Paragon of Sin

Chapter 632 - 627: Archaic Chosen Renewed & Determined

Since the Everlore Starfield had shattered, its inhabitants relocated to the Aeternal Sky Starfield, a total of nine months had passed. The various events that had transpired during this period laid the foundation of an incoming quake that will soon shake the entire world. The most notable, the lynchpin, was the events happening on a large-sized gorgeous planet tainted by nine radiant colors.

If looked at from afar, the emissions of its brilliance could have made one mistake it as a Solar Star. If it wasn ’t for the intensity of this radiance being like a simmering heat, not an explosive flare, very few could guess its actual identity. This particular planet was named Origin.

Ruled by the True Element Sect, the Elementus Domain was the eighth largest Domain of the sixteen existing Domains, and the smallest amongst the three World Sects. Within it, there were numerous planets yet the True Element Sect only owned and operated in a single planet, Origin.

The rest of the space, even the lunar satellites, were either sold off to the Golden Life Pavilion early on to sustain the growth of their talents and cultivation, or bestowed as part of the agreement to the special existences in its territory. The True Element Sect ’s situation was not optimistic, and just from their act of selling their greatest trial grounds, the Devil War Realm, otherwise known as the Four Extreme Continent, it was clear that they were in desperate straits.

Despite that, they remained an unmovable existence since they possessed Han Yahui, cousin of the Nine-Elementus Divine King Han Xei, and an Earthly Saint, a genuine fifth stage expert of the Mystic Ascendant Realm. With the Tian Clan ’s oath standing, no other force wanted to deal with the consequences of an annex attempt, fighting those parasitic leeches alongside Han Yuhei.

As for the True Element Sect, while its upper-tier powerhouses were unshakeable, their lifespans far too great to see an immediate decline, their younger generation was clearly suffering from the continuously declining performance in the King of Everlore ’s Chosen King Competition.

The decline was most evident in this generation, a result of their severe lack of resources and foundational strength. While their cultivation methods were top-tier, their spells and arts similarly high-leveled, the sturdiness of one ’s cultivation foundation was fundamentally important to a cultivator ’s strength, especially when competing against those of equal cultivation.

They lacked the means to purchase high-grade alchemical products from the Everlore Association, personalized armaments forged by the Godforge Association, or raw resources to cultivate the three-types of Creationist—Forgers, Architects, and Alchemists—from the Golden Life Pavilion. The latter of which required an absurd amount of resources for failure and successes.

Their financial crisis was clear for all to see.

Despite this, the internal circumstances within the True Element Sect were continuously complex, interwoven in relationships and selfish desires that stunted its growth. This stemmed from the basis of the True Element Sect ’s structure, the existence of the three factions.

Excluding the Lin Clan, the figurehead of the True Element Sect, there was the first faction: the Elementus Faction. This faction was headed by the Nine-Elementus Divine King and Han Yuhei, the Guardian of the Elements, the strongest faction within the True Element Sect. At least, on the surface.

The second faction belonged to the special existences from outside, those clans and forces that had fought and defeated the True Element Sect, forcing the Lin Clan into their nominal leadership with zero actual power to sustain their oath with the Imperial Clan. They integrated themselves within, and while they weren ’t the strongest with their powerhouses, they had the greatest potential due to their resources and talents. They were named the True Origin Faction.

The third faction was the weakest faction, yet they existed with the sole goal of upending this status quo. They were formed from the defeated and scattered remnants of the Jade Element Sect, those clans and sect leaders that had integrated with the Jade Element Sect during its formation prior to its renaming.

The third faction ’s origins were the oldest amongst the factions, and could, in some ways, be considered the rightful rulers of the True Element Sect. They were named the Shattering Element Faction. Their former glory, however, had collapsed beneath their continuous attempts to sever their relations with the True Origin Faction ’s influence, to regain their autonomy.

Despite this purpose, they were overly complex because they didn ’t outright support the Lin Clan. In fact, they wanted nothing more than for the Lin Clan to be removed as nominal leaders. After their poor decisions that led to their current circumstance, not a single one of them trusted their bloodline to lead. They were fierce in any action of going directly against the Lin Clan, even plotting against them.

The Lin Clan was small in numbers in comparison to the rest of the sect, and their overall strength was relatively pathetic. If it wasn ’t for the Bai Clan ’s intimate relationship with Han Yuhei, and the Lin Clan ’s relationship with the Bai Clan, they would ’ve been relegated to Qi Condensation Cultivators forced to stay on the planet, having no real means to fight against their oppressors forever.

This complex network of relationships and factions caused the internal infrastructure of the True Element Sect to be an even greater mess, thrashed by competition and rife with schemes.

On Origin, the sole planet of the True Element Sect, there was an opulent white and gold palace that floated mid-air. It was beneath the Sky Layer, just levitating by itself, lonely and somewhat desolate looking. This palace was named the True Element Palace, the ”main ” palace that housed the Lin Clan.

The current planet was currently in a rumbling commotion. A few months ago, just three in fact, the entire planet and sect had been made aware of the existence of a Chosen that had completed the Devil War Realm ’s Elementus Chosen Trial. This startled the entire planet, especially those special existences.

Those special existences were well-aware that the trial was set-up by the Nine-Elementus Divine King Han Xei with the King of Everlore ’s support. The contents of the Elementus Cache had even been leaked a year ago by an Ascended, creating a startling rush of fervor. But after the Golden Life Pavilion had bought it, they no longer had the right to send their geniuses in.

They were filled with boundless regret. While most knew the trial was established by the combined efforts of the Nine-Elementus Divine King Han Xei and the King of Everlore, they were unaware of the exact rewards. They only knew of it as a cultivation ground. Furthermore, the trial was outdated by several thousand years, almost forgotten by all except the desperate Lin Clan.

This discovery brought many questions, the most notable question: Was this Chosen legitimate?

The standards of the old had been elevated from thousands of years ago. This was a fact, so did this Chosen truly have the capabilities, the right, to become a Chosen of their sect? After all, the True Element Sect had a rule of three, like most forces, of selecting three Chosen amongst them.

The reason for this seemingly arbitrary decision and limit originated from the King of Everlore and his Chosen King Competition. There was a limit of three entry spots to every force that had an Earthly Saint. Lesser forces had less spots, such as Gold-tier forces, those led by Mystic Star Phase Cultivators, the highly debatable Tenth Stage of the Astral Core Realm or First Stage of the Mystic Ascendant. These types of forces had only two.

While forces beneath that, those labeled as Silver-tier, with Starlords as their leaders, were given a single spot. Those beneath this level didn ’t have qualifications to obtain a spot. Fortunately, Chosens weren ’t strictly for established forces. Any Starlord or higher, such as those Independant, can cultivate their own personal disciples to participate as long as they passed the preliminary test of the Everlore Association.

This test wasn ’t for the disciple but the master. They tested wealth, foundation, and strength. If they can justify their right to nurture a Chosen level disciple, they can send them in. However, these independent cultivators would only receive a single spot, even if they were genuine Ascended.

The vast majority of individuals accepted this, as freely allowing an unlimited amount of Chosen might divide the resources and focus of a talented individual onto others, promoting nepotism. While nepotistic practices still existed, the rewards for the competition was sufficient enough for most forces to disregard family, focusing on true talents.

With the question of this Chosen ’s legitimacy being called into question, an epic debate was waged. There was a side that believed that, since the King of Everlore himself had played a part in this Chosen being awarded his title, then his status should be legitimate. These individuals didn ’t care about the Nine-Elementus Divine King, who hadn ’t been seen in over a thousand years. There were even some who believed he was dead, unable to ascertain his whereabouts even from the Golden Gate Pavilion.

Another side refused to accept it. Simply because it wasn ’t correct to have his status determined by outdated standards, especially with their limited resources and spots. The Chosen King Competition was too vital to the sect. Just the rewards for a sufficient showing was enough to sustain them for a while. They couldn ’t risk losing that portion out of a sense of respect.

This was a difficult point to argue, causing the expressions of many to become unsightly for several minutes.

The third side, however, said that the reward in the Elementus Cache should be distributed to the other Chosen and their subordinates. After all, the concept of a Chosen wasn ’t just based on their individual strength, but their forces. They actually didn ’t care about Lin Ming, just the resources and alchemical products he held.

The leaked list was utterly absurd. There were even dozens of ninth-grade alchemical products within. They were hysterical. It was fortunate they didn ’t assault Lin Ming and steal the ring directly, not that others didn ’t wish to. But the Saintess, an individual that has the Guardian of the Elements protection, wasn ’t something these selfish people wanted to face.

While the Shattering Element Faction had underhandedly acted, attempting to kill Lin Xianxei with a borrowed knife, causing her to eventually meet Lin Ming, they wouldn ’t dare act in the Aeternal Sky Starfield after that failed attempt with Han Yuhei present.

However, this last side had collapsed after hearing that Lin Ming, this Archaic Chosen, didn ’t possess the Elementus Cache and that his badge that should ’ve granted access to the Devil War Domain had been rendered useless, especially when individuals remembered their deal with the Golden Life Pavilion to regain the right of usage if an individual passed, almost everyone shouted disagreements. It was the Golden Life Pavilion ’s guarantee of returning their treasured realm that Lin Xianxei, their Saintess, left to act as an Overseer.

It was also why Bai Yuxi, the granddaughter of Han Yuhei, was sent after they lost contact with Lin Xianxei and lacked an Overseer according to the Golden Life Pavilion.

Furthermore, the Devil War Realm was extremely beneficial after the Golden Life Pavilion elevated certain aspects of it, so Lin Xianxei and Bai Yuxi ’s cultivation wouldn ’t suffer and they ’ll get free resources and an incredible environment.

But upon learning this absence of the Elementus Cache, all three sides echoed their disagreements with accepting this Archaic Chosen! An unprecedented moment of unity resounded. Even the factions were shocked, but greed and benefits were obviously trigger points of fueled feelings, be it rage or unity.

Eventually, Han Yuhei had to intervene after someone had believed that Lin Ming was lying through his teeth, trying to keep the Elementus Cache for himself, acting with an overly aggressive stance. Lin Xianxei stepped up to protect Lin Ming at that moment. That terrifying figure was unaffected by this show, acting against them and trying to snatch Lin Ming away, but was stopped and subsequently punished with imprisonment by Han Yuhei.

After taking action, he had to settle this before the situation spiraled further out of control. Thus, he gave Lin Ming the choice of either leaving, foregoing his right as a Chosen or participating in the Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation, a measurement for pre-existing Chosen to renew their status, reaffirming their right as one after a period of time.

Inevitably, Lin Ming agreed.

No one cared about Lin Ming at this point. But the question remained, which faction will he join if he passed? The reason why this was even a question was that every Chosen must be tethered to one of the three factions, while none of the spots have been locked yet, with the Chosen King Competition being decades away, this Archaic Chosen would still have to join one of the three factions to earn his spot or challenge a pre-existing one.

Yet, what was more important was his status as a Chosen being legitimized. It granted him the support, no matter how limited, of the True Element Sect to develop his faction to compete with the other Chosen. The faction he joined would determine what level of support he would have. Without the Elementus Cache, many speculated the low possibility of him running as an Independent, challenging for a spot with his own power. It had been done before.

This caused a few individuals to be intrigued. Was this figure that passed the Chosen Trial outstanding or trash? The curiosity filled the coliseum for Lin Ming ’s trial, with the contents of it being broadcasted to the entire planet. It was his time to prove his right as a Chosen.

Outside of a room within the True Element Palace, an elegant figure stood beside the door. Within this room was the reason for the hubbub of the entire planet, Lin Ming, the Archaic Chosen.

”It ’s time.. ” Lin Xianxei stated solemnly.

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