Paragon of Sin

Chapter 688 - 683: Burn The Hunted And Hunters




”ACCURSED BEAST! ” A harsh, vehement roar of unfathomable might rippled through the world, shaking the structure floating in the Dark Void at its foundation. From outside, after the concealment formations were rocked by the raging flames and abrupt explosions, outlines of the structure became visible during the chaos.

It was a concentrically designed castle, with an outer wall and an inner wall, four towers positioned in the four directions, however the inner area contained a large, black-colored sphere. The entire sphere was roughly the size of a tiny-sized planet, being large enough to house tens of millions of lives. 

Littered across the surface of this black sphere were square-shaped vents, and they seemed to absorb the essence being emitted by the Solar Stars. Periodically, the sphere would briefly expand and then contract forcefully with a hissing sound. It was as if it was breathing. When the pressure seemingly released, the sphere ’s surface lit with violet-colored runes tinted with a sanguine glow. 


Strange sounds emanated from the sphere, especially as it tried to expand. The vents that numbered the hundreds of thousands, large enough to fit an average-sized man, were spewing out scarlet-golden flames. The contraction was halted due to this, the essence being burned to fuel the Nirvanic Flames! 

The inside of the sphere was complex, fitted with numerous cultivators, living, working, and thriving within, and its environment was varied. Even forests and lakes were present. Yet at this moment, those areas etched out to emulate real life environments were set ablaze by nirvanic flames. The trees burned, the lakes dried, and countless cultivators that wore masks, from Qi Condensation to Astral Core Realm were met with their deaths.

Only those suppressed, shackled by restriction formations and considered non-threats were met with mercy. In fact, Bai Lin bestowed them with gifts. Her life energy was extremely potent, so those prisoners who were near-death, in constant and unbearable pain from their injuries brought about by torture, extractions, or other evil practices done upon them was healed. With the infusion of life energies, their body ’s natural recovery abilities were elevated to wild levels.

To those on their last legs, this was a blessing from the divinities from beyond. 

While engulfed by flames, those restricted in rooms watched their captors, interrogators, wardens, and torturers burn in the flames before their eyes were first shocked, and then they cheered. It was unknown who started it, or if it was just a coincidence, but they all cheered in joy. The feeling of obtaining one ’s revenge was euphoric.

While the sounds of fighting continued to rumble through the sphere, the sounds of jubilant shouts mixed with happy cursing rampaged just as loud. When they started, a symphony began. A beautiful, joyful symphony that sung of freedom and hope.

”SHUT THE FUCK UP! ” A thunderous shout swept the entire sphere, causing its runes to alit with a sinister radiance. The sound caused numerous individuals shouting out their heartfelt hope and dreams to be met with the last straw that broke their lives. They died with brilliant smiles and one last screaming shout. It wasn ’t their death throes, but their freedom throes.

They would no longer suffer. To them, that was enough. 

A particular male cultivator had a high cultivation base and a special physique, the Yang Renewal Physique. It was the exact opposite of the Yin Renewal Physique, allowing his Primal Yang to recover after being exhausted or expended, making him the best form of cultivation partner for women. Yet due to this, he was siphoned for more than five hundred years in this location. 

Forced to act as an renewable bag of yang energy, his cultivation continuously raised through special means. He wasn ’t even able to die during the tribulations, the Ascended could interfere with their treasures and means. His value was…invaluable. 

When the cheers began, he was the absolute loudest. 

Immersed in scarlet-golden flames, he was a tattered mess. He had no limbs, severed hundreds of years ago, and even his manhood had been removed, forcefully keeping his yang energies sealed within his body with no outlet or medium and forcefully elevating it through special methods.

For so long, he was like an undead existence, forced to live despite his desire. Enlivened by the cheers, he coughed out violently. The life energies were healing him, and while he was happy, he wasn ’t willing to continue living. His eyes reflected as much. Just knowing that those outside were dying in droves, going to hell…that was enough. 

He spoke out in a soft whisper, trying to communicate with the flames. ”I don ’t…I don ’t know who you are…or if you can even hear me, but thank you. But…I have a request. A small, little, insignificant request to someone like you. ” Bound by the neck and torso without limbs, hung over thirty meters in the air, he swallowed. 

The flames were surging but it didn ’t seem to hear him. He hoped the spiritual sense of the expert causing this chaos was listening. He was hopeful. 

”If you can do this, I ’ll give you my Yang Source Quintessence…You should know what that means… ” The man offered. If anyone heard this, they would be sent into a startling shock. The Yang Source Quintessence was the most crucial component of a cultivator, and ripping it out was the same as damning one to endless suffering. It was adhered closely with one ’s soul, and while not directly a part of it, it formed after one ’s birth.

The flames still remained silent.

”Please hear this…hear me… ” The man begged. Tears left his eyes like a flowing river. He begged, longed for his request to be fulfilled. But if he tried to die, they would always stop him. Even if he tried to extract his Yang Source Quintessence, they would halt him instantly. 

The flames stirred. 

Feeling the slight change, the man ’s eyes lit. ”Release my shackles. I ’ll give it to you! I promise! ” He begged again, emboldened by hope. The flames seemed to hear, slowly growing hotter. The man was startled when his shackles and chains were burnt away. He fell thirty meters, smashing against the ground in a thud.

The man didn ’t hesitate. His iris and pupils faded, his eyes became a sea of gold. With a fierce roar, from his glabella, a perfectly spherical globe of gold the size of a children ’s marble emerged. His body soon lost its masculinity, even its femininity that brought balance to himself had vanished. 

His head sagged as the gold sphere left. 

”Kill me… ” He hoarsely asked. The damage from his self-extraction would destine him to endless suffering and health complications, both physical and mental. If he had done this before, those bastards would benefit, but he…he would be kept like this until his lifespan ran out. He didn ’t wish for either outcome.

He rather suffer than to let them benefit. 

But now, he had hope.

”Please… ” his hoarse, androgynous voice sounded again, ”…please kill me… ”


Bai Lin released an enraged cry filled with unfathomable emotions. Her heart, while facing her enemies, was beset by this tragic scene. And it wasn ’t the only one. Few thought she could save them, so they begged that the flames take them too. They cried out loud. They made offerings. They did everything they could in the hopes that the expert in control of the flames was listening.

But she wasn ’t sure what to do. Wei Wuyin said not to kill. She had to even hold back to ensure the structure didn ’t collapse, forced to fight in these narrow spaces. 

However, a voice exploded in a timely manner. ”I ’ve found him! ” 

Bai Lin ’s eyes brightened. She released an explosive phoenix cry that sent the flames in a frenzy. She acted to those who wished for it to end. Because she knew that saving them wasn ’t all too likely. There were tens of millions of prisoners, and almost five percent were asking for her help to end it all. 

With a faint glimmer of tears in her eyes, she changed the qualities of the nirvanic flames around them. She tried to up the heat to the highest level so their deaths were instant. 

The limbless, genderless expert felt the shift. He smiled brilliantly. ”Thank y- ” His body was incinerated. 

The black sphere trembled and from a portion of it, a protrusion formed that started to rapidly change color. The material it was constructed from became superheated and in a raging explosion, the protrusion became a hole.


A river of scarlet-golden flames geysered out in a violent manner, and the violet runes with a sanguine tint were vanishing one by one, the entire array was being destabilized. From the greyser of flames, a bird made of entirely scarlet-golden fire, at the height of twenty-two thousand meters, emerged at startling speeds.

It shot into the Dark Void and sharply turned, its golden eyes were radiant as two burning solar stars. 

Fire Phoenix Transformation! 

”I ’ll kill every last one of you! ” Bai Lin sent out a vast mental tremor, filled with pure, unadulterated killing intent. Before, she just wanted to fight and prove herself as useful. 




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