Paragon of Sin

Chapter 634 - 629: Archaic Chosen Fight! Prove Yourself!

”… ” The two looked at each other, confusion evident within their expressions. Were they late? Did they get the wrong time?

However, when their ship entered the airspace of the coliseum, they were hailed by a middle-aged man with a bun standing on the platform, his eyes betraying his annoyance. The middle-aged man was a Timelord, an existence that could establish their own legitimate force within the Aeternal Sky Starfield. Despite the vast disparity between truly top-tier powerhouses, his strength couldn ’t be underestimated.

With a swish, he soared upwards and met their ship. With noticeable haste in his tone, he urged: ”Let ’s hurry and complete this tribulation. ”

Lin Xianxei ’s trimmed brows furrowed, ”Why the rush, Timelord Duhan? ” The rushing tone did not go unnoticed. She added, ”there ’s no one here yet, not even the various elders to oversee the tribulation. ”

Timelord Duhan gave the Saintess a look, a little frustration in his eyes, there wasn ’t much respect either. But he answered nevertheless, ”There will be no one else arriving today. I ’ll be conducting the Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation today, and I ’ve been given that authority by Guardian Han. If you have any objections or concerns, you can forfeit your right to enter or bring it up to Guardian Han later. ” He brought out a white-colored token that had the nine-colored character for ’Guardian ’ on it.

Lin Xianxei and Lin Ming were taken aback. No one was coming? The elders aren ’t presiding over this event?! What the hell?!

”Where did they go? Why isn ’t anyone here? This is the Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation and will determine the status of Lin Ming as an officiated Chosen of our sect, a figure that can contest for the right to enter the Chosen King Competition. Do they take this lightly? ” Lin Xianxei questioned. As she continued, her tone turned more and more dissatisfied and severe.

But Timelord Duhan was unaffected, he shruggingly said: ”Not even your Sect Leader will be here, let alone anyone else. As for why they left, it ’s simple: The Golden Life Pavilion has just made an announcement regarding a new product they ’ll be releasing in the upcoming years. There ’s a product demonstration as well including a first-time auction, so everyone ’s there. ”

”… ” The two Lin ’s were startled. Product demonstration? First-time auction? Golden Life Pavilion? The True Element Sect was mostly poor, so while it was somewhat reasonable for those special existences to participate, why would it urge everyone else to go? And couldn ’t they just send representatives, did they have to go themselves?!

Lin Xianxei was quick witted, so she immediately realized that this new product exceeded the importance of the Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation. She calmed herself down, asking: ”What ’s the product? ”

Timelord Duhan ’s eyes lit with excitement from that question, clearly energized at this topic. ”No one knows the name or what it does, but the Golden Life Pavilion ’s Third Manager, Ma Zheng, has announced that it ’ll redefine the standards of cultivation! This was something he absolutely guaranteed! Furthermore, Alchemic Sovereign Ma Leihan had similarly bet his reputation on this matter. ”

”…Then, why did everyone leave? Couldn ’t they learn about it after? ” Lin Ming grew confused.

Timelord Duhan gave Lin Ming a fleeting glance, seemingly dissatisfied with his ignorance. He didn ’t even feel like explaining, just saying: ”Will you forfeit the tribulation or proceed? I don ’t have time to dilly-dally. ” Clearly, this figure that could establish a force with his own strength was unwilling to be here. From the twists of his lips to his lazy gaze, he revealed his disinterest.

Lin Ming frowned, rage simmering within his heart like molten water. He felt an urge to explode. This Timelord was treating him like a burden and a hassle, how humiliating was this?

”We ’re ready, ” Lin Xianxei directly stated. Timelord Duhan nodded, flying back to the platform and standing on it. The absence of a lively atmosphere gave the air a chilling, desolate feeling. The avid and energetic discussions, speculations, and guesses that should ’ve been had was non-existent.

There was no peanut gallery. No individual to underestimate or speak ensured words to be humiliated after being proven wrong. In simple terms, there were no faces to slap and people to prove wrong.

Lin Ming was left to participate with just two audience members: Timelord Duhan and Lin Xianxei.

The Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation wasn ’t a trial, but a means to renew the trust of one ’s Chosen status to the world. This meant, by definition, a cultivator has already proven themselves to be Chosen material already, being legitimate. Due to this, the tribulation itself was divided into three: Human Tribulation, Spirit Tribulation, & War Tribulation.

The Human Tribulation was relatively simple. It involved measuring a Chosen ’s comparison to others. If someone of similar age within the crowd questioned their qualifications, they will challenge them in a contest. A Chosen should always be amongst the greatest in their age group, so this type of tribulation was often easy to overcome.

After all, the figure had been Chosen for a while, and received the support from the entire sect. If another figure, of similar age, were to be able to outperform them, then they ’ll be their own fault.

The next was the Spirit Tribulation. It tested and measured Spiritual Strength in Spirit Units. There was a set number that must be achieved for each cultivation phase, so reaching this meant your foundation of Spiritual Strength, a good indication of one ’s cultivation strength, was solid enough.

It was easy as well, relatively quick. In normal times, there would be a betting station to range their Spiritual Strength. But with the absence of a crowd, there was no raging excitement or disappointment. There was just silence.

The last tribulation, the War Tribulation, tested a Chosen ’s combat strength. It was well-known that a Chosen must have outstanding combat strength, capable of crossing entire phases. To be exact, a first, second or third stage Astral Core Realm Chosen must be able to fight three stages above their level. However, if they were at the fourth, fifth, or sixth stage, they must be able to fight against a Realmlord.

The difference between a sixth stage and seventh stage cultivator was utterly massive, and many would often refer to Realmlords as invincible against those beneath their cultivation level. Their Domain Seed gave them refined energies of all types, elevated spiritual strength, and a Worldly Domain.

Just the Worldly Domain was enough, providing control over external energies, mana, and astronomical forces, yet the Worldly Domain also gave World Pressure, a terrifying means of suppression. To fight against one was a feat that could echo throughout the ages.

But fighting and defeating were two entirely different things. To be classified as a Chosen at the Spatial Resonance, Light Reflection, or Gravity Emission Phases, a cultivator must last in a fight against a cultivator for a set amount of time, against a Realmlord of a set standard. The higher the phase, the higher the standard yet also the higher the time needed to last.

This made it increasingly difficult to overcome, especially for others.

But not Lin Ming.

The first tribulation was completed without contest. The absence of all youths his age, there was no one who would try to show-up the Archaic Chosen, proving that his standard was far beneath theirs. Timelord Duhan was unaffected by this, merely moving on.

The second tribulation wasn ’t difficult for Lin Ming at all. During the Devil War Realm ’s Holy Ceremony of Divine Bestowal, the three trials that Wei Wuyin had faced, he met a strange object that could measure Spiritual Strength. It was called the Soul Mirror of Endless Reflection by the natives, but the mysterious young woman outsider, who ’s real name was Ming Yuling, called it the Spiritual Reflection Mirror.

Ming Yuling had tested herself and received an over nine thousand score with a Spatial Resonance Phase cultivation base. Wei Wuyin, who had four Soul Idols, and Ori with ten-rings, scored just short of 40,000.

The standard score for Realmlords was an average of 10,000 Spirit Units. While weaker realmlords, noticeably those from the Four Extreme Continent, averaged far lower. This was one of the reasons why Ming Yuling referred to Realmlords there as third-rate. She wasn ’t wrong. In fact, she was being kind.

Lin Ming was at the Spatial Resonance Phase with a Domain Seed. His energies were slightly more refined than standard, which subsequently led to his spiritual strength being elevated. After testing his score, he reached 13,700 Spirit Units. His nine-ring Soul Idol and Domain Seed were pushed to their limits.

’Even if no one is here, they ’ll all be awed when they return! ’ Was Lin Ming ’s thoughts as he held nothing back. He wanted to shock them even if they weren ’t here.

Even Timelord Duhan was shocked by Lin Ming ’s score, feeling that this kid might actually be exceptional. However, Spiritual Strength wasn ’t the only factor that determined combat strength. It was only reflective of one ’s foundation, not one ’s strength.

A child with the strength of an adult will never be an adult martial artist. It was that simple.

Lin Xianxei relaxed. The tribulation she feared most was the Human Tribulation. This absence of the crowd was a blessing in disguise. Without any competition, this period should be easily overcome.

…Is what she thought.

”The last tribulation, the War Tribulation, shall proceed when you ’re ready, ” Timelord Duhan announced to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was ready, bringing out the Origin Spear. This was his most difficult test. Unlike the War Devil Realm, fighting those third-rate Realmlords under the suppression of the Season of Regression, this would be a genuine fight with an expert at this level. He was stoked, but also nervous. With a brief glance, he looked at Lin Xianxei.

She noticed his action and gave a beautiful smile, and a nod of confidence. She believed in him.

This warmed his heart. Even if the world was absent, as long as your eyes were on me, I ’ll push forward fearlessly. No matter the obstacle! Those thoughts echoed in his heart as his grip on the Origin Spear grew tighter.

With a heroic stance, he asked: ”Who will be my opponent? ” The fearless light in his eyes was radiant, absolutely blinding.

Timelord Duhan nodded, having a faint wisp of respect grow in his heart. While this Archaic Chosen was insignificant in the eyes of most, he had a trace of anticipation on his heart. With a crack of his neck, he pulled at his outer robes and pulled.

The robe was removed, revealing a set of pristinely white battle armor underneath. It was metallic in design and well structured. It covered all his vitals, his limbs, and he lifted an extendable portion beneath his chin, covering his mouth and nose.

With a clink, the mask and armor tightened. The surface of the white armor started to flicker with faint runes. It was clearly a high-grade astral armament. With a wave of his hand, a halberd with a curved blade was withdrawn from his spatial ring. With a heavy grab, he slammed the round pommel on the platform and that stirred the air into a frenzy.

”Your opponent is me. ” As Timelord Duhan spoke, his voice reverberated with a tremendous wave of power.. It sounded deeper, deadlier.

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