Paragon of Sin

Chapter 641 - 636: Grand Demonstration His Name

Her feminine traits were highlighted heavily at this moment, showing off another side of her that most could rarely ever see. She had discarded her earlier battle outfit of a Realm Guardian, dressing in an enchanting attire suitable for a female host.

Ma Sujiang was beautiful, and that wasn ’t up for debate, from her pink lips to her phoenix eyes, there was just no question. With her fair skin, she calmly arrived before everyone and caused the spiritual senses of trillions to quiver. The vast majority of which were men. A few were even enamored by Ma Sujiang immediately. If they could, they might confess their nascent yet intense feelings instantly.

Ma Sujiang calmly gave her opening introduction. With that, she proceeded without a hitch. Clearly, she was highly experienced in handling matters like this. When she was young, she had hosted numerous other demonstrations and auctions before. With a faint smile, she explained:

”Our Golden Life Pavilion has opened this product demonstration today for all the cultivators of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, to bring to you our newest alchemical product that ’ll be on sale in the coming years, available for purchase by the heroes of the cultivation world.

”To start, I ’ll explain the intended use of the alchemical product and its qualities. This alchemical product is a digestible pill, capable of being directly refined by cultivators. There are no gender requirements for this pill. There are no cultivation method requirements for this pill.

”There is, however, a cultivation restriction for this pill. To refine it, one must be at the Third Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Soul Idol Phase. Those beneath this stage who attempt to refine this pill would find it useless, wasted. I caution against experimentation.

”The pill is of the peak-tier within the ninth-grade, ” as Ma Sujiang said this, the numerous spiritual senses trembled. Clearly, those words affected them heavily. But from the feedback, it was not positive. These originated from the overly powerful cultivators that had tremendous influence, some even from Earthly Saints!

To them, her words were the same as saying that this pill will be severely limited in quantity, especially with that tier. But even if they searched all other peak-tier ninth-grade products, none of them felt any of them warranted a starfield-wide demonstration. It was just too difficult to concoct or their effects were usually of very little value to Ascended.

But Ma Sujiang ’s next words shook them once more.

”The pill ’s purpose is simple: At its lowest-graded state, the pill can create a perfectly compatible Domain Seed, establishing a genuine Worldly Domain prior to the Realm World Phase, lacking only a single quality—Mana Conversion. ” Ma Sujiang ’s faint smile seemed to turn into a faint grin, and those terrifying spiritual senses went absolutely wild!

She could feel the intense reactions from the feedback.

The lesser cultivators, those from the New Everlore, who were unaware of its significance weren ’t too impacted, but those in the Astral Core Realm, aware of what this meant, their spiritual senses started to flare just as wildly. Besides those from New Everlore, everyone else had high-tiered origins, so almost all of them understood the implication!

On Origin, Lin Ming shouted out in disbelief: ”IMPOSSIBLE! ”

The tone he used was as if he heard the most unbelievable news in the world. It wasn ’t just him, Lin Xianxei ’s eyes widened so much her eyes seemed about to exit her skull. While their reactions might be intense, but they weren ’t the only ones.

Lin Xianxian dismissed this with a scoff, ”This must be bullshit. A Worldly Domain prior to the Realm World Phase? While it ’s possible in theory, when has one ever been perfectly compatible? There ’s too many issues with this. ”

An elder beside Lin Xianxian whose status seemed relatively high added, ”You ’re right, Sect Leader Lin. There ’s a pill that can do something similar, but it severe one ’s cultivation path, and can only be used by those at the Gravity Emission Phase. There must be a heavy cost to this pill. Otherwise, how heaven-defying would this be? ”

Lin Xianxian had a wisp of approval in her eyes as she glanced at this elder agreeing with her. She nodded, ”If this pill had no cost, then it ’ll be the best ninth-grade product in existence, hands down. ” She thought about something, looking at the wide-eyed Lin Ming and felt a little satisfied.

He looked like an ignorant little duck. This amused her that she chuckled softly. She couldn ’t help but explain: ”If a Domain Seed could truly form at the Soul Idol Phase, then every cultivator would have a straight, unhindered path to the Realm World Phase. In theory, it ’ll save hundreds of years of time in cultivation, and completely obliterate all lethal danger that the Realm World Astral Tribulation has. ”

”It truly is impossible, ” the elder added while shaking his head.

Lin Ming absentmindedly looked at Lin Xianxei ’s mother who was explaining to him like he was a child. As if he didn ’t understand principles of cultivation. Furthermore, he was experiencing its effects personally! While he was trying to still stabilize his Domain Seed, remove the external influences from the three foreign soul energies, he knew of its outstanding power and advantages.

Also, his Worldly Domain lacked two qualities, not one!

They weren ’t the only ones who were dismissing this pill. Feeling as if the cost must be equally as terrifying. After all, there ’s never been an incident where bypassing the standards of cultivation didn ’t have its accompanying difficulties.

Ma Sujiang hadn ’t stopped permanently. She merely allowed them to digest this information and discuss amongst themselves. They were being primed for a slap, and she knew it. That resounding slap will only stimulate their desires.

Ma Sujiang continued: ”There is a cost for this pill, however, ” the spiritual senses immediately focused on her. The discussions in the sixteen domains had simultaneously ceased. What could this cost be? Was it so heavy that it could be dismissed? But those who were intelligent knew that this would be the highlight of the description.

”The cost for the pill is that one must, I repeat, must be in the Soul Idol Phase! ” When she stated this, her grin became brighter, revealing an astonishing innate beauty. The senses froze. She added, ”There is no other price. The pill is entirely self-sufficient, so it doesn ’t need any supplementary materials or cultivation methods, just the correct cultivation base. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

”WHAT?! ”

”WHAT?!?! ”

”WHAT?!?!?!?! ”

The trembling from the senses was just outrageously in disbelief. If it wasn ’t for the separation of a vast distance, including the inability to communicate through the obelisks and Revealment Disk, they would ’ve bombarded Ma Sujiang with unending questions!

Ma Sujiang waited for a minute, exactly sixty-seconds, before she continued. She gestured, and the Revealment Disk moved to show a figure that everyone of any renown noticed. It was of a brown-bearded, short-haired middle-aged man with a slim physique and round glasses with a thin, black frame.

He pushed up the frame further along the bridge of his nose, and observed at the Revealment Disk. He didn ’t show the humble posture of a host, but had the stance of outrageous arrogance. From his imposing gaze, it seemed that he looked down on the world and then some.

This was Ma Leihan!

One of the thirty-four Mortal Sovereign Alchemists of the Aeternal Sky Starfield! There was not a single person amongst anyone of reputation that was unfamiliar with his visage! When he took the stage, even the senses of Ascended became calmer, subdued as if scared of attracting his attention yet also wanting to show how good and respectful they were.

A bonafide Mortal Sovereign Alchemist!

Since he made his appearance, the doubt that surrounded the pill had considerably lowered.

Ma Sujiang introduced, ”This illustrious figure is Alchemic Sovereign Ma Leihan, Official Mortal Sovereign Alchemist of my Ma Clan. He will be acting as a Guest for this Product Demonstration and Authenticator of the pill ’s effects. ”

Then, the Revealment Disk changed again.

This time, an elegant figure, buxom and curvaceous in all the right places, arrived. Despite her vixen like body, she exuded a haughty elegance befitting nobility. She carried herself with gravitas of an empress, and she looked to the world with an inner pride that was impossible to overlook.

Dressed in a blue and gold dress that hugged her body tightly yet revealed no excess skin, as if while others might be able to admire her, they were unworthy of seeing an ounce of her skin. She stood on stage with a mesh veil that only covered her nose and mouth, revealing her heterochromic eyes of light grey(right) and dark grey(left).

She didn ’t even need to speak before the spiritual senses became explosive! They were even more terrifying than when they saw Ma Sujiang! While they couldn ’t even see her face, the signature marking on her stomach area was known by all!

The symbol was a seven-colored diamond-shaped, and divided into four equivalent sections by straight white lines.

The lines were thin, but they had seven-colored runic symbols that were extremely lively. At the top and bottom of the diamond was a rotating spherical object that resembled a pill. The left had the character for ’Ever ’ and the right had the character for ’Lore ’.

The Everlore Association!!!

Ma Sujiang then introduced through the turbulent senses, ”This person needs very little introduction, but I will embarrass myself in an attempt to do her justice. This is the gorgeous Twilight Alchemic Sovereign, Mu Yura, Official Mortal Sovereign Alchemist of the Everlore Association. She has been invited by the Golden Life Pavilion to act as a witness, ensuring the effects are without issues and our words are without falseness. ”

If before the doubts had dwindled, at this moment, the elite experts of this starfield started to believe one thing: This pill was real. And the Golden Life Pavilion? They were dead-set on proving it!

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