Paragon of Sin

Chapter 67: Memories Kill Big Picture

The art of alchemy was profound. It embodied the essence of converting the materials beneath the heavens and earth to produce miraculous, unintended effects. It was truly heaven-defying.

In fact, the Scripture of Sin explained that the very act of alchemy wasn ’t considered a neutral action, but an affront to the Heavenly Daos. Karmic luck will never relate towards the unnatural. Therefore, a cultivator would never stumble upon an ’immortal pill ’ or ’earthly elixir ’ by a lucky chance provided by the heavens.

While you may come across fruits, ore, or waters that held miraculous, heavenly effects, these weren ’t pills but products of nature regulated by the Heavenly Daos themselves.

While the art of alchemy didn ’t accrue karmic sin, it also wouldn ’t receive the support of the Heavenly Daos.

In alchemy, there were three known alchemic ranks denoting quality, efficiency, and limitations. These were: Mortal, Mystic, Immortal. Each pill had nine grades, and each grade was further divided into three tiers: Low, High, and Peak.

While this was a widely known information, the Myriad Yore Continent has never had a single Mystic rank alchemical product emerge. This information was produced by divination by looking into the Mortal Dao. There were a myriad of those who could see fate, past or future events.

There were seers, oracles, and fortune tellers. They may seem similar, but there were distinctive differences between them. This was how information beyond a world ’s grasp was deduced and obtained. It was much easier to peer into the secrets of things unprotected by the Heavenly Daos, such as the Alchemic Dao.

The Eden Earth Sect was an established sect in the Xin Country, likely the number one sect. They specialized in a unique alchemical method called the Eden Creation Method. It embodied and exemplified the creation aspect of the seven traits of the Alchemic Dao: Extraction, Growth, Containment, Refinement, Creation, Transformation, and Fusion.

While it delved into the other six, creation was its bread and butter.

Wei Wuyin had practiced the Eden Creation Method and a few other lower-graded methods that focused on those seven traits. Moreover, he was given direct teaching by the upper-echelon members of the sect and endless resources to practice. Therefore, he was quite proficient in alchemy.

What he learned in those seven year embodied the essence of the Eden Earth Sect ’s thousands of years of knowledge.

In the Myriad Yore Continent, alchemists were divided in titles, depending on what grade of pill, elixir, or paste they could concoct in the Mortal Rank.

First grade pills, elixirs, or paste were suitable for mortals. They had no place for cultivators. They weren ’t even effective on Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. Alchemists who could only concoct this level of alchemical products were considered as Alchemist-In-Training.

They had just begun their journey into the world of alchemy.

The second and third grade alchemical products were suitable for the Foundation Establishment Realm. Those at this level were called Novice Alchemists. They had broken free from their training wheels and could establish a name for themselves. These products could also help cultivators of all phases. Of course, the greater one ’s cultivation, the less effective it was.

Those who can create fourth grade alchemical products were called Adept Alchemists. They were renowned for their skills, and any third-tier or second-tier force, like the Wei Clan, who only had a Third Stage of Qi Condensation pillar, would be considered lucky to have them. Many of their products were suitable for the first to third phases of the Qi Condensation Realm.

The fifth grade were called Expert Alchemists. While the naming sense was simple, the word ’expert ’ was never looked down upon by the cultivation world. Their products were effective all the way till the Seventh Stage of Qi Condensation, meaning they can support the production of Mortal Gods, given the right materials, recipes, and circumstances.

While these grades were ’effective ’ for those at that range of cultivation base, this meant those products created at this grade for lesser-phase cultivators were absolutely miraculous.

Expert Alchemists were mostly a part of forces like the Scarlet Solaris Sect, top-tier forces with Godlords behind them. While there would be the occasional exception, many just join the highest ranking force possible.

The sixth grade was for all the way to Godkings, the peak of the Qi Condensation Realm, and those at this level were called Lord Alchemists. They were leaders of the Myriad Yore Continent. While there could be alchemists that could produce seventh, eighth, or ninth grade Mortal rank products, not many people knew who they were.

The Eden Earth Sect ’s Sect Leader was rumored to be someone who could produce seventh grade products of alchemy, but considering he never became a Godking, let alone exceeded the realm of Qi Condensation, that was brushed off as a rumor by the public.

Only Wei Wuyin, someone he taught personally, knew his concoction standards. And he was indeed an alchemist who could create seventh grade products; he was a King Alchemist! It ’s just the ability to make products of this grade didn ’t mean his success rate was remotely decent. In fact, it was absolutely abysmal!

Wei Wuyin also knew that due to the Mortal-tier name, alchemists at this tier had mortal titles. The eighth was Emperor Alchemist, and the ninth was Mortal Sovereign Alchemist.

The titles beyond that were even grander!

”Alchemical energies can help facilitate the Dao of Alchemy! The seven traits are thoroughly embodied within, allowing one to have a far, far greater ease in concocting alchemical products of a higher grade and tier! By sacrificing strength, they become heaven-defying existences! ” Wei Wuyin remembered what he was told before.

The Dao of Alchemy can be practiced by those who did not have an Alchemic Heart, but their effectiveness wouldn ’t be a hundredth of those that did. The vast majority of the Eden Earth Sect and the world ’s Alchemists did not possess an Alchemic Heart. They merely cultivated and manipulated Alchemic Qi.

Luckily, he didn ’t just have one Heart of Qi, but three at the time. Otherwise, as someone with an Alchemic Heart of Qi, he would forever be at the need for others ’ protections. In fact, even standard alchemists made it a habit to raise beasts to fight for them. It was an essential practice because, while they can still fight, their focus wasn ’t on battle.

This was why Chu Lingxi wished for Bai Lin. She was young, strong, and could be cultivated to be stronger. It ’s unfortunate that the danger Chu Lingxi faced was by her lover, and not an enemy she could command Bai Lin to fight. She died before that was even possible.

This was also why they chased Bai Lin for so long. They wanted to domesticate her and use her for battles and transportation.

”According to my standards, I ’m a Lord Alchemist! I have produced sixth grade pills, pellets, elixirs, and paste before! ” Wei Wuyin had an Alchemic Heart, and with seven years of unrestrained teachings, his skills had reached an unfathomable level. This might not even be his limits!

The benefits of an alchemic heart could be described as a single day measured up to a month in training for those without it. The utter ease and inherent energies that allow for purer creations and steadier success rates, left many green with envy. As his cultivation base rose, so would his success and quality rate.

He started to execute various alchemic arts, with Jiao Ning ’s mind as the material while using his Eden Qi. He wanted to reassemble her mind, to help her heal, and refine her ill-memories. If possible, completely refine the last two years from her mind completely!

He ’d leave out only the portion where she was captured, but nothing else! No memories of the isolation, the fear, the panic, or the desire to die! He ’ll refine her entire mind thoroughly and without missing a single bit!

His eyes narrowed as he focused. The world outside didn ’t exist as he honed completely on this task. His Eden Qi originated from the Tree of Eden, a sentient tree that birthed its own Mind!

It didn ’t have a soul, but it had a mind! It had memories, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions! Unfortunately, that meant it couldn ’t cultivate the Heavenly Daos. It couldn ’t make use of its vast vitality and wood energy for itself, forced to have it taken away by others.

When he recalled this, he remembered the mark left on his heart. It contained the vast amount of wood energy and vitality of the entire Tree of Eden! He hadn ’t found a use for it, but he knew it was there, ready for his use.

He sent his Eden Qi into her sea of consciousness. Shockingly, there wasn ’t a hint of rejection or hindrance from her physical matter. It entered as if it belonged in the sea of consciousness, like any aspect of the mind.

The latent alchemical energy started to go to work. Like a surgeon looking at his table, he started to figure out what ’s what. The memories, emotions, and thoughts. It wasn ’t completely linear, but he could dissect it to figure out what is what, then fuse them together. A shattered mind was much like a shattered mirror.

It required piecing it together, including the small dust-like bits. He had to ensure he got it all, puzzled them in the right order, and establish a linear function once more. His Eden Qi was swift, acting as glue and a scalpel.

Outside, Su Mei and the others were watching Wei Wuyin quietly. They saw the alchemical aura emitted from between his brows ceasely entering Jiao Ning ’s glabella. Their expressions were varied, but mostly they were of shock and confusion.

Qin Shui immediately sent a message to Qin Feng: ”He ’s an alchemist with an Alchemic Heart! ” The message was simple, but the meaning was clear.

Qin Feng, still within his palace, read this message and went into thought. He replied: ”How do you know? ”

Qin Shui responded: ”He can control alchemical energies, and he ’s sending it into the one called Jiao Ning! And, its exceptionally pure! ”

”… ” Qin Feng frowned. This relayed a lot of information. For one, Wei Wuyin had an Alchemic Heart, which meant he might be a Godlord or Godking, but he had no combat abilities with his qi, and only his spiritual sense held any basic power.

While that meant he could use spiritual spells, it also meant his true power was far less than normal. However, he knew that there was a mount out there that could instantly kill a Mortal God. This meant it would at least be at the level of a Seventh Stage Qi Condensation Realm expert!

However, he didn ’t have any thoughts of acting against Wei Wuyin after learning of this. In fact, this only better served his decision to make friends with him.

Minutes went by, then hours. Before long, the hawks had to stop hovering and land on the ground. Only Bai Lin stayed in the skies, hovering in circles without causing any disturbance to those who rode on top of her. She knew that Wei Wuyin was giving it his all, and she would never try to interrupt that.

After an entire day went by, there were already several inner elders, core elders, and core disciples watching from afar. When they saw their Vice Sect Leader watching patiently at the figure hovering in the sky, they started to pay attention.

Luckily, Qin Shui had already stored God Lei ’s corpse into her storage ring. Otherwise, the commotion would be insane!

The other grand elders watched over the prisoners, helping them recover, especially Dai Qiuyue. She wasn ’t like Jiao Ning. While she suffered abuse, it was only by a single person, a single time, and so outside of being weak, she awoke quite normally after being fed pills to recover.

When she did recover, she was in complete shock when she heard what had happened. She looked at the sky, her eyes flickering with various emotions. Those grand elders seemed intent on giving her promises and comfort, fawning over her so she wouldn ’t say anything horrible to Wei Wuyin.

She had never thought she would have elders pay lip service to her with thinly veiled fear. However, only she knew the truth. She held no sway over or a relationship with Wei Wuyin. It was purely Jiao Ning who had that one night of passion, and he had returned, not for her, but Jiao Ning.

Before she could give them a response, a muscular man roughly brought over a young man. He was somewhat handsome, but he had thin lips and somewhat deceitful eyes. He was scared as he hit the dirt, tossed by the muscular expert.

The young man was a core disciple and had come to watch the events like the rest. One of the grand elders saw him and abruptly ordered his capture, confusing him as he was manhandled. This was the man called Lei Yuan! He was God Lei ’s son, and the one who had been the cause for all of this.

When he was violently thrown to the ground to eat dirt, Dai Qiuyue saw him and her eyes became blood-red with hatred.

”I ’ll kill you! ” She shrieked and lunged at him, her body still weak, but her will was incomparably focused.

Jun Lin immediately grabbed her, gently holding her back. She quietly said in Dai Qiuyue ’s ear, ”Don ’t be too hasty. You can take your time doing whatever you feel is appropriate. ” When those words entered the fiercely struggling Dai Qiuyue, her eyes flashed.

A twitch spiked on her upper lip and she looked towards Lei Yuan with eyes of pure evil. Her revenge was coming.

Jun Tianchou immediately acted as well. He placed his palm on Lei Yuan ’s shoulder, causing him to be unable to speak or move. He could only stay there, groveling on the ground without end. He didn ’t want Lei Yuan saying anything or deciding to falsely accuse or truly accuse more people right now.

For now, let the situation develop without his interference.

After a total of three days had passed, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes closed. The rainbow light subsided and revealed his silver eyes and the sliver of excitement within. He looked at Jiao Ning, her body once more healthy and her cultivation stable. While she ’ll need time to regain the strength of refinement that elemental energies can grant, she should be fine. At least, physically.

The only thing that truly mattered was mentally.

Jiao Ning ’s eyelashes fluttered. She slowly opened her eyes, the light within undisturbed by tragedy or ill-memories. Her eyes were tired, but only from the operation itself. She swallowed slightly, feeling somewhat thirsty.

Slowly, she realized where she was. Wei Wuyin was gently smiling at her while she rested in his arms. The light that entered her eyes caused his figure to seem angelic.

Am I dreaming?

This dream would usually be just entering his embrace, usually there was a bed and a lot of panting involved.

After inspecting her once more, he sighed with relief in his heart. Her mental state, for now, had been restored. Those ill-memories were extracted, and her shattered mind repaired.

”Missed me? ” Wei Wuyin said with a grin.

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