressed in unique manner but similar colors. They were the twenty-eight newly ascended Grand Imperial Sages. 

She had her hands clasped together, placed contemplating before her mouth that concealed her lips. Her eyes were calm, yet there was a solemn light within. Those before her were all powerhouses of the former Everlore Starfield that had chosen to arrive on the new planet to begin anew. This included Qin Rui and Yao Zhen. 

Not a single one of them lacked a cultivation base at the Realmlord Phase. If someone were to know that the Eternal Monarch Sect had one expert at the Realmlord Phase six years ago, but now had twenty-nine of them, they would be stupefied. Not a single one of their auras were ordinary, an even more staggering fact.

Qin Rui and Yao Zhen were seated closest to her own seat, to her left and right, representing their influential position at the table. Before her was a document with an exquisite signature, letters forged by obsidian ink. At its heading area, a golden ’Life ’ character was present. She wasn ’t the only one with a solemn gaze. 

Wu Baozhai glanced at the document. It was the purchasing rights of a percentage of funds originating from Wei Wuyin ’s sale of his Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, including the Grand Demonstration entry fees, Golden Auction entry cost, sacrificial bids and the winning bid. 

It listed out their financial limit and ability to purchase anything from the Golden Life Pavilion or directly request for raw currency in the form of astral stones or mystic stones. Whichever they pleased.

While it wasn ’t a huge percentage, the amount before them left their hearts unsettled. Wu Baozhai spoke out after a long moment of mutually accepting silence, ”He really did this… ” She had a faint, almost unnoticeable wry smile.

”This can ’t be real, right? This amount? ” A middle-aged woman remained dubious to accept this. Its been six years since their settlement, and they ’ve learned various details about the Aeternal Sky Starfield, including the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region as a whole. Since the most-recent Golden Auction had brought the Ninestar Starfield into the picture, most with any information acquiring means learned about the total picture.

Would the Ninestar Starfield ’s main force, Ninestar Sainthall, be the future ruler of the entire stellar region due to successfully purchasing the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill? To most, it felt like a hoax, but some bought into the idea, and even fervently believed in it. Regardless, no one could remain ignorant of the twenty-three starfields any longer.

An old man with a grand, thick black beard and stout body spoke in a husky voice, ”It ’s him. ” His words settled the hearts of most, eliminating any further word of disbelief. This was genuine because it was him. That was all that mattered. 

Qin Rui glanced at the document, her eyes flickering with various thoughts. Since the Eternal Monarch Sect ’s establishment, the growth of New Everlore and its cultivators were explosive, yet also well-managed. There was a need to do so, because Wei Wuyin ’s support within those spatial rings he had left behind would eventually run dry. 

Wu Baozhai ’s foresight had lessened the shift in a slower cultivation lifestyle. While they could cultivate astral-graded materials, it was still too difficult to effectively convert this into power. A cultivator required far too much time refining these material ’s volatile energies, extracting the essence and remaining energies, converting and absorbing it into their Spirits of Cultivation. This still needed to be further processed in accordance to certain cultivation methods, making it a very lengthy cultivation schedule for most. 

While Alchemical Products were faster, more effective, and eliminated all but one step and a half. Sometimes, alchemical products only needed half a step. The issue was that alchemical products required time, resources, and immense effort to succeed. 

The Eternal Monarch Sect had already fallen back to their old habits, trying to compete for resources amongst each other due to its limited quantity. Faint signs of inner conflict were brewing, mostly because the planet might ’ve experienced its fair share of artificial nurturing, but it still couldn ’t upkeep the sheer number of cultivators present.

Yet this proxy purchasing rights, these available funds, would once more induce growth in their forces. It was so incredibly timely that Wu Baozhai speculated that Wei Wuyin had planned it all, even down to her usage and division of material and alchemical resources he ’d given her. 

But now, the reason behind their silence and thoughts were: how were they going to spend this absolutely absurd amount of wealth in the most efficient manner? This meeting was called for that reason, yet for an entire hour, no one had even spoken out anything but disbelief and acceptance.

It was just so much money. 

The strongest amongst them were only Realmlords…

Even an Ascended would be floored, yet Wu Baozhai had to find a balance between disciples, elders, the planet, and its normal inhabitants. Ways to improve their own society, technological capabilities and possessions, and strengthen their position in the starfield. Especially by training their young talents, perhaps inviting some experts to deliver teachings beyond their understanding.

Qin Rui looked away from the document, looking to Wu Baozhai instead. ”Grand Princess, since he left this in your name, then he trusts your decisions completely. Moreover… ” Qin Rui took a soft breath, ”Is this much to him? We shouldn ’t embarrass ourselves by fumbling here, thinking its a lot or too much. ”

A fiery light ignited in the eyes of everyone present. That ’s right! While they were shocked by this wealth, was it really much to their Ascendant Emperor? While the percentage isn ’t listed exactly, the envoy from the Golden Life Pavilion that delivered this document stated they were one of many recipients. One of many! 

This might not even be a single percentage of it all! While unlikely, it was still possible. 

Wu Baozhai ’s heart received a shock. And it was very much needed. She inhaled deeply before exhaling out all her hesitation. She gave Qin Rui a faint smile, ”You ’re right, Grand Sage Qin. I ’ve already got some ideas in mind. If any of you have anything to add, I ’ll consider it. ” 

Wu Baozhai had regained herself, eliminating the baffled throbs in her heart. This was an opportunity for the sect to receive an explosive increase overall! She had to make full use of it.

For the next two weeks, not a single member left the conference room.

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