Paragon of Sin

Chapter 682 - 677: Delivered To An Ascended Beauty


The low, throttling rumble of a voidship ’s propulsion formations filled the Dark Void. While the lack of air molecules rendered no sound emissions within the Dark Void, the sound pulsed through and vibrated fixed space itself, inducing that sound.

The origin of the sound was a medium-sized voidship designed as a frigate, painted in rosewood colors and faint grey strips that reached hull to hull in a vertical fashion. It sailed the Dark Void with both sides of its stern fixed with cannon-like structures. The faint forceful light pulsed from these structures, acting as thrusters. 

At the bow of the frigate and the sides of its frontal hull were three more cannons, with the one one the deck being three-times larger than the others. It gave off a chilly, lethal aura from its long barreled design. 

Protected by an atmospheric sphere that blocked the internal emissions of light, keeping the voidship stealthy and cloaked while it traveled, there were numerous crew members moving about on the deck. They regularly inspected the active formations, replacing the astral stones as needed.

At the sides of the voidship, sixteen crew members were equally spaced throughout the deck, from front to back, and they observed spiritually constructed screens. The screens seemed to be relaying real-time information regarding their surroundings. 

Remarkably, each crew member was at least at the Light Reflection Phase, the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm. The strongest present was a bearded male with dark green hair, standing at the steering helm with both hands flashing with spiritual light. His aura was unfathomable, exuding a trace of separating himself from the Mortal Dao. Yet the aging marks at his eyes and around his mouth were noticeable. 

His lifespan had suffered and approached its end. Those familiar with the differences of aura and indicative factors of cultivation would realize this man had failed his Mortal Ascension, losing eight hundred years of lifespan, and entering the First Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, the Mystic Star Phase, also known as the Tenth Stage of the Astral Core Realm by the elite minded. 

To have an Exalted level figure pilot was highly suggestive of the ship ’s origins. This figure could firmly establish a Gold-tier force in the Aeternal Sky Starfield, so they weren ’t to be underestimated regardless of their limited lifespans. 

Within the ship, at its lower floors, there was an entire level dedicated as a prison hold. There were steel bars refined of top-notch astral-graded materials. They crisscrossed intricately, leaving only a few gaps available, but completely sealed. Even a baby ’s hand couldn ’t be put through these gaps. There were sections of cells, divided into squares, and in one of these cells was a young man shackled by his four limbs.

The shackles chains were pulled taut with very little wiggle room, but it didn ’t lift him up at the moment, just limited his movements. Before him was a feathered beast that had its beak sealed by a ring of metal, his legs bound by a tight shackle, and its body was pinned by chains. From time to time, the shaking of chains echoed through the air alongside its breathing. 

Wei Wuyin sat calmly in his corner, his disheveled hair and dirty clothes kept, looking at Bai Lin with a shadow of a smile. Bai Lin was quietly resting with her eyes closed, and they communicated mentally without end. Despite being trapped, sealed, and bound, the two were joking and reminiscing as if it was a vacation. 

After being captured at the Darksword Hall ’s city, they were held within their dungeon for ten days before this Voidship arrived near the planet ’s atmospheric limits. The guards, at the cover of night, brought them and other prisoners away and placed them on this ship. 

Since then, they ’ve made dozens of stops at different planets that kept bringing in new arrivals, and have been traveling for over twenty days. They were all placed within cells, kept for an unknown purpose. 

Some even cried out demanding answers, reporting their backers, but were beaten until their throats were unable to groan properly with the blood gushing from them. It was a brutal sight to witness. 

The interesting fact, however, was that they were all men. And with his Celestial Eyes, he discovered a few key similarities. Notably, they were all extremely vigorous in terms of innate yang energies relative to their cultivation base. They were not all Astral Core Realm cultivators, with most being high-leveled Qi Condensation Cultivators. 

”I can ’t wait to meet the others! ” Bai Lin exclaimed excitedly. 

Wei Wuyin softly laughed, ”I ’m sure they can ’t wait to see you too. ” Bai Lin had been gone for nine years, but hadn ’t seen the others in twelve, so many things had changed or happened while she underwent her phoenix transformation. While they had already talked about the events that happened, Bai Lin was deeply intrigued to hear about some of the individuals in Wei Wuyin ’s life.

Bai Lin rustled for a moment, hastily calming down after realizing the chains were fracturing. If she hadn ’t stopped herself, they would ’ve exploded just off her casual movements. She was infused with excitement at the prospect of seeing Su Mei again. 

She had known Su Mei for as long as she knew Wei Wuyin. After all, they met on the same day. And their relationship wasn ’t anything ordinary; Su Mei always treated her kindly. She had expectant thoughts that Wei Wuyin and Su Mei would become a pair like some other humans, and this was reinforced when she followed him after the Scarlet Solaris Sect despite him missing for ten years, her feelings remain strong and true. They seemed like the perfect pair of people to her.

Wei Wuyin was somewhat shocked that Bai Lin was getting riled up. He wondered what she was thinking. If Wei Wuyin knew what she was thinking about, he would instantly be at a loss. 


The propulsion formations were all halted, bringing the voidship to a stop. Wei Wuyin ’s Celestial Eyes pierced outside the hull, glimpsing at the sight beyond. He was welcomed by nothing.

However, the ship had come to a full-stop. Suspicious, his eyes dimmed before being lit by eight stars in both eyes, each with a different color. Seven of these stars matched the seven colors of the Alchemic Dao, denoting the existence of the seven aspects: Extraction, Growth, Containment, Refinement, Creation, Transformation, and Fusion. 

However, these stars were no longer stationary, but highly animated in their movements, like charged atoms orbiting a nucleus. This nucleus was another star, but its color was unfathomable, nigh-indescribable by mortal words. At least the current Wei Wuyin couldn ’t determine it. Wei Wuyin unleashed his new ocular-based Alchemic Intent, the Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence. 

After effectively concocting a transcendent-quality Everlore Ascension Pill, he was met with a phenomena that startled him greatly. His Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality had evolved somehow, seemingly having reached the next stage of its Intent progression.

To better serve his own understanding, he considered Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality as an Intent Seed, while the Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence was true Intent. If he went by this logic, then perhaps there was a third stage of its evolution, matching the Heart of the World, World of the Intent stage. 

However, he knew that the Alchemic Dao did not follow the same logic of progression as normal cultivation or Intent. After all, even the requirements and bestowal were wildly different, including their fundamental applications. That being said, it makes sense. 

Alchemical Energies were not natural from the world like the others, the first level of Intent that involved infusing will into pre-existing energies to exert better control or create it in a purer form using Qi/Astral Force was pointless. After all, all alchemical energies originated from oneself or others. At least, he ’d never heard of any natural-occurring  material produced from alchemic essence. The only thing remotely close to being an alchemic material was Utmost Purity Mist.

As for his evolved Alchemic Stars, while he hadn ’t figured out all of its abilities, he noticed that his clarity of seeing Alchemic Spirit Remnants were amplified ten-fold. He certainly needed to experiment more, invigorating his desire to see if there was a pre-existing legacy to use the Alchemic Stars. To learn why Wang Yutian, a Worldly Saint, described Mortal Sovereign Alchemists as terrifying existences after reaching that level.

As he peered through the ship ’s walls, he discovered numerous Alchemic Spirit Remnants within others bodies, bypassing the mystic-level concealment formation. It seemed there was a building there as the remnants outlined various levels and areas.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes lit, ”We ’re here. ” 

Bai Lin ’s eyes opened. A scarlet-gold brilliance flashed within. ”Is it time? ” Her ardent excitement leaked through as a faintly projected aura, the chains trembling considerably as a result.

Wei Wuyin wryly smiled, ”Not yet. ” 

As he said this, a wisp of disappointment flickered within Bai Lin ’s eyes. She settled down. Patience…patience and then action. Glorious action.

Step. Step. Step.

A series of heavy boots clunked against the hard floor. It carried an oppressive feeling with it, causing every prisoner besides two to feel a feeling of trepidation. A figure stopped outside Wei Wuyin ’s cage, ”She ’ll love you. ” A sinister, gruffy voice filled with a sneer resounded. 

Wei Wuyin ’s silver gaze was normal as he lifted it, revealing his unearthly handsome visage that couldn ’t be ruined by a little dirt or messy hair. His eyes revealed a ferocious, unyielding glint as he stared into the darkness, pinpointing the origin of the voice.

The voice resounded again, ”Oh! She definitely will. ”

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